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  1. Hi, could someone tell me where I can buy a real man's ring? Because all I've seen on the internet is some crap.
  2. In the distant past, as a student I really wanted a diamond rolex, but my studies did not allow me to have too much money. After a while I started to forget about my desire to have a luxury watch. Sometimes of course I went on the website and browsed through different assortments of watches and thought that someday I would still have one. I always stick to one opinion that our thoughts are material. Sometimes it's enough just to want something badly and it will come true, the main thing is to believe in it and repeat it to yourself every day that it will be yours. And indeed I dreamed, and now the clock is mine. My boyfriend whom I met and tied my life to, learned about my little dream to have such a watch with pleasure made it come true. There was no limit to my joy!
  3. I’m wondering, can gold earrings generally deteriorate after a few years, or do gold items, in principle, do not deteriorate?
  4. Strategy for sports betting is quite a serious subject. The strategy varies depending on the sport itself, because the style of play and the rules of each sport are different. If you know basketball well, for example, you probably shouldn't bet on soccer matches, because you are very likely to lose all your money. It is better to use https://1win-india.in/ , if you are looking for a reliable bookmaker with great odds. I don't know much about basketball, but I still bet sometimes on my friends' predictions. So far I'm doing very well at making money.
  5. Should you carefully choose a gift in the form of a diamond ring for your boyfriend's birthday, or can you buy any?
  6. Hi! If you are only interested in online banking and don't want to deal with a regular bank, then Chime is the one for you. The company enables its customers to open a savings account with no minimum balance requirements, open a savings account with a debit card and have access to a large network of ATMs. In addition, chime allows you to use your debit card abroad without a foreign transaction fee.
  7. Hi, I understand your indignation, because most of the jewelry, as you said looks feminine, and the rest is all sorts of wiggly Viking jewelry, which looks ridiculous. But I was lucky enough to find a really good ring, I think you should like mens black diamond rings. It'll look cool, I've been wearing it for a few weeks now and I'm still loving it.
  8. I haven't seen such informative articles in a long time. Very few people on this forum write about climbing Everest. Everest, if I am not mistaken, is the largest mountain in the world, it is also called Jomolungma, but it is not such a popular name. To be honest, I have not yet been able to conquer Everest. But when I was trekking in Nepal, we had a trek to Everest. We didn't make it to the summit because it was quite dangerous that day. But even so, I loved the beautiful snowy view. The nature is amazing!
  9. Hi. Thank you for this question. I'm going to run a marathon this year and probably even next year. I've been running professionally for about 4 years now and I'm enjoying doing it more and more every day. I have my own coaches and mentors. I also read information about running at https://innovativerunners.com/ , which helps me improve my skills in this case too. So good luck to everyone on the marathons, I wish you only victories!
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