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  1. I've had "brain fog" a few times. It usually happens if my workout was too intense and I didn't eat enough calories that day. Try eating more and see what happens.. But yeah, like everyone posted above, I'd see your doctor first and foremost.
  2. Short workouts are better than no workouts! You can also do some bodyweight exercises too. Maybe think about getting a pull-up bar? Although I don't know if you'd get in trouble for having one in your doorway or not in your place.. But there is still push-ups, and you can get resistance bands (which are cheap) to make your push-ups more challenging. You can also get some free weights. I have some free weights that I use for my workouts when I get too busy to hit the gym.
  3. Vegan bodybuilders may need to work a bit harder, depending on their body-type, but it can be done. Just persevere
  4. Oh yeah, it totally can make your teeth sensitive! It made mine a little sensitive.. but only to sugar so I don't mind haha! It kept me away from the candies
  5. Listerine has a whitening mouthwash but it's essentially just hydrogen peroxide with some minty flavor and saccharin for sweetness to make it more palatable. You could try rinsing with that for a minute. I had my teeth professionally whitened years ago and they are still movie-star white cuz I've just taken good care of them. Keep in mind though, that professionally whitening your teeth isn't cheap. It's about $400 or so, depending on which route you take. I had custom molds of my teeth made and a whitening solution that went inside the mold. I wore em on my teeth for a few hours and BOOM! Whiteness.
  6. I fed my whole family vegan pumpkin pie hehehe.
  7. I believe the word you're looking for is "disgusting" not "discussing". Discussing means to talk about something. Which you should do with your husband. Discuss with him that he shouldn't be acting that way in front of the children. It's important they learn to try new things, and by being a picky eater in front of them, he's teaching them bad habits. If he doesn't want to eat healthy, all the power to him.. But he can't teach his children his bad habits because they need the nutrients to grow and thrive. He needs to be responsible. It's his job as a parent. Now I'm not married, so I don't know what other advice I can give you other than to sit down and talk like adults.
  8. Sheesh his own mother talks like that? No wonder her kid is an asshole. I honestly wouldn't be friends with this guy because he puts you down. Friends shouldn't do that. Friends are supposed to support you and be uplifting! However, the decision is entirely up to you.
  9. When you first start training, the muscles are going to develop rather quickly, then all of a sudden you'll notice your gains slowing down. This happens to everyone who just starts out on a weight-lifting program. A couple months from now you'll go "Why aren't I gaining anymore?" So just a heads up for that. Quite honestly, I find it more beneficial to lift weights no more than 45 minutes a session, splitting my days up. I'll do back/chest/abs, shoulders/triceps/biceps, and legs get a separate day. I also stop doing cardio altogether and focus on eating as many calories as possible. Pick calorie rich foods like avocado, nuts, and stuff like that. I ate a TON of oatmeal too and I put on quite a bit of weight The best thing is how cheap oatmeal is.. And it's great with nuts and fruit mixed in. Finally, I agree with lifting heavy and focusing on compound exercises. Nothing has worked better for me than good old compound exercises! Also, get plenty of sleep! Happy training!
  10. Oh man, DJshrew, I can just imagine! I get bloated all the time, but I usually wear baggy clothes to hide it. It's usually from menstrual/digestive issues that cause my bloating.
  11. I would suggest cutting back on your sodium as well, and always drink plenty of water. Are you taking protein supplements or creatine? That can also cause bloating.
  12. In Asian countries they mostly use soy as a condiment, and it's probably processed differently than it is here.. Like out here a lot of soy is GMO. But I digress.. Milk does have stronger estrogens. After I gave up dairy my boobs shrunk. I used to eat tofu everyday, take soy protein and drink it with soy milk and they still stayed small.. LOL! So really.. All the hype is just that: Hype.
  13. I've had acne and screwy periods for years. Being put on birth control pills just "masked" the problem, but when I came off them last year, my problems just escalated. I haven't had a normal period on my own. I recently just got my acne under control with the help of topical medications and antibiotics.. I was at the point where I didn't care what it took to get rid of my acne because my face was just a mess. I still have PIH (post inflammatory hyperpigmentation) from all the acne I had. I've tried talking to my doctor so many times about my weird cycle but all he does it try to tell me I need birth control pills, or the shot, or some other hormonal thing that won't fix the problem.. *sigh*
  14. Yeah. Anyways I'm sorry I hijacked your thread. How is your tummy?
  15. That's a funny story! Heheh So of those 2 things.. Is hypothyroidism possibly one of them? Usually when I hear the "I can't lose weight no matter what I do!" story I automatically think thyroid problems. I like to talk about illnesses heheh
  16. Start walking. If you collapse on the way, someone will help you. If you don't collapse on the way, free exercise + clinic attendance! Win/Win situation? Lool! I'm okay now. I binged out on organic veggies. Woooot! But yeah, I still need to make an appointment with the doc about the pelvic pain thing. The doctors office has the strangest hours. I think they open around 9am.. But they close for lunch at like.. noon until 1 and then the office closes at 3. I think.. Not sure. Everytime I call I get the answering machine. Even if it's around 11:30 or something. Busy maybe?
  17. You know what makes me mad? The store I used to buy tempeh from doesn't carry it anymore. I LOVE that stuff Soo much better than tofu.
  18. I tell them that each person is different and what works for me might not necessarily work for them. For example, I need to eat a LOT of food and stop doing cardio to gain muscle. Most people are trying to lose weight. That's when I suggest to them to buy more whole foods, and less is best when it comes to pre-packaged foods. Most people don't take my advice because they come up with one excuse after another as to why they can't eat healthy (too expensive being the most common one I hear) or exercise (no time etc.) So I usually offer my advice to those who will actually find it useful.
  19. Right now I'm having a problem getting someone to lug me to the nearest walk-in clinic cuz I'm sick with the flu. *cough cough* *dies*
  20. I used to go through SO much soy milk, but I'm getting better at making it last now. I haven't tried cashew milk though, that sounds really good! Mmmm... My favorite treat will always be chocolate almond milk
  21. I'm always laughing. I find stuff funny all the time! Especially at work Yesterday I had a vegan customer and he was so happy by the level of service I gave him (since I know all the vegan and non-vegan items on the menu) that he wanted me to transfer him to one of my supervisors to give some positive feedback. That felt nice One thing I do when I get vegan customers, is that I write on their file that they are allergic to dairy and to use a clean knife and board when cutting the pizza. They usually say they're allergic to dairy to avoid the whole awkwardness of saying "I'm a vegan".. But somehow it always gets mentioned anyways. I throw in the "clean knife and board" part cuz who wants their pizza cut with something covered in cheese and pepperoni? Ew. But anyways, if I write it on their file as opposed to just on the order ticket, it's there permanently so they don't have to say every time that they don't want cheese.
  22. I gained the most muscle just lifting 3-4 days a week. I would alternate heavy lifting days with not-so-heavy lifting days. Heavy being 5-6 reps, and moderate being about 10. I also gave up the cardio, and ate lots.
  23. Nothing can make your wrists much bigger if you have skinny bones. Just try to beef up the muscles your forearms as best you can.
  24. I have a few questions for you. How hungry are you when you eat? Oftentimes, nausea can happen if you go a long time without eating, and then decide to fill it up with food. Another question: How fast are you eating? Bolting down food can also cause nausea. Also, how are your bowel movements? Stress levels? Activity levels? Quality of sleep? If nothing has really changed, and your body just suddenly doesn't want food you should go to the doctor and get checked out. I had a problem similar to this a month ago. It was gastritis. Nothing serious, but it was an awful lot of suffering. I was lucky it was as simple a solution as taking antacids daily.
  25. Have you been checked for endometriosis yet? Nope. The diagnostic test for that is laproscopy, which requires surgery. They don't usually do it unless a woman who is trying to get pregnant has failed several times. There's also blood tests to check for markers.. But whenever I talk to my doctor about this, he suggests taking the birth control pill, sends me for a urine test, or says it's IBS. They rule out the more harmless, common causes rather than check for a disease that affects maybe.. 10-12% of women.
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