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  1. I want to propose to my girlfriend, with whom we have been living together in New York for almost a year. I am planning to have a romantic dinner at an expensive restaurant in Manhattan. I am booking a table for dinner in the next few days. I still need to buy a nice wedding ring. Where to buy the engagement rings and which one to choose? Please, give me some advices.
  2. Do not panic. You did the main thing - you decided to open a business abroad. You should realize, that it is not an easy task. Also, don't worry about the time, because you won't be able to complete all the tasks quickly either. If you decide to entrust the management of this case to professionals and you need help, then start and complete the registration of your business in Singapore with the help of this company https://intracorp.com.sg/
  3. Our company in NY, which is a family business, is now generating a very good income. We decided to spend the saved funds on opening one more office abroad. I heard that it is not difficult to open a company in Singapore. But how to properly start the process and what is required for this? Who can help me with this?
  4. I live alone in a rented apartment in Ottawa. I don't have many friends here because I haven't lived here before. And my evenings are always boring. I decided to have fun and I want to try playing the games in bookmakers. I have found the list of the clone sites of bookmaker 1 xbet here https://betclone.com/1xbet.shtml Looking forward to playing games for money. Maybe I will manage to earn a good amount of money.
  5. I am quite familiar with this game because my son likes it very much. He keeps telling me that by playing this game he has made new friends who support and help him out there.
  6. Hello everybody from the USA! I have certain health problems. After a visit to the doctor, he advised to do sports at home. But I need to be very careful with heavy loads and do not do exercises that increase the heart rate. Please, advise me, what kind of sport I could do effectively at home?
  7. Perhaps you are wondering whether you would not be advised to buy such a product from a Chinese company, because there this raw material for production will cost very cheap. But I do not advise buying cheap raw materials and making low-quality goods. In our country, one specialized company has a fairly good reputation for selling such products, where you can buy inexpensive and high-quality cotton bleached hydroscopic products here https://cottonpulp.com/products/cotton-bleached-hydroscopic-products/
  8. About a year ago I was constantly on social media. I found new friends there to chat with, looked at their photos and commented. But later I got tired of it and deleted my pages from that social networks. And now I don’t know what to do in my free time. Maybe you can tell me what interesting portals are there online with fascinating articles that I can read?
  9. Hello my friend. I have been an avid Team Fortress 2 player for a very long time. During this long time I have bought and even now I can buy many things to improve my status in the game. Author, I advise you to look at the assortment of various items for the game TF2 on this portal https://tradeoffers.tf/orders/440
  10. Guys, I'm looking for a free calculator that I can use to round numbers. One calculator was recommended to me at work, but it is paid and downloading it is not cheap. Can you recommend a free resource with such a calculation tool?
  11. Why doesn't your friend recommend a company that specializes in the production and sale of protective coatings for cars? I am writing specifically about the company, because it is always better to contact the manufacturer, and not the auto shop. In America I advise you to buy Everglass Graphene car coating here https://everglass.co.uk/product/everglass-graphene-topcoat/ I bought this product and used it to cover my car about a year ago. It is time to update it, but all this time the coating performed its functions in full.
  12. Until recently, I was not even registered in any social network. I avoided online communication for some reason. But now I have pages on some popular social networks and I actively communicate there with my new online friends. I also like to post stories about my daily life and upload photos there. I began to actively taking pictures on the Internet here https://photo-mirror.net/ I really like this tool because only with the webcam I get good pictures. And what do you use, where do you take photos?
  13. My work involves physical labor, so at the moment I am not working mentally. Who knows, maybe in the future I will calculate something and also turn to this calculator. I'll keep the link to it for now.
  14. Summer is coming, and I didn't dare to start losing extra weight before. These days I finally turned to a nutritionist. She made for me an individual nutrition program and I started to eat properly. And now I want to start playing sports. What kind of sport do you recommend?
  15. And in the gym where you do sports, haven't you been looking for a stretching coach? I also learned to sit on the splits. But at that time there was a quarantine and I did sports at home. My stretching classes were online. I can also offer you a stretching training with good specialist here https://flexderek.com/en/stretchingonline/
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