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  1. One thing I have not see mentioned yet...you are currently playing quite a bit of raquetball and running, were you participating in these before... when your squats were heavier? Both could result in tight hip flexor muscles which might also interfer with your squat numbers. It might not hurt to throw in some stretching exersices for them to ensure they stay flexible.
  2. Hey, Congratulations on being named the raquetball champ!! And I have to say as another O- blood typer, that that entire theory stinks...but what's up with the right hand bashing?? I am impressed with all of the heavy lifting and crosstraining you are able to maintain! What have you found to be the most helpful for muscle recovery or as a PWO protocol?
  3. The contest sounds like it was so much fun! I can only imagine the raw energy there! I LOVE seeing women who are older than me looking so freakin' ripped, built and healthy! They are such role model's as to what is possible and it gives me so much hope! Oh, and I totally agree with Josh, your shoulder numbers are amazing, you give me motivation to push a bit harder too! Thanks and keep posting those numbers
  4. Oh man!!! You're wrecking all my fun now!!!!
  5. First today's foods, I couldn't stomach the thought of protein oats before my workout this morning...I usually workout on an empty stomach , but I know..."I'd get better results if I ate before working out"...blah! I keep trying, but I end up naseous if I do, so I just ate 2 bananas before, dropped the oats for today, and replaced the taco salad with a taco topped potato...YUMMY!! So macro nutrient breakdown changes to... Calories Eaten Today grams cals %total Total: 1562 Fat: 42 379 26% Sat: 6 56 4% Poly: 7 62 4% Mono: 17 153 10% Carbs: 210 695 47% Fiber: 36 0 0% Protein: 103 411 28% Alcohol: 0 0 0% Now on to tomorrow... Planning a push weight training session going for high reps...15-20 for a change of pace. Foods will be... 1...2 bananas 2...PWO creatine and 2 scoops rice protein 3...green smoothie consisting of 1 bag spinach, 2 extra large apples 4...soy protein pudding made with unsweetened vanilla almond milk 5...Thai rice and tofu with broccoli and leeks 6...1/3 c. raw almonds and chocolate stevia and soy cream flavored coffee, topped with soy whipped cream Total: 1825 Fat: 43 391 22% Sat: 4 33 2% Poly: 7 64 4% Mono: 15 138 8% Carbs: 295 1011 56% Fiber: 42 0 0% Protein: 99 395 22% Alcohol: 0 0 0% Gotta go thru some old files tonight...mostly nutrition...I think Have a fantastic evening!
  6. WOW, I'm pretty excited! I just finished my first aerobic session in forever, and as I strapped on my trusty heart rate monitor, I made an amazing discovery! Now, keep in mind that I have not done any cardio or aerobic work since I became vegan in November...my resting heart rate when I was omni was 72...today 63!!! Nothing else other than my choice of fuel has changed!! WOW!! OK, so today I started out with a 5 min warm up on the treadmill followed by 5 minutes of slower, Calisthenics/plyo's to get my HR into my training zone of 150-165 Did 15 minutes of various jumps and TaeKwonDo kicks maintaining my HR Finished up with treadmill work... 3 minutes at 4.0 3 sets of 30 seconds at 8.0, 2:30 at 4.0 7 minutes at 4.0 cool down HR got to a high of 186 during last 30 sec sprint, and took an average of 2 minutes to come back down to 164. At end of cool down, HR was 137. I ended my workout with 20 minutes of flexibility exercises Total time workout time...65 minutes Total time in target heart rate zone...35 minutes So, there ya have it, some beginning numbers and some cool revelations, and now to improve on these!
  7. I am a 5"2", 121# female and I currenly aim to have 1 full head or bag of whatever dark leafy greens look the best each day. But after reading this thread, I am thinking about doubling that though! Thanks for giving me something to chew on !
  8. Did this just start happening? How long have you been experiencing this? Have you been eating enough recently? I have a family history of low blood pressure, and I know if I cut calories too drastically or get dehydrated I can feel like that, but it could also be low blood sugar too or even an early sign of overtraining.
  9. Well, today was, in a word, disappointing. I was hoping to find a mentor, instead, I feel like Thomas Edison...I found another way that doesn't work. While he did not quite lie, I do feel misled. I arrived at my appointment as he was on his way out...??? what??? Anyways, I stayed and "worked out" with one of his assistants. I used quotes because the gym's philosophy is based on circuit training. Basically, the owner writes up 3 circuits each week...1 upper body, 1 abs and cardio, and 1 lower. If done right, this can be good, but they were mostly body weight exercises. The "trainer" simply stands in the center of the gym and will help people who are clueless as to how to do these proposed exercises. And while I have no dilusions of my weaknesses, I do know that the physiques of both the employees and clients were, shall we say... indistinguishable from the average chip eating couch potato you would see walking down the street...sorry, mean...me bad.. It's just that there was not one person there that motivated me in any way. It was a pretty sad environment and not one I feel I could grow and learn in. Call me old school, but I would prefer a gym where you can hear the grunts of exertion and see the twisted faces of those trying to force out just 1 more rep! Maybe I have a romantic idea of what I want to accomplish by becoming a personal trainer...really helping people change the quality of their lives, but I have to believe there is a market out there for that. I want to be more than a 1 hour diversion or a worse yet, merely a hobby. So, back to the drawing board! And back to bringing up my weak points, especially aerobic conditioning... ! I have deicided to start posting my workouts and food more for accountability, feel free to ignore it, or lend some constructive ideas Tomorrow... workout will be some interval training on the treadmill preceeded by some plyometrics foods... 1. Oatbran, soy protein and almond milk 2. PWO creatine and 2 scoops rice protein 3. green smoothie made from 1 bag baby spinach, 2 small apples and 2 c strawberries. 4. soy protein pudding 5. taco salad made with Vegan Smart Ground Taco Meat 6. 1/3 c raw almonds and Chocolate Stevia and soy cream in coffee totals from fitday= Total: 1531 Fat: 46 417 29% Sat: 9 82 6% Poly: 7 67 5% Mono: 19 168 12% Carbs: 171 520 36% Fiber: 41 0 0% Protein: 124 494 35% Alcohol: 0 0 0% Hope everyone has a fantastic evening!
  10. Thanks guys! I am most excited about being able to have someone check my form! I am a huge believer in compound exercises, and with those you can't always see every angle and nuance in the mirror. Plus if I can find a mentor who can help me realize my dream of becoming a personal trainer...what more could a girl ask?? YAY! Speaking of feeling "beaten up", my poor body is feelin' it! I have been working on painting my DD's room and over the past two days I have spent 22.5 hours...yes, you read it right 22.5 hours... prepping, spackling, sanding, priming and painting! PHEW!!!! I am sore from my poor tiny muscles in my hands to the balls of my feet, as well as everything else in between! But ya know what? Darn my shoulders are popping today! Today I need to go grocery shopping, or the poor puppies will be starving, do some laundry, or the poor kids will be nekkid, and then paint her vanity. Tomorrow is a road trip to IKEA! Saturday...I think I will be commatose on the couch! So, no workouts, with the exception of just a wee bit of painting and ladder climbing and food, unfortunately has been on the way low side. I have been so focused on what I have been doing, I keep forgeting to eat ah well, 2 more days of craziness, then back to my normal schedule and of course, getting ready for MONDAY! Gotta go do laundry now! Catch up later! Keep hittin' it!
  11. Today was a good day! I did back, hamstrings, biceps today, went heavy and employed the x-rep technique. And finally got back up to 7 STRICT pullups!!! YAY!! Eating, well coulda used more green stuff, but this week is going to be CRAZY with spring break and painting, none the less, I'd give myself an A-. But the best news is... I had put out an intention of finding a mentor and hopefully a free personal trainer a few weeks ago, and shortly thereafter my DH forwarded this ad to me about a local gym looking to run a contest. Well the info was unclear as to what exactly they were looking for, so I filled out the questionairre and submitted an essay anyways. What did I have to lose? The following day I went in for an interview and even though I was not what they were looking for (too good of shape LOL!), I sold it! As part of the promo, they were giving away 4 free personal training sessions and the owner told me he wanted to train me personally! At the time I did ask about the possibilities of trading services...working a few hours in the gym for free personal training sessions...he said that was something we could talk about later. I also mentioned to him that my ideal next step was to find a mentor, and to work in a gym while I study for my personal training certificate. Well, I have my first session booked with him next Monday at 11!!!! I have never had any personal training sessions and all my learning has been thru voraciously reading and studying everything I have been able to get my hands on for the past 10 years. So I am so excited yet so nervous! YAY!!!!
  12. gogh_me~ I am at the same aerobic level as you, so no worry! Being conditioned in one area, doesn't quite equate with the other areas. I think a heart rate monitor makes the playing field level! Go slow, challenge your self to increase your work capacity...either with more reps or increasing the speed or explosiveness as you notice your heart rate level declining (as you become more conditioned). Don't try and push it too hard too fast or you'll end up injured, but go too slow and you'll become bored with lack of progress. Listen to your body and keep an eye on the heart rate monitor and I bet you'll be suprised with how quickly you'll advance! And then, BOOM...you'll be out on that field passing up all your competition! And don't forget to nourish your new found muscles properly so they can help support you in acheiving your dreams!
  13. I do agree that for you this might serve as a warm up, but isn't it also true that what is a warm up for one person could very easily be considered an all out 100% cardio effort for another? Kinda like jogging for a runner is a recovery day, but jogging for a walker is a heavy day? I'd throw on a heart rate monitor while working out and strive to maintain my intensity within whatever ranges I was aiming for... here, check this out... http://www.tri-ecoach.com/art2.htm
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