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  1. I never got used to soy. I had to give it up.. I can have small amounts of soy milk and THAT'S IT. No tofu allowed, or I get the worst bloat + gas pain. I eat a lot of spinach, and switched to hemp protein which is expensive and hard to find.. I use creatine too, and I kinda like how it makes me look bigger because I'm pretty skinny.. and I don't think it's feminine to have forearm veins.
  2. She looked like she was having a good time throwing those puppies in the river. It made me sick. So sick. I mean, the last time I saw puppies that size was when I worked at the vet clinic and we were giving them a check-up.. And as soon as someone brings in itty bitty little puppies like that, the whole place is filled with baby-talk and "Awwwws". That's what it should be like. How anyone can kill a puppy that can't even see or move much yet is beyond me..
  3. If you don't eat, you get sick. PERIOD. If you're on a diet consisting of fucking lemons and romaine lettuce, gee.. I wonder what will happen? Besides, Angelina has had this problem in the past. She's even admitted to cutting herself. She's into self-destructive behaviour.
  4. I have a suggestion. If you don't want him buying his own food because he'll blow it on junk.. How about you add his food bill to the rent? That way, he's eating healthy and not overspending by eating out all the time. Also... He should eat what you eat. Your house. Your rules. You make the meals, he eats them or starves. Sounds fair enough to me! There's no reason why you should cater to him and prepare a meal for you and a separate meal for him. Would he do the same for you? Of course not!
  5. Nobody cares about what is going on in the world. People think that if they donate twenty bucks a year to UNICEF that they're earning brownie points with God, but they don't see the big picture. Honestly, do they have any idea how sheltered and spoiled we are in the western world? I am grateful for every ounce of food I put in my mouth. Every berry. Every drop of water. That's a LUXURY! Most of the people of the world don't have safe drinking water, a warm bed to sleep in, or a roof over their head. These people who continue to live their spoiled, sheltered, ignorant little lives will never understand.. And they don't want to. They pretend it's not happening.
  6. 2 vegan burgers.. and then an organic gala apple for dessert. Now I'm having a frozen treat: Blended frozen berries and hemp protein (with added spinach for IRON!!)
  7. First of all, you're letting him stay there and not only that.. But letting him keep a few paychecks, and only asking for a little help with bills in return. So, what I'm trying to say here is.. Bluntly.. Your brother is acting like an unappreciative brat. He's 18. It's time to grow the hell up now. That means feeding himself, working, and paying bills. It's time to be a MAN and accept responsibility. It was nice enough of you to take him in, but it's not your job to be a mommy. I would suggest sitting down with him and having an "adult" conversation. That means, he listens to you, you listen to him, and you come up with ideas on how to co-habitate. That means no snarky comments about your diet, he helps out with bills and chores, and learns how to take care of himself. And finally, he should buy his own food. If he's not going to eat what you feed him, he can get his own groceries. That was the agreement when I had to move back home. It's not that my folks aren't supportive.. It's the fact they don't know what hemp protein is.. Or hummus.. Nevermind where to FIND that stuff! Lol!
  8. I think adding some straight-legged deadlifts would do wonders for the glutes/hamstrings I love doing them. I actually prefer them to RDLs when it comes to shaping my rear and my hammies.
  9. My family used to be afraid to make food for me because of how strict I was.. So I can see Vegeta's point. I'm not a vegan anymore, but even as a vegan, I never called myself one because people would react negatively.. Not only that but I felt like a hypocrite calling myself "vegan" when I would knowingly use items containing animal products such as riding my motorcycle with a leather seat ya know? Or electricity which kills thousands of animals a year. So, if I'm at a family BBQ, and I eat my veggie burger on a bun containing a little whey powder, I'm not going to flip out. I will say one thing about the company I work for though. Not only did they bring in vegan burger patties for me at the company BBQ, but they also brought in a second grill to cook it on that was seperate from the beef burgers. I was so impressed and honoured they went through all that trouble for me. It was so sweet I almost cried! Lol!
  10. KEEP IT! Chest hair is manly! Unless you are entering a competition, then I supposed you'd have to get rid of it. But, from a girl's point of view, I think hairy is great.
  11. Off topic: I just wanted to say you look pretty buff in your avatar, Medman!! I guess I shoulda PMed you.. but I think everyone else would agree !! Back on topic: I've heard that high soy intake has been linked with thyroid issues. Is that just a myth? I remember I read about soy intake inhibiting iron absorption, so I cooled off my consumption to having only 1 cup of soy milk a day when I was anemic.
  12. Your weight can fluctuate between 2-5 pounds just in water every day. To be honest, ever since my last bout with my ED, I stopped weighing myself. I don't own a scale at all. I'm still very active, and I workout almost everyday, and I probably weigh about 120, but my legs are totally solid now. It's pretty awesome. I worry more about being healthy than I do about being lean.
  13. PPL R MENT 2 EAT MEAT IF U DONT EAT MEAT UR GAY Arguements like this?
  14. This article explains it better than I ever could: http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/132725.php
  15. Doing cardio and weight-training together like that actually decreases the appetite. Studies have shown that people who exercise regularily eat about 500 calories less than those who do weight-training alone, or no exercise at all. I know that when I do weight-training alone, I definitely have a spike in my appetite. Running, biking, swimming etc. all decreases it. Hence why I give up cardio during my bulking sessions.
  16. BAHAHAHA I've taken creatine with caffeine (apparently you're not supposed to but whatever) and although I felt more energetic, it didn't feel like I couldn't sit still or anything. My heart didn't race. I didn't sweat, and I didn't feel like I was going to die. That guy is just a wuss.
  17. My sauce tastes great heated up too!! When I eat it raw, I like to add cayenne pepper for "heat" But, you can totally simmer it on the stove for a bit. It's great!
  18. I think you should cool it with the exercise. With all that cardio and so few calories, your body won't be able to gain much muscle at all. Focus on recovering from your eating disorder before you dive into such a strict exercise regimen. I had an eating disorder when I was younger, and resurfaced a few years ago when I became obsessed with exercise, and counted every calorie I put in my body. I eventually got sick, my hormones got screwed up, and I may never be able to have kids now because of it. Be careful what you do to your body.
  19. Raw pasta Sauce: Fresh Roma Tomatoes Fresh Garlic Fresh Cilantro Fresh Basil Sun-dried Tomatoes Add ingredients to a blender. I make it different everytime.. I usually use about 3 roma tomatoes, 1 clove of garlic, a small clump of cilantro, a pinch of basil, and I use sliced sun-dried tomatoes, so I usually just put in a fork-full, or enough to make the sauce thicken. The pasta is whatever vegetable you want. I use a zucchini, and I use a potato peeler to make fettucine noodles! Put the sauce on top and VOILA! I eat this all the time because it's quick, easy, and SO DELICIOUS!!
  20. I wanted to get sprinter muscles once. I almost barfed. It's so intense. Lol!
  21. I couldn't see your photos. Btw, if your goal is to build muscle, you WILL gain some weight. Some of it will be fat, just to be forewarned. It's just part of the process. Building muscle requires a lot of energy that you'll need from food. If you don't eat enough, you'll end up feeling drained and your body won't be able to repair itself efficiently.. resulting in you getting sick easily and all that stuff. This is known as "overtraining". I suffered from anorexia as a teenager, and I relapsed in 2008. Be careful, and know when to ask for help if you need it Other than that, weight-training is very rewarding and you'll feel amazing!
  22. Due to a health condition, I drastically reduced my soy intake. I actually feel a lot better. Instead of using just soy protein all the time(I still do sometimes), mix it up! Try hemp or pea one day, and have soy like once a week if you tend to eat a lot of tofu and things. I cut a lot of wheat from my diet too (same reason). I eat big bowls of oatmeal, I put seeds on my salads, and have hempshakes everyday. I also eat a lot of spinach and things like that (green poo lol!) So, you CAN get lots of protein without soy, or with very little soy.
  23. If you're a hard-gainer, just train each bodypart once a week. Avoid cardio, or just do about 20 minutes worth per session. Eat as often as you can (which I'm sure you're doing) Creatine has actually helped me quite a bit. It'll cause you to retain a little water, giving you the illusion that you're a bit bulkier than you really are.. But the best part about it is that it'll speed up recovery times. What kind of workouts are you doing btw? Try lifting heavy, with no more than 8 reps per exercise. I usually do about 3 sets, or until failure, and I focus mostly on compound exercises such as squats, bench presses, rows etc. Keep your weight training session under an hour, and make sure you get plenty of sleep each night. Also.. For hard-gainers like us, CARBS are your friend. I eat a lot of oatmeal.. But because of a health reason, I cut wheat out of my diet. Hence all the oats.. Lol! I hope that helps.
  24. Hi! Welcome to the board! I'm from Abbotsford!! Weee!! I tried veganaise once, but I never really used it. I had half a jar left by time it expired.. Hm.. But then again, before going veg, I never ate mayo (hated it) so there was really no point in me even buying the stuff! Lol!
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