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  1. thanx for the reply guys ... really appreicate it need to ask for 1 more thing ... i'm probably asking for too much but can anyone suggest me a meal plan. e.g. 8:00 am - 100 grams of nuts - 200 calories etc etc ... you know that sorta thing. or can anyone suggest where i can find some examples thanx once again to everyone
  2. thanks guys. I appreciate the advice. willpeavy how many pushups, pullups and squats woud you suggest in a day ?? [for a beginner like me?]
  3. is the dairy info. your personal opinion or is it scientifically proven ?? soz i find it hard to digest that milk could be bad for u ... i've been born and brought up in india for about 14 yrs and i've never ever heard anyone say that milk was bad. no offense but am just representing my opinion. btw's thanks for the reply.
  4. kool ... thanks raven and veganpotter for the advice ... i'll try to follow ur advice/s i cant remember if i asked this earlier and am being lazy to check so will ask again, someone mentioned that i should try soy protein powder / whey protein ... is this any good ?? veganpotter: i've started doing some of the excercies u mentioned about 2 weeks ago ( e.g - push-up, pull ups, and squats ... dont have any weights at home) .... i wont mentioned how many i do coz i feel embarassed .. i cant do that many anyway. my main motto is to gain weight as soon as possible i want to be about 60kg ... how long would you say it can take ?? oh and how many calories would you suggest i would need on daily basis ??
  5. By dairy i ment .... milk and chesse ( i though it was good source of nutrition ??) any chance you could give me list of things i could eat on daily basis to gain weigh quickly ... and get in shape ... some one told me try soy protein ( is that any good? ) yup i dont want huge muscles or anything just want a good healthy body ( i.e. like some movie actors brad pitt, tom cruise y'know) doesnt running help you loose weight instead of gaining weight ...?? i'm really very skinny i wouldnt want to loose any weight .. thanks for the reply.
  6. Hello there, Newbie here. I am here to get some help, I need to gain weight badly. I am 22 male, 5 foot 4 inch, and I weight just about 7'ish stones ( around 45kg ) ... I am a vegetarian ( lacto - i think ) basically I can eat dairy products except egg, and I dont eat any meat/fish/chicken. I need some advice on what to eat and how much to eat, I dont go to gym ( should i ? ) .... i'm a student so kinda short of cash all the time, can someone show me some good excercise which I can do at home. I dont want to become a bodybuilder, i just want to get fit and healthy. I badly need some advice, hope you guys can help me out. Thank you to anyone in advance.
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