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  1. Fun story: I started growing boobs when I was 8 years old because of the hormones found in cow's milk. We used to buy it from the states until I needed a fricken bra before I was 10. Needless to say, we stopped buying the milk from there. I got my first period early too. That alone just increased my breast cancer risk. I'm not sure what brand of milk it was my parent's used to get, but I remember hearing my mom freaking out one night about it. As for soy, I don't consume much of it because it gives me digestive problems.
  2. I was bad for doing that for a long time. Then I was diagnosed with anemia and I shaped up my eating habits. Fruits and veggies are good, but they can't be all you eat.
  3. I lost a cat to cancer in 2007. Cancer treatment in animals, although it is available (it's very expensive) is not very efficient at treating the disease. Cancer is the number one reason people bring in their geriatric pets for euthanasia because in older pets it spreads very quickly and it causes a lot of pain and suffering. I stand by your decision. Watching your pet suffer is tough because they are our family members too. I'm pissed off at your groomer for "classifying" the lump on your dog's neck as a cyst. She has absolutely no medical authority to do that.
  4. Don't restrict calories too much if you're breastfeeding, and definitely don't go on a low-fat raw diet if you're breast feeding. Without sufficient calories and nutrients, you'll not only produce crappy milk, but you'll dry up too. Increase your caloric intake for your child's best interest. Worry about aesthetics later. A note about your anemia: Limit your soy intake and increase your intake of beans (which are high in iron) leafy greens, and nuts such as almonds. Soy inhibits the absorption of iron. Vitamin C improves it. When you eat an iron-rich meal such as a spinach salad, throw some peppers in there or some berries. Make sure you're taking your prenatal vitamins too.
  5. I think you look pretty good honestly. I can see you have muscle mass, so you won't have to lose much bodyfat at all to get that to show. Being a vegan will lower your cholesterol indefinitely because plant foods do not contain cholesterol. Don't be afraid to eat, my dear. Make healthier decisions and become more active. You must be active enough to get a body like that! Again, I think you look great. So, just avoid processed or refined foods and focus on getting your fruits, veggies, and proteins and you should be fine. What are you doing for exercise right now?
  6. My entire family smokes.. When I moved back home with my folks, the stress of the household got to me and it was sooo tempting to just go back to an old habit and take a puff off a cigarette. For anyone who's never smoked, when you take a puff of a cigarette, the carbon dioxide gives you a sense of euphoria. You may feel like passing out almost, but it's like a sense of calm has come over you. However, nicotine speeds up your heart rate, so that feels a little strange. That feeling alone is enough to get you hooked because with that puff of a smoke, your problems don't seem to bother you that much. I'm in the middle of quitting smoking for the second time in my life.
  7. Stress and fatigue indeed make you weaker. Try to focus on getting more rest. Maybe take a week off from training to recuperate.
  8. 30 bananas a day?? Holy shit. A little excessive don't you think?? I tried to be a rawfood vegan once. I went broke because I was buying so much produce, and of course, I tried to get mostly organic. I lost too much weight too, so I went back to eating normal food.
  9. One of my friends at work was killed by a car at an intersection while waiting to cross. Yeah, I'll jaywalk if it's safer.. In this situation, I think the cop was just doing his job. Yeah, I think he overdid it but at the same time.. If you thought some crazy bitch was gonna attack you, what would your reaction be? Teenagers have a problem with authority, and there are a lot of incidents of kids just stabbing people for the hell of it and whatnot. Ya gotta be careful.
  10. Hmm yeah. I'd never start an anti-vegan group or bash vegans via a blog. I would just lump the bad ones into the same pile as any other asshole. Such as people who tell me my diet is unhealthy while they're going through the KFC drive-thru (true story. Happened to me last night. It was lawltastic)
  11. I've cut my hair many times. I even shaved my own head once. It takes longer, but it's free.
  12. When my doctor told me to eat more fiber I thought he was crazysauce. I was like "dude, I eat tons of fiber!" But apparently my body needs more. Cuz I'm full of sh!t bahahahaha
  13. Let me tell you the reason why I have a high fiber diet: I was diagnosed with IBS-C by my doctor. I had X-rays which showed how "backed up" I was, despite going regularily everyday. My doctor told me to take Metamucil, and it helped a little but I still had inflammation which was very painful and actually interfered with my ability to do my job. I often avoided going out because I was in so much pain. A lot of vegan foods just bothered me so much.. Like soy, nuts, seeds, corn, and some grains. It's hard to get enough protein as a vegan without those things. I also have anemia, as a result of eating so much soy as a vegan, and often not eating properly because of my digestive problems. I now take an iron supplement. Is this thread going to turn into a conversation about poop now? Rofl!
  14. I'm gonna point out a few things: 1. I did initially get turned off of veganism by other vegans being asshats. Yes, I had digestive issues, and tried everything I could to stay on a vegan diet and try to fix it. None of that seemed to work however. I did the flax oil, the hemp, the fiber supplements.. That helped keep me regular but I still had the pain regardless. I decided enough was enough and tried out fish one night. I would eat vegan 5 out of 7 days of the week. 2. I never left this board because I actually like a majority of you guys. Out of all the forums I joined, this is the only one that was moderated properly, and people had intelligent discussions and debates, rather than act out like 2 year olds because of whatever reason. 3. Coldfission: Did you get that clever "insult" out of an e-mail sent to you? How original. I mostly find it funny because you had no idea I've heard that spiel before. The dicks and pussies? Nice touch. Thanks for proving my point btw. 4. I'm Your Man: Please don't confuse opinions with fact. I'm well aware everyone on this board is apalled by my consumption of fish and eggs. You don't need to point it out, or ask questions as to why I eat fish and not pork. It's personal choice. Just like you decide to eat raw as opposed to cooked food. 5. Despite what many of you may think I DO respect vegans and their dedication. I don't possess that dedication. I don't share the same beliefs. That in no way means that I think your beliefs are wrong. You are passionate people, and I continue posting on this board because I'm genuinely interested in what everyone has to say.
  15. Being vegan was pointless to me because I didn't believe in it to the same extent my vegan peers did. They told me I was a terrible vegan for stuff like feeding my cats meat, or working for a non-vegan company. Everyone does non-vegan things. What about using electricity, plastic, driving cars, or living in a city that was put there by demolishing a wildlife habitat? That's what made it pointless. No matter what you do, animals die or suffer. People die and suffer too! People will continue to raise animals for food, hunt for fun, and keep pets. Do you think people will stop using oil because of the whole BP mess? Hell no! They won't stop eating meat either. I figured it was time to stop kidding myself into thinking I made a difference. Of course, I still don't eat meat. It disgusts me. I don't feel it's necessary for me to eat it. I can't digest it properly anyways. Kinda like corn. As far as feedback from non-vegans, I actually received quite a bit of support. Except from my family. They thought I was nuts. But I mean, if I get some mayo on my veggie burger, I'm not gonna bitch about it. That's all I'm saying.
  16. It's obviously working well for him though. Impressive avatar!
  17. I understand why he would want to write a blog though. When I was a vegan, I became very involved in the vegan community and joined several forums. I spoke with many other vegans, and sadly, they are the ones who turned me off of veganism. Although i did learn a lot, I mostly learned that vegans are, for the most part, difficult to get along with. If I tried to make a joke, or a point, or say something scientific, or even just socialize, I would often get "attacked" or receive snotty comments. Antisocial behaviour like that just make me say "fuck this" and distance myself away from the community. I left all the forums (except this one), and continued my vegan lifestyle without the rude interjects and comments from other vegans who just pissed me off with their know-it-all attitudes. Being a vegan is hard if you can't get along with other vegans, or if you have a hard time hanging out with your friends because there's nothing for you to eat at the pub. I tried my best to stay vegan, but eventually started incorporating eggs and fish back into my diet. I was never too into animal rights in the first place, and being a vegan just seemed pointless to me. My digestive system had a hard time with things like beans, nuts, seeds, and soy which are main sources of vegan protein. Since I have other sources in my diet now, I don't have nearly the amount of pain and stomach problems I used to have. That's my story as an ex-vegan.. And I must say, I can understand why the general population doesn't seem to like vegans very much. I deleted a lot of vegan "friends" from Facebook because they were so rude to either other people or to me. I only have a handful left. If vegans want to be accepted among the community, they ought to accept others too. If they can't, at least keep the rude comments to themselves. Trying to convert a meat-eater into a vegan when they don't want to be converted never works. It's a choice someone has to make on their own.
  18. I don't really get that.. How does someone "look" like a cop? We have cops around here who are short and bald, tall, thin, young, old whatever. We even have some female ones. Maybe you just have that appearance that is associated with authority figures? Do you wear aviators?
  19. I don't care either way Usually I get first dibs on the grill anyways.
  20. Being a vegan was hell on my IBS. I always had gas, cramping, aches, and pains. I didn't do well on it. I tried the raw thing. I tried gluten free and soy free, I tried taking flaxseed oil. Nothing helped. Every IBS patient is different though. Some have it severe, some have it moderate, and some have it mild. My IBS got to the point where I avoided going out because the bloating, gas, and pain was too uncomfortable. I also had "leaky gas" where you like.. Fart and don't realize it until you clear the room. Most embarassing thing EVER. Or if I had to sneeze? Oh boy... I don't experience situations like that anymore.
  21. My diet? I'm still kinda working on it. Ever since I started eating fish again, I feel sooooo much better. I eat it a couple days a week. I incorporated eggs back into my diet too, but I still can't do dairy. After years of not consuming it, it's not something that's a big deal to me anyways. I prefer soy milk ^^ So I guess you could call me a pescatarian.
  22. Oh you're pregnant. I didn't know. Yeah, heavy weights are not for pregnant ladies hahaha
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