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  1. What sprouts are best for enzymes? What stage of ripeness do the bananas have to be in order to contain enzymes?
  2. Humans eat salt and drink water so why not seawater?
  3. stealing from big corporations is fine because they steal from people directly or indirectly. just kidding
  4. I think it depends on the quantity. Also, some beans are more toxic than others, like if you eat enough raw kidney beans it could actually kill you. I eat Green frozen peas and green beans raw without socking or anything.
  5. This explains best, what I mean. "You have to eat a larger volume of fruits and vegetables to obtain the same amount of calories that you do from cooked food, because fruits and vegetables are not as calorically dense." Graham
  6. On SAD, calories aren't a big deal but on a raw diet they are because most fruits and veggies are not calorie dense. Meaning you have to eat more food to get same calories as you would get eating a SAD meal.
  7. According to science you need at least 1200 calories just to be alive.
  8. grapes are pretty expensive here. 2.99 lb
  9. Thanks guys, found a local store that carries sea weeds.
  10. If you are 100% raw, you must be eating pounds of fruits a day to get your daily calories. If you like to eat on budget, that is expensive. What do you substitute for? Brown rice is a cheap substitute for me. It covers the calories and cut the food budget. What are some high energy fruits? Other than bananas..
  11. What is nutritionally superior? Are Spirulina and Chlorella raw and are they worth the cost?
  12. I understand the reasoning behind it and it being easier on your digestive system. But how can you get all your daily nutrients and ensure variety without exceeding daily calories with such an eating habit?
  13. After reading this article, what do you think we are Omnivores, Carnivores or Herbivores? I think, we are somewhere in the middle between omnivores and herbivores but lean more toward herbivores.
  14. If I knew this before becoming vegan, I would have probably ate some insects. But, we do anyways we just don't notice them in our food. Ohio State University http://ohioline.osu.edu/hyg-fact/2000/2160.html
  15. How much should a good one cost? What juicers do you recommend?
  16. But if you sprout them longer they become softer and easier to digest.
  17. Maybe you should read first before coming to such a conclusion. The article is well referenced.
  18. No, Anti-nutrients are substances (natural or synthetic) that block the absorption of certain nutrients. For example, drugs mess with the body is ability to absorb certain nutrients. Contrary to popular belief soy is not very healthy for you because it contains many anti-nutrients. http://www.healingdaily.com/detoxification-diet/soy.htm
  19. What are some good books to read on the subject?
  20. cool I also found Miracle Greens while searching. http://www.miraclegreens.com/formulation%20-%20ingredients.htm
  21. Can you by any chance upload those DVDs? If you can thanks, but if you cannot no problem.
  22. What algae do they derive the EPA from? The site contains little info.
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