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  1. First of all she is my STEP FATHERS MOTHER, not my step mom. Don't tell me what to say/what words to use when you can't even read. I posted a RECIPE on this FORUM so I could share it with you, I didnt have to share it. When I posted it, I had copied and pasted it, because it was once my bulletin on myspace. I wanted to share it with my fellow vegan friends on here. I thought about changing it, and just posting the recipe and not the short story about it, but thought, "these are cool fellow vegan liberals, wtf does it matter?" and posted it in it's original form anyway. However, I'm taking my awesome recipe that was less important to everyone than the word bitch and Im leaving.
  2. I assume you dont use the word asshole. That would insinuate that assholes are negative in some way, and you wouldnt want to offend your asshole, I mean you need it, and it works well, and it wouldnt like being used as negative term. Right? HAHAHA I crack myself up. OH NO, we cant say crack can we?? That is insulting to cocaine!!!
  3. I don't believe there are any "bad" words. You won't make me believe there are. If it would make you happier I can call her a mean old stupid hag?? Ppl even say bitch on TV.. are you calling in and telling them to cut it out? There are larger problems to worry about than vocab, this post was about the recipe that was super awesome.. not words. As for fag or nigger.. I have friends that refer to themselves as those words.. THEY ARE JUST WORDS. It's not the end of the world, it's just that too many people are sensitive to it. I didnt call her a bitch bc of her gender, race, religion, but bc of her actions.
  4. .........................................
  5. Also, a lot of my hair fell out as well as the weight gain, constipation and depression etc... I'm much more chemically senitive than most ppl though.
  6. Both, my thyroid was malfunctioning and now that I stopped the soy/broccoli/cabbage things are better. Are you doubting me? Try google.
  7. They just talk about what causes cancer and things. There is a list of things a person has to do (or should do) who has cancer or someone who fears getting it. Number one was giving up meat, then there was (I forget the order) lose weight, stop smoking, and exercise.. but they still teach the traditional food pyramid so dont get ur hopes up.
  8. Ive been a fruitarian for about a week.. and WOW.. everyone was so right.. Ive never felt better
  9. oh and if you get a chance to check out the link to the news article, take a look at the faces of the boys.. oh they are playing innocent... ppl are sick, this story is the worst story ive every read.. it makes me want to vomit.
  10. I just learned and I didnt know this, but Adam and Eve were created to be frutarians, thus we all are!! How cool! I have a question though, I heard a few things about fruitarians I want to clear up. I heard a fruit is anything with a visable seed, and the fruitarians can eat anything that can be picked from a plant with out killing the plant. So a pepper would qualify??? A tomato?? Im confused and I would really like to try this fruitarian thing
  11. So, I don't know all the details, but, a puppy was baked alive after being beaten, duct taped (at the mouth and legs) dipped in paint, set on fire, and then baked in an oven by two teenage boys. I'm so sad and sick over this, I searched trying to find an answer, and more details.. I was sent a bulletin containing this: Send a message of how you feel to [email protected] she is collecting these messages and giving them to the DA, Paul Howard. (who will read them at the sentencing of the boys who did this) You can also send a message to Gov. Purdue at http://gov.state.ga.us/contact_dom.shtml and do it online. It is an election year and November is not far away, perhaps the life of little St. Francis was sacrificed in order to get Georgia to re-address and change our animal cruelty laws and penalties. I do commend Paul Howard for taking a stance with this case and sending a letter to Gov. Purdue (a veterinarian, btw) SO, you can say how you feel and it could make a difference!!! PLease send something.. this is REAL... sign petition. dog burned in oven. these 2 must be put away http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/564805100 The Molden brothers are accused of covering a puppy with paint, hog tying it, then trying to set it on fire. When that didn't work, they baked the puppy to death in an oven! Inez Marshal, president of the community association at the Englewood Manor Apartments in southeast Atlanta where Joshua and Justin Molder lived stated: (from news article): http://www.wsbtv.com/news/9796419/detail.html He was still in the oven; he was tied, said Marshal. All four feet were tied together, his mouth was duct taped and he was dipped in beige paint, she added. District Attorney Paul Howard quoted: "Not only did they not have an explanation, apparently they went out and bragged about this to other young people in the community, brought them back and showed them their work."
  12. It offeres so many jobs bc no body wants to do it, and 50% of ppl that enter leave within a year.. Ppl arent paying their bills, and hardly anyone has inssurance, so hospitals and other clinics arent making any money, and the longer this goes on the less money anyone in healthcare will make.. the work is awful, you might want to job shadow b4 making that choice.
  13. You have a lot of learning to do, that's all I have to say.
  14. As far as the bible goes, as told in Genesis, we were created for a vegan diet, man never ate meat until Noah landed the arc. Not to mention our bodies are created like every other naturally occuring vegetarian in the wild. (Hence the long intestines, the flat flimsy nails, flat blunt teeth, and in men, seminal vesicles). I believe eating meat is wrong, no matter what aspect of life you look at.
  15. I disagree with virtually everything you just said. Vegans eat a cholesterol free diet most of which is low fat (or good fat) which makes the risk for strokes and heart attacks nearly zero. (esp when compared to what Americans in general are eating) Ive seen patients who have vegan Drs cure them after a heart attack, take away their risks for a second, and clear out their arteries to the point of being taken off of all medicine. Diabetics dont need meat, and actually meat and dairy can not only make the disease worse, but in a lot of cases cause it. I have taken a few of my patients and talked to them about altering their diet for just a few weeks, asking them to go vegan, or vegetarian and saw vast improvements. Some diabetics have even be cured by a raw vegan diet. Veganism isn't hard, if you do it for the right reasons and you are well informed of what is in the food you are consuming, it is actually quite easy. Im not a vegan nazi or anything, even I have moments where cheese either sounds kind of good, or it was in something I didnt know about.. but I would never touch meat again, ever. I dont know about what other vegans feel but the term vegan is something given to someone who works to eat what is right and wouldn't feel very good if someone ate meat "sometimes" and called themselves vegans. We have a msg to send to the world, and an example to show, we need to keep our standards high. I dont want to have a bad run in with someone who thinks vegans sometimes eat meat because they know a "vegan" who does. And I really dont want them to expect me to come to their house and just because I'm there think I would eat ANYTHING they made simply because their impression of veganism was wrong. When I was a vegetarian I wrote a blog and now would be a good time to share it. "What she eats isn't any of my business, it's quite true. But it is absolutely my business when the general population becomes more and more confused about what the term 'vegetarian' means. Are sweets with gelatine in them okay? Is chicken stock okay? What about beef fat? Rennet in cheese (from a calf's stomach lining)? Turkey only on Christmas Day? What about organic meat? Or meat sometimes? I'm here to tell everyone that none of the above foods are vegetarian. Plainly and simply, if a food comes from the flesh of an animal - no matter what that animal happens to be - then the food in question is not, and never has been, vegetarian. No matter how often a person eats meat or what animal that meat comes from, if they do so they are not a vegetarian. While I'm on the subject, there is no such thing as a pollo-vegetarian, or a pesco-vegetarian, or a porco-vegetarian. If you eat meat or animal flesh of any sort, the title of 'vegetarian' does not apply to you. It never did, and it never will. So what should a fish-eater call themselves? How should they explain their dietary preference? The term that seems to be taking over and becoming increasingly familiar is simple - pescatarian. Nice and simple, and easy to understand. In the meanwhile, leave the title 'vegetarian' to those who deserve and have earned it - to those of us who respect all animal life enough to refuse to eat it."
  16. She says because its a commuinity college they can do this.. and that is another reason i posted it, bc when i go back to school If i chose to get my masters, it will be at the local community college worries me, bc i hear they dissect cats there for the program, its the only reason im not there now..
  17. True holy rollers (like myself) eat a vegan diet bc that is how God created us, as told in Genesis.
  18. True holy rollers (like myself) eat a vegan diet bc that is how God created us, as told in Genesis.
  19. I know there were more, i watched most of them.. i just really have a beef with milk.. (no pun intended)
  20. No one gave me anything, I just learned that they do that from nursing school.. kinda scared me..
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