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  1. I have to say - awesome arms Robert! (No more Mr. thin thin skinny him ) Best gun-picture i've seen of you yet - and the superman cap is as cool as a stupid cap can get
  2. Tough decision. I love candyflips physique, i truly do. I can't believe i didn't vote for her Why o why do we only have one vote?
  3. Some nice V's, but the decision was not as hard as in some of the past comps. The choice for one of the ladies will be harder (DC Ninjas back seems to be good, but the pictures are terrible. With better photos, i might have voted for him.)
  4. Hi Marcina. First i need to say i didn't read all the other replies, sorry if i repeat advice. 1. You need to get a safe and firm stance on all reps. Experiment with a wider stance, or one more narrow, depending on how you squat atm. Maybe firm shoes with a flat sole can also help. 2. The best advice i can give when someone plateaus (someone that is really training hard) is: take a break. Take a week or two off from training, doing only light exercise oder sets. After the break, you'll come back stronger. 3. You didn't mention your training program, rep range, training frequency and such. Regardless, I recommend using the super squat method (take your 10rm and do 20 reps, no matter how long the set takes. Increse 5lbs every week) or the PITT method (very similar, only you take a very short break between reps from the start, increasing the length of the break towards the end of the set. The break is initially only 1-3 seconds, and should be no longer than 20 seconds in the end. It must be as short as possible and just so long to make one more rep possible. I have made insane progress with PITT after years of training). Good luck with it!
  5. http://community.fxuk.com/blogs/fox_insider/hulk-big-banner.jpg
  6. Looks like they're dissecting alien eggs. So the invasion has begun...
  7. Why the hell are you doing this? You say you are "of poor strength" (which is relative anyway) and you have "very poor legs". So why don't you train a simple squat program? To make you stronger and your legs bigger? This superset nonsense won't get you very far. Though i suppose it does feel nice
  8. Hi Paige, welcome to veganism You supply scarce information. - What is your workout regimen? - Lack of energy is somewhat normal 6 weeks pre-comp. I'd still say you lack carbs. - Maybe you have gained muscle? Did you shed fat? - What does your diet look like? Good luck with your prep and comp, Daywalker
  9. That's a ridiculous claim. (Unless they also say you lose 9% again in the two idle weeks ) Anyway, programs that specify everything exactly are bound to be less efficient that individualized routines. Moreover, programs that give you certain weight percentages and rep ranges usually work much better in increasing your strength than your size. That's why successful PL/Oly programs work that way and good BB programs don't
  10. Aww, thank you guys Now i feel bad that i visit the board so seldom anymore ... Anyway, go vegan power
  11. You could begin with reading the stickies. But i'll sum it up for you: lift heavy, eat clean and plenty, rest, repeat.
  12. Fortunately, i don't need to write all that again, cos VE already did - so, "+1", as is custom in forums nowadays
  13. Still not 20k? +120 => 16'520. We're slowing down instead of picking up pace! The first 10'000 took three weeks, which means one million would take 300 weeks or almost 6 years. Now, almost three weeks later, we've only added another 6'510 - bad.
  14. Oder um 16:00 Uhr zum Jade Imbiss! Wer nicht kommt, stinkt!
  15. That's a friggin heavy squat! Why are you not on the strength table, you'd lead with that weight?
  16. http://www.meerlis.leyra.net/uns/norge/6stockholm_plakat.jpg
  17. Phil, yeah, komm auch! Sad but true, but then: "Schwedische Mädchen sind auch viel, viel stärker als schwedische Männer!"
  18. After my chest workout i did a couple of sets today. +60 => running total 5280!
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