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  1. I don't see a lot of compounds in there, my friend. Trade in those leg curls for squats and dead-lifts. Start doing more bench presses and ditch the pec deck. Also.. wth are tricep curls and lat raises?? I agree with the 5x5 program. Also, eat more. I weigh more and lift heavier than you and I'm a girl. My secret? Compound exercises, plenty of rest, and lots of eating!! Make sure you're exercises are intense too. You want to be gritting your teeth and sweating at the end of that last rep.
  2. There's your first problem If you're trying to bulk, you should be doing good compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, and bench press. Are you following any certain program? I'd recommend looking into either Stronglifts or Starting Strength. Both follow a progressive loading scheme where you go for 3-5 sets of 5 reps, adding a small amount of weight when you get all reps or trying again next time if you don't. Even if you don't go with one of those, you should have a program that gives you set goals each time you walk into the gym. What he said. Don't waste your time with isolation exercises. I started doing pull-ups and then I went to throw in some hammer curls one day and I was lifting 25LB dumbells without a problem. Same with squats. Now that I can do squats, I can go on the leg press for a set and do like.. 300 pounds.
  3. Who has that kind of time on their hands these days? Lol!
  4. That's because your trainer is full of it. If he's a good trainer, that's fine.. But leave the nutrition to somebody who doesn't read crap in crap magazines and dumb websites (which is probably where he got the info from but is too embarrassed to say) After all, most of us on this website have accomplished a lot by eating tofu. You can see the results by looking at the profiles on this website. Point 1 for vegans!
  5. Yechh! I can't stand screamo stuff! I like Alexisonfire though, because they have good melodies and are very talented imo. But stuff where the vocalist just screams into a mic isn't my thing. What's the point in writing a song if nobody knows what it's about?
  6. Nod and smile and eat tofu anyways. Basically, I agree with everything Johan just said.
  7. So you have IBS-D then? Yikes. Well since I started taking the Metamucil, I feel tons better!! I'm regular now and my appetite is back! I'm working 2 jobs now though so I have to make sure to pack adequate amounts of food with me. It's getting challenging taking my fiber everyday.
  8. If I started sprouting, it would be my cats that would eat them instead of me. They love munching on plants.
  9. Lunges and squats with bodyweight should be fine right? I like lunges with bodyweight! You can do walking lunges too, which are very challenging. As far as your diet goes, it looks clean with lots of protein so I have no input on that.
  10. I like Metamucil. I'm regular right down to the hour!! My doctor recommended it. I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome-C.. So I've had my fair share of digestive problems.
  11. If you want to gain muscle, you'll have to increase your protein intake and decrease your cardio. If I'm doing cardio I'll do it on non-lifting days, or do about 15 minutes worth after a weight training session. Adjust to whatever fits your body. I have no problems losing body fat so I stop doing cardio altogether in order to gain muscle. The same may not work for you. It takes people awhile to figure out what works best for their body, so please don't get discouraged! I had a hard time gaining muscle for 2 years and was sooo frustrated! I learned through trial and error what worked and what didn't. If you want a little help in gaining muscle, I find that creatine has really helped me out. I also take protein supplements because I have a hard time eating enough foods in a day.
  12. Nope lol! Metamucil doesn't dissolve that well either. It sticks to the glass. If you drink it quickly it has less time to thicken.. Or whatever it is it does.. Lol!
  13. I think the term "superfood" gives merchants an excuse to jack up the price on that particular food. I remember the latest craze was pomegranate. Now it's the acai berry. Kale has tons of antioxidants and I can buy a whole clump of it for 99 cents at the grocery. However, it tastes lousy.. So I just grind it up in smoothies. But it really has a lot of health benefits. I've never bought blue-green algae, or any exotic foods either. My favorite "energizing" food would have to be a big spinach salad with peppers and mushrooms. Bananas are good too.
  14. I eat sprouted grain bread too. It's nummy. Also, I like naan every now and then
  15. I lost a lot of weight doing raw foods. Unfortunately, I lost too much weight.. And went a little squirrelly. I don't do well on an exclusive raw foods diet because I become obsessive about it. Like those orthorexia horror stories you read about. I eat a big green salad everyday and bananas. Also, with all the digestive problems I have, fresh fruits and veggies are among the two types of foods I can always eat no matter how much my stomach is bothering me. *praises raw foods!*
  16. Buying free weights gets expensive, especially the heavier you go. I spent $50 on some not too long ago, and now they're too light.
  17. My thoughts are you're doing too much at once. The body needs time to recuperate. Diet also plays a huge role. A lot of the time, women will try to do too much exercise and eat minimal calories and their bodies start going into "famine mode" and hold onto fat. If you've been doing this routine for 5 weeks now and haven't noticed any results at all, try changing it. Try doing more weight training, and lift heavier. The more lean muscle mass you build, the more fat your body will burn. Start doing weights maybe 3 times a week, with cardio either on separate days, or after your weight training session. Give yourself rest days as well! At least 2 days a week should be rest days. Always remember to eat properly too. How many calories are you eating everyday? What's your daily diet like?
  18. Ooh a linky! I'll have to look around on his site later. I saw some stuff that caught my eye that I'd like to read. I always get McDougall confused with some other names I hear.. For some reason I can't remember it right now.
  19. Raw almond butter. If you can find it.. It's quite rare and it usually costs a fortune.. But OHMANITSSOGOOD!!!
  20. On the internet, anyone can claim to be anything. I'm a doctor. See? I can do it too! Lol!
  21. I keep hearing about this Dr. McDougall guy. He sounds like a quack to me.
  22. I didn't watch the video. I just wanted to post and tell you how ripped you look in your avatar. Great job!!
  23. Positive thinking is very good advice and I'll tell ya why. People with IBS have "episodes" when they experience stress. A more upbeat attitude really helps. I've had IBS since I was a kid, but it wasn't diagnosed until a couple days ago. IBS is hard to diagnose since everything will show up normal on tests. Since I was a kid I've made a mental list of foods that bother me. The list includes Meat (especially beef. I can't tell you how many times I've eaten a hamburger and thrown up after), Dairy (Many run-to-the-toilet experiences), carbonated beverages (bloating), Fried foods (stomach pains, bloating), Cabbage and broccoli (death farts. I woke up my hubby with my stank once lolol) The way I approach IBS is with a sense of humor. It's funny to me! Except of course, when it gets so bad I can't get out of bed.. But that rarely happens.
  24. I use sunflower oil too and olive oil on my salads. 100% extra virgin olive oil from Italy yo!
  25. Yesterday I was diagnosed with "lazy bowel".. Which is attributed to my IBS - Irritable Bowel Syndrome. I have IBS-C. Basically what happens is peristalsis in my gut moves slower than other people's. It causes cramping and bloating mostly, but also constipation. I also have a small calcification in my bowel, and a streptococcus infection in my bladder (which may or may not have caused the little stone in my bowel) Ahem. Anyways. The doctor has me on Metamucil daily and some antibiotics to get rid of the infection. I feel soooo craaappy!! I can't eat anything except oatmeal, bananas, and salad without getting a big tummyache. I had to take today off work, and I sleep all the time. This has been going on for a week. I sincerely hope the treatment works soon Does anybody else here have IBS and can relate with me? We can sit and whine together! Lol! I'm kidding. I'm grateful that I only have IBS and not something more serious like Crohn's, or colon cancer. It would still be nice to have someone with the same affliction to relate with though. I think being a vegan helps because I eat more fiber that way. It's funny that I still need even MORE fiber to stay regular. I also bought some probiotics which I'll take when I'm done the antibiotics. Otherwise I'll just be wasting them. Being diagnosed with IBS makes a lot of sense because it explains why I always felt sick after eating certain foods (mostly animal products). I suspected for years that I had it but it's nice to have an official diagnosis. Also, in the future.. If anyone tells me I'm full of shit, I can say "YES I AM!!"
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