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  1. Since I am a trainer and work in a gym, train athletes, I decided to create my site where I show various workouts that my clients can perform even without my help or when I am absent. But I can't understand what happened to the site. For some reason, videos do not load and do not open. What could be the problem?
  2. Hello, guys! I want to exchange BTC and get Binance Coin (BNB). What service I can use for that? Maybe, you have an experience with exchanging currency? What servise is the best to use?
  3. I am a gambler and I like to take risks. I think I would enjoy playing slots in a casino.
  4. Hi all members of this forum! What do you think about gambling? Are the games in casino really bad and you advise not to have interested in they? Because I want to start playing in slots and hesitati is it good idea or not.
  5. When I studied at inuversity, we use this servise. It works very good. It finds many different mistakes on the sites. You really can use and trust the information, that you get from the servise.
  6. If you are interested in really good casino, you may pay attention on RocketPlay Casino with No Deposit Bonus https://askbonus.com/bonus/rocketplay-casino-no-deposit-bonus-25-free-spins/ You can start playing without waste your money, because you get a bonus. I hope, you will win and also you spend very interesting your time.
  7. Hi, guys. Not long ago I started working at my website. But, sometimes, it can not download, sometimes the links from the site don't want to be active and don't want work. I find, that I can chek my website at the servise - website error checker here https://pr-cy.io/ Maybe, there are persons, who use this site to do checking? What can you say me about this?
  8. I followed a proper diet not only when I started playing sports, but it has always been my lifestyle. I haven't bought a shaker yet, although I'm trying to buy one. Also, I only buy vitamins from sports nutrition.
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