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  1. Oh my God! Finally, I found someone who is like minded. You know, I love camping and sort of 'wild' tours too! I love staying in the nature, with a campfire and starts. But as I have grown older, I started to value comfort too. So this is why I hired Scottish Jeep Tours that could ensure I got both comfort and nature at the same time.
  2. You know what? You can do nothing and just theorize. Or you can just have solar panels installed in your some and move forward. You can read https://solarsystems.reviews/ and review the providers. That will be a small step. But as compared who just talk without doing nothing this will be a really big progress!
  3. In the first picture the beard looks really unkempt, sorry. I think that just grow it is not enough. My husband also thinks that if you read about Mens Haircuts https://glaminati.com/best-mens-haircuts/ then it will be much easider for you to keep yoiur overall look balanced. Not just some haircut and a busy beard.
  4. In principle I think it must never be a quest or any other soft or hurdle. So in our company, when we need to organize trainings, we use online classroom platform that provides stable connection and high video quality. So I believe that this makes students happy instead of disappointed when they are using the full scope of service opportunities.
  5. Many people want to be their own bosses and create their own something. Even if just some simple application. But even more of them make mistakes and their apps suck. I started with reading about https://qawerk.com/services/web-application-testing/ as I am really not as boastful as many of you here. So please welcome me and live well.
  6. I think that you'd better find a job abroad. Many people do so these days. Let me know if you need help with this. I am not an HR expert, but my wife is. She can help.
  7. Damn it the video is not available! Do you have maternity dresses? My sister is expecting and we all are going to attend other other sister's wedding soon.
  8. The fellas in my brother's gym say that things can change. Some of them said that methandienone work well for muscle growth. So if you have no contraindications for that and your fitness doctor doesn't mind, that can be a solution. Anyway, you could start reading about steroid use in general if you wish.
  9. Neither you are unique because many people like betting. But you guys look very strange. Why didn't you mention what sports do you like most of all?
  10. Even if you are so possessed, that doesn't mean you can't make at least a small step to make our world better. If all people make a small step, that will be a progress! You may see it here that there are good clothes that you can wear. You can find some eco-friendly clothes too. But ranting and raving is just much ado about nothing, darling.
  11. I graduated from the Royal Music College in the UK and I play piano and cello freely. But in later years, pianos in the UK are really crap, pardon my French.
  12. Agree! Because normally the queries people make are very simple. Like how to open .zip archive, for example. You can solve it by reading a post here https://setapp.com/how-to/convert-rar-to-zip in just one page. And in a glimpse of a second you will manage to move on. And that all will be for free. Why to disturb IT specialists with it?
  13. Thanks, what I am really interested in is how to get protein. Which vegetable or fruit contains the biggest part of it. I noticed that I started losing muscle mass.
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