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  1. I’m a muay thai kickboxer and running into problems I can’t seem to fix. I need to rethink my whole diet plan. I need a lot more calories and protein, and I can’t think of other ways to get them in there that is effective. Help me out. Problems: After every training session I feel really exhausted the whole next day. This shouldn’t be happening. My body should be used to it. I’m not making the weight and muscle gains I need and my body seems to be eating away at my muscle rather than building it no matter how hard I train, so this must mean I need to be eating waay better. I’m also trying to get more sleep and drink more water. Right now I’m at 142 lbs and my performance is awful. I’m trying to build up to fight at 155 and I feel like I should be able to make the gains with some thought, but it has been a long process. My primary forms of training are running/sprints in the morning and a ton of calisthenics. Here is what my (uncreative) diet generally has been almost every day: Breakfast: 1 cup of oatmeal in almond milk, walnuts and almonds, almond butter, cinnamon. Lunch: stir fry with brown rice, veg, and tofu (I want to stop eating soy and use other forms of protein) Snack 1 + 2: clif power bar/trail mix, or almond butter sandwich, or fruit Dinner: brown rice or quinoa, broccoli, kale, herbs, a whole yam, with a whole can of beans or a whole cup of lentils (or tempeh but again I don't want to eat soy anymore it's not fulfilling for me and I've been eating so much of it for years). Smoothie at night: whole can of coconut milk, vega/vegan proteins, frozen mangoes or mixed berries, bananas A lot of this may sound fairly healthy, but for my goals it has been awful and holding me back. I need more.
  2. Yes, that's right, but this program (in convict conditioning at least) is based on building mass. He sets it up based on progression. Once you get to consistently doing 50 pushups, you start working towards one handed pushups, one handed pullups, handstand pushups (one handed handstand pushups!), back bridges, one legged squats, hanging leg raises, etc. It's kind of fascinating because he claims that in prison it was all he had access to. I haven't had much results yet cos I'm still building strength for just the basics.
  3. I'm trying to put on some weight/mass. I'm a muay thai kickboxer and my primary methods of training are calisthenics and cardio. I'm in great shape but would like to be bigger. I recently read Convict Conditioning. Really great book on bodyweight exercises. Has anyone on here put on significant mass though from calisthenics alone? I would just like to hear from experience. I just started increasing my calorie and protein intake and eating more frequently, but I'm wondering if I should just start lifting weights again for a little while.
  4. Awesome, I'd like to see what your diet is like for my own sake
  5. Ahh shit, you're right. I think I do need to up the protein with my options. For muay thai, I do tons of calisthenics and cardio (jumproping and running). I lift weights at my school 2 or 3 times a week, but it can be a bit much if I want to do muay thai at night. I mix it up. For lifting I mostly do bench, shoulders, arms. I need a better training program for that, but lately I have been wanting to do mostly advanced calisthenics. Not the best for my weight goals I guess? Good for muay thai though. Right now I weigh about 132lbs and I'm 5ft 7. I'm still pretty skinny but I've put on quite a bit of muscle and tone from everything I've been doing. Yeah I think you're right and I should try to use more scrambles and burritos for breakfast. For lunch maybe I should switch it up with my salad for some days and other days go mostly with a bunch of legumes and nuts, etc? I've been having mixed feelings about this. How do you feel about Braziers claim that right after a workout you should give the body something light in protein so that your blood goes into recovery and not into digestion? THEN, after like an hour or two, you should pack on the protein? Should I just try to add beans, lentils, and other legumes to my dinner meal then as well? What other sources of protein could I potentially add to what I have laid out? My main problem right now is that I haven't had a meal plan at all, and haven't even been eating 6 times a day. I feel that I'll probably get some results once I actually start doing that (this week). Varifrån är du? Jag kan prata lite svenska.
  6. I've been having a lot of success with my diet and training but I've been stuck for awhile and re-planning. I'm a muay thai kickboxer (for fun mostly) and I'm trying to gain like 10 more pounds, but not much beyond that. I don't really train for size, but rather for strength, stamina and power. I've been really inspired lately by Brendan Brazier's book. I'm following a lot of what he does but I mostly just use the staples of his diet because I don't have the time to make a lot of complex meals. I like to keep it simple. I've also cut out a lot sugar and garbage out of my diet to solely nourishing and good food. So I'm working on a new meal plan and using mostly a basic blueprint for the CORE MEALS of my diet. I'm looking to eat food that is nourishing but also going to help me build and train successfully. How does this sound to you for my goals: For breakfast I'm usually going with oatmeal as a main meal (should I switch to buckwheat?) with almond butter, different nuts, flax seeds, some kind of nut milk, and then berries, bananas, or chunks of apples. Other than that, for breakfast I was gonna go with different scrambles or burritos with quinoa. Or I'll just have a smoothie in the morning. But I was planning on sticking with oatmeal/buckwheat as a main meal for most of my mornings. What do you think? For lunch and dinner you can use any similar combination but I was thinking about going with an ultra green salad almost every day for lunch (as Brazier suggests). I will pack these with lots of awesome stuff. I have a long list of all awesome options to just add to these. From red lettuce, kale, different leafy greens, tons of other raw veg, quinoa, avocado, seeds, maybe even some tempeh. I'm unsure about what dressings to use or make. I was planning on sticking with tahini mostly. Otherwise I have several other lunch options listed out like tofu/tempeh sandwiches with avocado, tomato, and hummus. Or different lentil, avocado, nuts/seeds, combos. I'm trying to eat at least an avocado or two a day with my meals, and trying to add nuts and seeds to almost everything. I've also been considering cutting out a lot of tofu/tempeh/soy and seitan from my diet but it just seems sooo helpful in gaining a little bit of weight. For dinner my core meal is a mixed veg stir fry, with brown rice or quinoa, nuts/seeds, nutritional yeast, avocado, a long list of vegetables I made to choose from, sweet patatoes/yams. This sounds like a solid meal to me to eat like 2 hours after training. What are some of your other favorite dinner options? The other one I like a lot is the lentil combo I mentioned. I'll of course be eating 3 snacks a day with all of this and here is the list I have compiled. Please help me add some other good options: fruit smoothies with VEGA or Vegan Proteins, almond butter and jelly sandwich, daily trail mix with different nuts, seeds, raisins, dried fruit, hummus and pita, banana bread, soy yogurt w/ combos of granola, fruit, nuts, clif/vegan food bars, or different fruits/fruit salads as snacks. I'm wondering if this set up will be good enough and adequate for my goals. Once I start following it I'll find out. I'm curious to hear from others to see if there are other secrets to gaining and training that I'm missing out on. A training plan is a whole nother thing which I've also been working on.
  7. Right on, I haven't even thought of using oats yet. Can you give me some basic recipe ideas? I actually live close to the local tofu and tempeh company here. If you go in their actual building you get sick deals. I'm trying to stop eating tofu even though it's so good. Trying to eat mostly tempeh.
  8. Yeah right on. I actually just started using quinoa instead of brown rice.
  9. Help me I'm still a rookie. Post links to other threads if necessary. There's a lot on this site. I've been really skinny for awhile and trying to gain weight and muscle. I'm 22 and only 135 pounds. Pretty thin but healthy. I've been weight training 4 days a week for 2 months and have gained quite a bit of muscle but barely any weight yet. I'm not getting results really and it's getting frustrating. There is weight loss information everywhere but not much on weight gain, especially for vegans. I'm trying to change up my diet. I'm sure everyone responding will want to see what I'm eating and how I'm training. Before I get into that I'll mention that I've been low on money and haven't been able to eat the full 6 meals a day. Usually only 2-4. I've been making hemp smoothies or vega smoothies every day though. A lesson I learned was to stop eating out a lot and make every single meal at home to save money (I get all my food strictly at farmers markets and health food stores too). Even with sufficient money though I've been ignorant on how to form an adequate meal plan for weight gain. Can someone on here with a lot of knowledge throw some ideas out there of all the different types of foods they try to fill up on everyday to gain weight? I jump rope and run a lot because I'm doing muay thai kickboxing. Learning muay thai feels completely counterintuitive to my weight goals at the moment but I've been wanting to take it up for awhile. My friend is a vegetarian but only uses local dairy. He was a boxer and has been nagging me to start using dairy. It seems like a good way to gain weight but I know it's not necessary. I need help forming a solid meal plan. Some better training tips as well maybe.
  10. I've been living in eugene for the past year and just took a trip up to portland for a few days to check out the city more. I'll be going to PSU in september and as of the beginning of september/end of august I'm looking for a room to rent. Is there anyone on here that will have a room open or is thinking about opening up a room for rent? I'm posting on here cause I would love to find some vegans to stay with. I only know like three people who live in portland and will be starting fresh. I'm aiming more towards living on the east side, but not too far away from downtown. I'm clean, quiet, completely sober. If you are not renting any rooms out maybe at least you can make a new vegan friend!
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