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  1. I tried seitan in spaghetti sauce and that stuff makes me fart something fierce. If you have any sort of digestive problems, I'd stay away from it! Lol! Tempeh is pretty good, and good for you. I also find it very tasty when cooked in a little soy sauce with some veggies. I prefer it to tofu.
  2. My diet's become crap all week with all the Christmas goodies I've been eating.. I baked cookies and ate probably half the batch.. Maybe more! Lol! Christmas always comes around my time of the month and I can't resist the goodies. I need to be locked up!!!
  3. I actually agree with his post pretty much entirely. You have to remember, i'm the one with the liver disease who's been told my only option is a liver transplant in the near future, yet i'm still kickin' because of diet and exercise. So, I'm not so different from you. I agree with the post as well. Refined sugars and carbs are no good for ya. If you get sick a lot, it's time to kick those foods out of the diet! Yesterday I had a root beer and felt soo gross after drinking it! Blahhh!
  4. I doubt it. If it has been cut in half, thats several millions sperm still available. We would need to see an increase in female sterility for populations to decline. Male sterility won't do it, because one man can get many women pregnant. And people still want their own babies and won't adopt. Yeah or they get fertility treatments and become "octomom" and get their own TV show. Stupid. I'm gonna get sterilized as soon as I can. I don't want any freakin' babies. Can you imagine a mini me? Scary thought.
  5. I do weighted toe ups to build up those tibialis muscles
  6. Totally agree! I'm finding the "holier than thou" train of thought so incredibly selfrighteous and if anything seriously damaging the possibility of engaging non-vegans into thinking about a vegan lifestyle. Why on earth would you want to give some arrogant, selfrighteous vegan's beliefs any more thoughts? I sure as hell don't listen to anyone who is that full of themselves! I've found some vegan "friends" turning their backs on me and some non-vegan friends being there for me when I really needed them, and I'll never forget that. Being vegan is an important part of me, but there is a helluvalot more to people than their personal beliefs. X2 Holier than thou vegans piss me off and make me ashamed to call myself a "vegan". I still don't. I still tell people I'm a vegetarian.
  7. Eat a huge meal before you go to work. Or make suggestions on easy, cheap vegan food. Oatmeal anyone?
  8. That's what I thought would happen. Doing cardio on an empty stomach wouldn't burn more fat that eating beforehand. I always thought that if i did cardio on an empty stomach that I would lose my hard-earned muscle. Someone told me this awhile ago.. A personal trainer no less so I believed it. Obviously she was wrong. It's too bad, cuz a lot of PTs give wrong info and people will believe it because well.. They're supposed to know what they're talking about. I've learned more from arguing with Johan that by talking to so called "experts" lol! I always get cramps when I run.. Probably because I used to always eat first.
  9. The opposite actually happened for me. I used to get sick all the time but then I went vegan and I get sick a lot less often. When I do get sick, it's quite mild and only lasts a day or two. I take a vegan multi-vitamin, echinacea when I feel an illness coming on, get lots of sleep, keep warm, stay active, and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I also wash my hands a lot. Especially at work because I touch dirty keyboards and phones all the time. If you are around a lot of people everyday, try taking some echinacea or zinc to give your immune system a boost. A lot of people don't wash after going to the bathroom or cover their mouth when they cough. People are gross.
  10. You just wasted your money dude. Your body creates its own digestive enzymes. There are certain digestive enzymes that may be lacking in a person's diet.. For example, lactase.. But as a vegan it's not something to worry about anyways since its the enzyme that digests milk sugar. There are enzymes in the saliva and in the stomach.. There's no need to supplement them. If you have digestive problems the first place I would go to is the doctor's office to rule out any problems. I've had a problem eating large portions my entire life. I have IBS, or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. To get more calories in my diet I eat small frequent meals. I eat whenever I can, sometimes 8 meals a day if I can fit it in. Lifting heavy in the gym also gets my appetite going. Eat lots of high calorie foods like nut butters with bananas, avocado, and stuff like that. Eat as often as you'd like, and make smoothies or protein shakes if you're running short on time, or you want a high cal drink between meals. Minimize your cardio, and lift as heavy as you can. Also, if you want to eat some junk food, go for it. That's the beauty of bulking. You can eat whatever you want
  11. If your goal is to gain muscle you won't get very far on a 50g of protein a day diet. We have all given you enough information on why eating a low protein diet will not help you. You're obviously getting your "info" from the wrong places so why would you go back to get even more wrong ideas? Any moron can post stuff on the internet and make a claim. That's why you have to be careful where you do your "research".
  12. Nuts and Testosterone? My mind went to something totally different. I must admit I was a little disappointed when I opened this thread.
  13. No. Here's an article about how the kidneys work. Educate yourself before posting wrong information. http://kidney.niddk.nih.gov/Kudiseases/pubs/yourkidneys/ As far as kidney stones goes, it is possible with a high protein diet but usually it's because the individual doesn't drink enough water. I've never heard of anybody's kidneys failing because they eat too much protein. That's ridiculous.
  14. Me too. I was staying in a hotel in Alberta (which is beef country) and Vega and water was what I lived off of. Naaasty!
  15. I have never ever had pains from taking protein except when I used to take whey. It used to make me ill. Very ill.. Like... Run to the bathroom and puke kind of ill. That's how I suspected I had a dairy allergy. In my opinion, Shawn, you should be careful about where you acquire your information on the web. A lot of people post blogs or articles and really have no legitimate sources to back their claims up with. It could also be psychosomatic. If you think taking lots of protein will make you sick, then your mind will indeed make you feel sick. Like Johan said, it's a "placebo" effect.
  16. Yeah I usually mix my protein with a nut milk too. It's way tastier.
  17. No matter what you do, you're doing damage to the environment and killing animals. Right now, plunking away at your keyboard for example. Animals get zapped at electricity plants/dams all the time. Personally, I haven't worn a spiked wristband since high school.. But most synthetic stuff is going to be made from things that aren't environmentally friendly. You could always buy them from a second hand store.
  18. Protein doesn't leech calcium from the bones. Phosphorous on the other hand.. You really don't need to take that many protein supplements anyways. Just stick to whole foods and supplement protein on days where you need more such as after a workout, or if you're too busy to prepare a proper meal. If you're getting pains around the kidney and groin area it's probably your bowel. Make sure you are drinking lots of water when you're taking that much protein. When you get the joint paint is it after any exercise or does it just start hurting for no reason?
  19. Natural bbers are pretty damn big. not nearly as big as the juiced up guys, but there are ones that are like 5'10'' 225 in contest shape. that's huge. close to 225 lean body mass at 5'10'' Those are the guys that deserve a standing ovation!
  20. I read some of the B.S Detective's blog. I like it!
  21. A bag of oatmeal and some creatine. Or maybe a gift certificate for a sporting goods store would be more practical
  22. Natural bodybuilders are generally not very big either. I honestly don't see the point in destroying your health just to win a few trophies for being the biggest roid monster onstage. Of course, I'm not saying all steroids are bad.. But they tend to be abused by athletes because they work so well that the athlete wants to take more and eventually ends up taking more than their bodies can handle. Vegans are very health conscious people which is probably why they stay away from performance enhancing drugs.
  23. I believe Ruz is from Spain actually. She pops in every now and then
  24. www.bifnakedblog.com They're always a fun read!
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