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  1. I hate breeders. I've always hated breeders. When I worked in a Veterinary clinic I hated when breeders came in and dictated to me what was wrong with their pets and what they needed.. Or people would come in and say "oh my breeder says I need this". Well, your breeder didn't go to college and get a degree did she?? Moron. The worst was when we spayed a breeding bitch and her uterus was such a mess from being overbred that it was falling into pieces. It took an hour to do a 10 minute procedure because we had to stop the bleeding. I wish we coulda brought the owner in and show him what he had done to his dog.
  2. In China, it is customary to make their meat dishes like that to remind them they are eating something that was once alive. Still gross though.
  3. Looks good! I'm super, super pale and I like to use fake tanners in the summer when I go to the beach haha Do you know if they sell this in Canada?
  4. Bodybuilding is by far my favorite but I also do other active things like dirtbiking and hitting the punching bag with my boyfriend. He's teaching me self defense.
  5. I eat lots of spinach and flax. Not too much flax though, since it's a laxative. Learned that the hard way.
  6. I got Super Smash Brothers Brawl but the stupid game doesn't work on my Wii so I gotta send it in and get it cleaned. It sucks cuz I just got the Wii in September. Oh well. It's free for me. How do I hook my Nintendo to the net? I have my PS2 hooked up but I registered it with my router years ago and I don't remember how the hell we did it.
  7. There's a lotta hype about Xango, about it being the only brand that uses the whole mangosteen fruit blah blah blah. I eat other superfoods, and I'll eat em raw. Like papaya. Yummy!
  8. I tried Xango juice years ago. It didn't make me feel super lol
  9. Hi! I'm a girl from Canada and I've been a vegan for a little over a month now and I've been into fitness for a couple years. I enjoy bodybuilding and I live in British Columbia near Vancouver. It's nice to meet everyone ^^
  10. yeah when i went vegan my acne cleared up. I think the hormones they put in the food is what caused it in the first place. My sister drinks a ton of dairy a day. She doesn't eat a lotta meat, but she loves cheese etc. She has the worst case of acne of anyone i've ever known. She had a dairy allergy as a child. I was lactose intolerant so giving it up was no problem for me. I just feel cleaner inside when i don't eat meat. As far as organ transplants go, I don't think they should give people transplants who did the damage themselves. Self inflicted pain gets no sympathy imo. People who are genuinely sick from causes they can't control should get first dibs.
  11. I still have my old nintendo and super nintendo. I just got a Wii recently and I LOVE it!!
  12. I'm the same way. My abs only pop out when I'm working out in the gym and I got the blood flowing. I notice they pop when I do exercises where I find I contract my abs, like lateral delt raises and tricep pulldowns. Then I'm like "ooh that looks nice." Like other muscle groups, don't train your abs more than 3 times a week, or you'll be breaking muscle down faster than you can repair it.
  13. I always believed myself to be a hard gainer too. I've been skinny my whole life. I think my biggest problem is not eating enough. You're right, it is pretty hard at times. I find that if I weight train a lot I get more of an appetite.. But my job is very physical and tiring.. and when I work everyday I get too exhausted to eat or train properly and I end up losing weight again
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