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  1. are there any reports, fotos or videos from the fight on the 14th of nov? or did i missunderstand this?
  2. from a reliable source i know that this person here as veganbodybuilding.com member and lives vegan for years: http://i558.photobucket.com/albums/ss23/fh33/600PICT0036.jpg?t=1256749438
  3. wow, alyx. i just watched this fight. how cool is this! i am impressed! although she gave you some decent punshes you didnt stop. you are definatly no quitter. chapeau!! there is still some room for technical improvement, but you are a born fighter i guess,..
  4. late but yes! are you around in the vegan.at-board as well? greetings kadett8
  5. here are both TV-reality shows with vegan felix: part 1 (felix at a farm): http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2482369440695364280&ei=ipuOSeToBZKw2QKny4G4Cw&q=tausche part 2 (felix at a slaughterhouse): http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=7496409036375140778&ei=ipuOSeToBZKw2QKny4G4Cw&q=tausche
  6. hi, here our new freegan-website in english and russian: http://www.freegan.at/en the goal of this website from an AR-perspective is as following: a lot of poeple are interested in waste of food and also they are affected emotionally. far more than are affected by AR or AW. people who are interested in freegan, because of media reports get on our website und see the bloody AR-videos and other deeper criticisms which cant get transported in the media. here is a media report from austria (100% positve): http://veganchris.at/chcounter/getfile.php?id=17 help needed: please criticise the website: are there mistakes with tranlation? are some links bad? do you know better links or videos to embed? and important: can you make links to our website if you like it! please answer me in english or german here or to [email protected] greetings
  7. http://blog.nutritiondata.com/ndblog/2008/05/meet-troy-a-bod.html came across it, perhaps it is interested for anyone around here,..
  8. http://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l215/Flux_02/cm_nakedride_juni07_-_02.jpg one of this guys on the pic is me. im not skilled, so i have to go naked,...
  9. hi, i repaired the first link now. the second one is different to what you downloaded by torrent. only the first one (farm) is available on torrent. greetings
  10. hallo, first show (farm) http://www.mediamax.com/superflow/Hosted/xyz/tausche_familie%201.wmv 150 MB, second show (butcher) http://www.veganchris.at/getfiles/download.php?datei=TauscheFamilie2.wmv 55 MB have fun! please contact me if you ever think of participating at something like that. i have enough tipps! greetings
  11. i spent one week at a small meat company with slaughtering,.. i just saw the trailer, the slaughtering will definatly be a "highlight" of the show,... 6.2.2007, 20.15h 6.2.2007, 23.55h 11.2.2007, 16.40h ATV+ (austrian private tv) http://atv.at/main/programm/sendungen/unterseiten/tausche_aktuelle_folge.php here you can see pics in a slideshow, click on slideshow,.. show and trailer will be online as soon as we have it,.. greetings
  12. hi, months ago an intersting master paper was published about subsidies and ar. greetings http://www.vegan.at/newsundinfo/diplomarbeit/diplomarbeit_abstract.html ABSTRACT: Agricultural subsidies in Austria under an animal-rights perspective (2006) By Felix Hnat This scientific paper is about agricultural subsidies in Austria in the year 2003, and their consideration under an animal-rights perspective. Goal of the paper was numerical collection of all agricultural payments, which boost animal production. After an explanation why this is important for society accordant categories have been created. Then it was tried to explain the today’s situation historically und their consequence on the market price. Finally the attempt was made to categorize the subsidies, under the allowance of animal feed into the accordant categories. Animal-rights relevant information was stretched out. The main part of the work was literature research, the rest was to gather empirical data and work with it. The author knows for sure, that there is someone sitting in the ministry, who would have been able to get the same results much more detailed; all the data is existing. The will to use it in this way is missing on the other side. Data about animal feed had to be taken out of the national supply balances from the Austrian statistical agency; the categorization was only possible with the help of unpublished data from the same agency, the AMA (agricultural marketing agency) or the ministry of agriculture. All “plant subsidies” had been categorized with the help of a special key out of the national supply balances, “animal subsidies” have been transferred directly. The analysis shows, that 61% of all paid subsidies support animal production. That means that they are linked directly to animal production or the production of animal feed, or to more indirect elements, that can be connected with animal production. 17% of the money could not have been categorized, 11% are in the plant category, 3% in the forest category und 8% in the miscellaneous category (The money here could have been categorized, but not as plant, animal or forest linked). The analysis is a pure survey; und does not say anything about output- or price effects. The full paper for download (in German) Questions to the author will be forwarded: [email protected]
  13. Alex, always good for a joke! Cool, that the party was a success!
  14. oh no, i read the thread today for the first time. a bit too late, if i noticed it before, i would have considered it aargh, i bought this cheap bus ticket (40 eurors to 18 european cities (including frankfurt) and back) weeks ago http://www.lidl.at/at/home.nsf/pages/c.o.20060308.p.BusticketsBlagussundEurolines but anyway: did the party take place? how was it?? i m sure it must have been fun! and happy birthday! greetings
  15. http://sport.ard.de/sp/weitere/news200602/14/bodybuilder.jhtml as i am so busy in the last months, i dont find much time to read here. so perhaps i missed the thread with this article found it in a german bb board: http://www.bbszene.de/board/viewtopic.php4?t=130878&highlight=vegan greetings
  16. this tv article was really absolutly great! its increbible! i cannot remember that there have been so positive media articles in TV about veganism before! echt traumhalft
  17. hey yo, bronco and me come on sonday, tickets already booked,... so noone should be surprised to see us there greetings
  18. she says: 'so, shut up all of you!' he says: 'yeah!' she says: 'and you too, shut up' ist because she is so in between the borders, feels critisized by us, but hates him because of their crapy marriage. (she has a boyfriend since 15 years ago) and the oppression she has to feel in her housework
  19. here the video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2482369440695364280&ei=ipuOSeToBZKw2QKny4G4Cw&q=tausche
  20. the show will be screened at 08.11.2005 at 20.15h in atv+ http://atvplus.at/main/programm/sendungen/magazin_dokusoap/tausche_familie.php?folge=936110781&b2b= Veganer-WG/Bauernfamilie
  21. robert, thats absolutly great! congratulations mate i'll spread it! felix
  22. hey alex and rob, im so curious,..... im cecking the board ´quite frequently to hear news how it was!
  23. whats also an important question concerning this matter: can steroids be considered as vegan, if you look at production and animal testing? im critical towards the pharma industry, and sometimes i also take medicamentation, when 'necesarry'. all meds get tested, and with roids you support pharmaindustry and all negative sideeffects of it although its not 'necesary', i would think. any opinions on this??
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