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  1. I think the ideal is really just to distribute the percentage of your calories evenly across the day. As long as you aren't eating a large percentage late, you should be alright. Most of your calories should be eaten earlier, as these will fuel you for the rest of the day. Many calories taken in before bed are stored, not used.
  2. I have a bit of a history of anorexia, and throughout my recovery I found a vegetarian diet to be the most comforting to me mentally and healthiest on the road to recovery. Sometime during all this in the past year I found this website, and it gave me the hope and information I needed to pursue health and not just "normal weight" in my recovery. I became inspired to go vegan, but not until I was sure I was doing it for the right reasons. Through a combination of the information I gained here and the peace of mind I reached through a vegan diet, my health has improved significantly. I no longer have any health issues, I've gained 16 pounds of muscle in the past 9 months, and for the first time in a while I feel great throughout the entire day. I'm sure this could have been done other ways, but it wasn't. You guys have all helped me out so much through everything, and I barely know any of you. This community has made all the difference for me. I just wanted to say thank you.
  3. Oh that's a good deal. Where did you buy them?
  4. I went onto the 8th continent website and looked at the ingredient list of their soymilks.
  5. I just checked on the 8th continent website and they say they use vitamin d2, not d3.
  6. http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/01/27/insect.dye.ap/index.html I can certainly deal with this.
  7. Actually Tarantino worked with Roth throughout the production process and helped secure the funding after hearing Roth's ideas for the film. He had a rather large part in the film, he just didn't direct.
  8. So Thanksgiving is coming up, in less than two weeks in fact. I'm going to be going home for the holidays from college, and as usual, mom's going to be doing the cooking. Now from a culinary point of view, this is absolutely terrific, my mom is a wonderful cook, and most of my extended family is coming to the house, as they always have, because it's just a wonderful time of food and family for all. However, my parents aren't anything even resembling vegan. Not that I fault them for it, after all we're from south Georgia, and the entire culture is steeped in tradition. I don't want to change this tradition by forcing my mom to veganize her recipes and possibly anger the other guests with the risk that her signature dishes simply won't be the same. I also don't want to be an annoyance that hinders the fun and ease of this family holiday tradition. Simutaneously, I would love to have a thanksgiving where I can enjoy the food and share in the meal without seeming aloof from not eating the food with everyone else at the table. I suppose I'm going to prepare a thing or two for myself, and look at her recipes in the hopes of finding that some of them are vegan, but truthfully it won't be the same. Not to say she isn't willing to help. My mom has gone above and beyond all my expectations with me going vegan, and she's completely willing to try veganizing anything, from cornbread to pie to dressing. That's not the issue at hand, it's more that I see this joyful holiday that's always been such a time of enjoyment among everyone that I just hate to infringe upon it simply because of my(and mine alone) choices. What should I do in this situation? Furthermore, what do you do in such situations?
  9. Good afternoon, So basically this entire time you've been telling my I now need 3100-3200 calories per day to maintain my fitness goals. Based on my recent experience, like the fact that I've been lifting the same weights for going on 3 months now, I think this shows I haven't gained a bit of strength. So, tools I have at my disposal. I've got the body fat monitor, an accurate digital scale, and the calorie calculation program on my computer. Basically everything an analytical extremely specific person like me requires. With all this, what say instead of doing the 2400-2600 calories per day I have been, why not try going for those higher numbers and seeing how things work out? Certainly if the body fat starts climbing too much I will know, so what's the harm in trying to get more fit with these higher recommendations? Basically I'm tired of not being toned at all, and I think it's likely because I don't have the proper amount of calories to maintain the muscle mass needed to do so. In conclusion, let's have an experiment, I'll be the guinea pig. What have I got to lose? Let's call it the College Vegan Nutrition Experiment, or if anyone wants to think of a better name, I'm all for it. It could be sort of a journal/blog type thing, with regular updates and whatnot.
  10. I'm now in college, and it's hard. Tomorrow however I have a meeting with the dining services director to discuss accomodations for vegans in the cafeteria, and hopefully I will be able to have my problems fixed. I kinda don't like not knowing what's in my food. Maybe I'm a bit anal, but I like to know the nutritional information of the food I put in my body, I hate eating something and finding out later I might as well just go ahead and inject the fat into my veins. Oh yeah, I'm a nutrition major. This may have something to do with it.
  11. I agree with the above, not too interested in being huge, just very well toned and in good "beach shape". (great way to put it)
  12. Going to be in Atlanta, Georgia, in a couple of weeks. Yay college!
  13. I realize that, and completely agree, but in south georgia, vegetarian sometimes mean fish to people. I was ecstatic to see this kind of awareness here. It's all about location.
  14. I live in South Georgia. As such, it's not exactly what one might call a vegan-friendly environment. Finding someone who actually knows what veganism is, and even knowing how to accomodate such, is very rare. So I went to a chinese restaurant for dinner yesterday, thinking it would be a good place where I could most likely order something to meet my needs, even if it was white rice and steamed vegetables. So I get around to ordering, after discovering the vegetarian section of the menu(quite good, imo), and made my order. The waitress, noticing my choice of entree, asked if I was vegetarian, and upon saying yes, asked if I would prefer a substitution be made for the chicken broth normally used in the dish for something animal free. Needless to say, I was floored. This kind of thing might not be anything special for people in more northern states or more populous states, but here I find it just amazing. So anyway, it just made me feel good. For once being fully accomodated, with no tension, and no one feeling awkward. Granted I wasn't getting an option of grilled tofu at a steakhouse, but it gives me a little faith in the idea that things are spreading and improving.
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