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  1. sounds crazy!! You could go to a Dr. and have allergy tests done.. you could just grind some up in water and rub in on your arm as a patch test.. see if you get any kind of rash. Kinda creepy. Never heard of a parsley allergy. Anything is possible though.
  2. I do love green tea.. I drink it a few times a week. I get scared sometimes and have periods of time where I dont drink it at all because I'm afraid of kidney stones. I like Oolong tea as well..
  3. it didnt say but if it was really vegetarian it would have specified.. either way, i dont take them...
  4. I love the book.. it's second to the Bible in my opinion. Those girls are are honest, and outgoing. If everyone had a copy, more people would be vegan. Go Rory.
  5. I bought "vegetarian" flax caps, and they contain gelatin.. so, I dont think everyone knows what vergetarian means
  6. I recently cut back on my soy by nearly 100%. Soy is very very hard on your thyroid and causes hypothyroidism. If you find that you are gaining unwanted weight, being tired, feeling depressed, cold all the time, or you have dry hands, feet or elbows, cut back on the soy. Also broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflour have the same effect on the thyroid.
  7. Check the label on the shake, it may have b12 in it. You dont really need B12 daily, and too much of it can cause bad bad acne.
  8. It doesnt matter when you eat, it only matters what you eat. Personally I love to eat before bed as to avoid low blood sugar during the night. If you have very bad nightmares, it could mean your sugar is getting too low in the night. In order to keep it up, you want to eat complex carbs, maybe some long grain rice and a glass of almond milk, or anything high in fiber. My personal fave would be a salad with fake bacon bits, and a cucumber with the peal. Always include the fiber bc it contains the complex carbs that keep your sugar level through the night. Avoid foods high in sugar before bed, because that would cause your sugar to drop just as soon as it has been elevated, leaving you with nightmares.
  9. Skinny Bitch is about veganism and all of the reasons to make that change. It was written by two girls who coach people on how to lose weight. It's one of the best books I've ever read. This is the myspace for the book. http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=55086607
  10. All you need is the book "Skinny Bitch". After 10 minutes with that book I was vegan, and I think the whole world should read that book!! Good Luck.
  11. Hello everyone. I'm Addie, I'm 20, and Ive been a vegan for only 6 months. I started being vegetarian 3 years ago. Im really into nutrition, and I'm trying hard to be into fitness. I don't know much about it though. I like yoga, and I love to swim, but I'm not obsessed with it like I am nutrition. I'm learning though. In nursing school I learned a lot about meat being bad, and that is what helped me seal the deal to be passionate about vegetarianism. The book "Skinny Bitch" is what made me become vegan. Everyone should read it. I need a little inspiration to get me working out more... I'm a bit lazy.
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