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  1. Well, the penis part I was talking about is at the very end. He basically says that cows and all other natural occurring vegetarians have seminal vesicles, (the place where the sperm is stored) like human men. So naturally, human men would be vegetarians, and when they dont eat a vegetarian diet it has bad effects on their prostate (and other parts of male organ health), causing enlarged prostate, difficulty unrinating, and infertility. Carnivores do not have seminal vesicles. Very very interesting and informative. The whole thing was concentrated on dairy, and how much the dairy industry has paid and is paying to cover up the truth about dairy, and how deadly it is. He is actually filing a lawsuit against the American Heart Association because of their failure to admit the dangers of dairy on the heart. He also points out that we dont need the calcium in milk, and why would the American Heart association tell us we need to stay away from high saturated fat and cholesterol, but not admit milk is bad for us. Why would we need to risk our lives by consuming such high fat content to get all of our calcium? Very very good video, I was so interested in it I watched it 3 times, but then again.. Im a nerd.
  2. Well, usually b4 any Dr. would give me meds they would give me a toxic "cotail" to totally destroy my thyroid (so they could control the amout of hormones i would be getting bc they wouldnt know how much my thyroid was/wasnt producing at any given time if it is still working even in the slightest.) Im scared about that and that is why I want to seek alternative medicine.
  3. I just copied it and pasted it for her as soon as she told me she wanted me to.. I didnt think anything of it.. I fiigured she would have even joined by now..
  4. That was the most informative thing ive every seen.. I esp like the penis part
  5. The girl who wrote the original story really needs the course to pass.. she isnt going to dissect, she is really upset that they are being so mean.. You can read her blog about it here http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendID=15797237
  6. Guess what? I finally got a new job! I start a week from Wednesday! Hooray! No more Mcdonald's work for me! And no more dealing with the meat smell! YAY! Good for u, good luck!
  7. Oh I failed to tell you guys, this isnt for me. It was my friend from myspace who came to me with this problem, she comes and checks on this. Maybe she'll join the forum.. As of right now she is having issues..
  8. I really prefer Oolong tea, it's also not as harsh as black tea.
  9. Well, thyroid issues runs in my family, and for 6 months (my first 6 months being vegan) i blasted my system with soy, day in and day out, soy milk, soy ice cream, soy cheeses, so fake meat.. then I heard about what it can do, and stopped. NOW im having all of these issues.. I will check out your links. Thanks so much.
  10. Im having a slight health scare concerning my thyroid. Thanks to soy, my thyroid became underactive, so I tried correcting it with diet. (Less soy, and other bad for my thyroid veggies like cabbage, and brocolli, taking kelp, eating coconut and adding more salt) Im still suffering from symptoms of hypothyroisim (Lack of sexual desire, hair loss, weight gain, depression, constipation, and chills). Now, this has progressed to me having trouble swallowing, and that could (COULD) be a goiter. I dont want to take drugs, I dont want sugery, I want to seek alternative medicine, but Im not sure how to go about doing that. Where would I go? Does the PCRM treat people? (I really am not sure) Or is the answer simpy going to a healthfood store, spilling my guts and them giving me an herb that will help? I need advice. HELP!! (Usually with a goiter, the thyroid is removed and the patient is on drugs for life, drugs that have been tested on animals)
  11. Raw meat gags me, and chicken soup smells like urine, the smell of bacon (from a distance) still reminds me of my grandma (in a good way) im kind of ashamed to say that it doesnt bother me.. Cheese smells like nasty feet (yes i know what nasty feet smells like and its not from myself). If anything is seasoned well enough it doesnt bother me, bc i try to think of the seasonings instead, but meatloaf, hotdogs, and any other ground up yuck that people call food is NASTY. Hotdogs smell like (insert adjective for really really really putrid here) and they remind me of Germany when my family used to make me eat them. GACK.
  12. Now now, it doesnt matter WHEN you eat those bananas, dont go spreading that myth. It only matter how many nanas you eat. You can eat them at 4AM if you'd like
  13. you will always get enough protein if you get enough calories.. simple as that
  14. Sounds scary, I have had some dealings with atkins, i did it as meat eater and a lacto - ovo veg. I felt nasty, and gained back more than i ever lost. If you do it as a vegan, be sure to not eat too much soy, (which is what you would have to do with fake meats and fake cheeses) too much soy can really mess up your thyroid (by slowing it down and it will mess up lots of other things in your body) I wouldnt suggest anyone doing it but, good luck.
  15. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-2348910096409126100&q=vegsource This video is so great, it needs to be seen and shared..
  16. Well, tea contains oxalates and that makes calcium unabsorbable to you (while it is in your system) If you eat a food high in calcium and drink tea with it, you excrete the calcium and that means your kidneys must process it, after time this causes stones. Kidney stones are very very painful (sometimes even compared to child birth pains) and should be avoided if at all possible. You should at least take breaks from the tea, but by all means drink it, it really is healthy. Remember, too much of a good thing...
  17. HAHAHA, Im not entering, Im already a nurse.. Let me tell you one thing.. STAY THE HECK OUTTA HEALTH CARE. It's awful, and it's going downhill fast. Just my 2 cents
  18. I am finishing my degree in Kinesiology, and I have one class left to complete the major...human anatomy. The first day I asked the teacher for a humane alternative to the cat dissection (yes, a cat) and he got angry and said I didn't belong in the class if I didn't want to dissect anything. I reminded him of the laws in California that say that I can opt out of dissection, and mentioned that kinesiology (exercise science) majors don't operate on people so it would be doubley useless. I also pointed out that I have a 4.0 grade average at this college, 3.8 overall so obviously I'm not just asking this to be lazy and get out of work. I thought it was settled. Well, today at the end of lecture he told me that the head of the biology department wanted to speak to me (what, I'm suddenly 12 again and being called to the principle's office?) so I went upstairs to see her. She told me that the state requires them to show me certain things in class. I told her that the state requires the school to offer a humane alternative and that I don't have to dissect. She said "The law doesn't say that you have to pass the class, though." She then proceded to call me a hypocrite because I was benefitting from all of the great things that have been discovered from dissection, and tried to tell me about all the amusing internal abnormalities her classes had found in cats. She told me that I could choose not to participate, but I will have to remain in the room and watch the dissection (and breathe in formaldehyde, which is known to cause cancer, allergies, etc.) if I expect to take the class. I need this class to graduate. I told her that I would try, but I explained taht it was like asking a religious woman to work as a prostitue for her grade. I've been sick and upset with stomach pain all day. I sent her some information from Peta on why dissections are wrong and the Peta video "Classroom Cut-ups." but I doubt that she'll even bother to read or watch. I'm really pissed now. There are laws to protect people like me from people like her, but I still have to go to this school for 3 more years because I'm finishing my Psychology transfer program and getting my bachelor's through the university center on the same campus, so I don't want to make too much trouble, either, and right now I can't figure out what to do. Any advice would help.. Thanks.
  19. I remember in HS kids would dress in layers of sweat clothes and then jog, i know they did this to lose more water weight, but does it help or increase calorie burning at all??
  20. Yeah I second that, the reason you dont want to take it every day,or take 100% daily value doses is to avoid a goiter.. Or hyperthyroidism. I take my kelp tabs pretty randomly.
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