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  1. Thanks for the positive comments everyone. From 205 (ish) lbs around January 2008, to 178 lbs, and 12% Body Fat around June 2008. The before pic was taken in June 2007 and the after in June 2008. Right now I am sitting at 183 lbs, and an unknown body fat % (no doubt its somewhat higher than 12%). I am setting a goal to be 185 with a body fat of around 12% or lower for the 1st of July. Don't know if that is an unreasonable goal but I am going to try. I'll post some progress pics here along the way.
  2. I thought I would post the progress I made last year with the help of the forum. I am setting some new goals and will post some new before and aft pics for those goals too. http://i40.tinypic.com/2utte7k.jpg Before http://i44.tinypic.com/2rfcugl.jpg After
  3. I had some great losses bf wise last year following the advice of people on the forum. I found my basal metabolic rate and tried to honestly calculate my daily calorie needs. Went out of my way to reduce the amount of processed foods from my diet. I am a vegetarian too but I really gave it a good go to reduce the amount of animal products in my diet to 0. (I didn't succeed but I am pretty low and it still is a goal of mine.) I set 2 month goals with workout programs and then changed the goals up. And the big thing that I think helped was trying to everyday get my heart rate up for least 20 min. No matter what. Every day I tried. I didn't always succeed but I tried. Ride my bike to work hard on my off days, go over to the track to take a jog around the track on my off days, what ever. If I wasn't doing a resistance training day I would try to get something in for at least 20 min. I didn't get the kind of muscle mass gains I was hoping for but I certianly shed a nice amount of bf. Just my 2 cents. Whatever you do don't give up. When you come to a forum with passionate people you get passionate answers.
  4. Thanks for the response guys. I like the idea of doing more with less which is what I seem to be getting from what your saying and the programs you are suggesting. Feel free to correct me if I am wrong. A problem for me is some of the exercises that you suggest are a bit awkward for me or I just don't do them cause I am worried about having proper form and getting injured. I am going to give them a try with just the bar and some real light weight but too be 100% honest I really feel like a dork when I can't do an exercise with a reasonable amount of weight for a guy my size and build. I know it's something I just have to get over but man it's pretty ego deflating. A question I have is about repetition of the same exercise in following workouts. I was to the understanding that it was better not to try to work the same muscle groups in following workouts.
  5. Hey could anyone help me out with some resistance program advice. I can't afford a trainer so I have pulled this program from a combination of a book and a website. I have changed some of the exercises because some of the ones posted I just can't seem to do safely, or are just too awkward for me. I am just looking to change up what I was doing before and get a pretty good well balanced program. Day 1 1- bench press 2- db flys or pec deck 3- barbell overhead pull 4- cable crossover 5- dips 6- triceps cable pull down 7- french curl 8- roman chair leg lifts 9- decline sit ups with weight plate 10- oblique side bends Day 3 1- Seated row 2- Lat pulldown 3- one arm db row 4- chin up 5- barbell curls 6- hammer curls 7- forearm curls 8- rev forearm curls 9- back extension with weight plate Day 5 1- Overhead press 2- upright row 3- side delt raise 4- front delt raise 5- shrugs 6- squats 7- leg curls 8- leg extention 9- hip aductor machine 10- hip abductor machine 11- toe press 12- toe raises So if you have any advice as to wether I have forgotten muscle groups, placed excercises in a bad order, or I have a bit to much redundancy please let me know. Thanks
  6. Oh man, I am feeling for you. Hope you feel better soon. I had an injury playin some competitive hockey when I was a kid, man did it suck waitin on it to heal. I feel your pain. Hope you feel better soon and the swelling, and pain drop away for you. Take care
  7. I don't know if this will work for you but it did and does for me when I get in a funk and can't seem to motivate my ass off the couch. 1st keep a gym bag packed and ready by the front door. 2end give myself the 10 min rule. If I am just sitting there I force my ass out the door calling myself all sorts of names while I do it and say to myself well if I really want to come back after 10 min of an honest effort at the gym Ill come back. Some days when I have to do this to get there I spend the most time and have the best workouts. I can't really recall who or where I picked this little motivation tool up from but it works for me. Hope it helps for you.
  8. 4 hours! Man that is hard core! Yep I gotta get my but movin.
  9. Good job pushing yourself, and staying motivated. I really had a hard time getting myself going in the beginning too. Keep up the hard work and you'll meet your goals.
  10. Well it was a long summer, and I have to say I fell off the wagon pretty good with the "treats." Didn't get to the gym even close to enough. But all it took was a read back through the trusty Vegan Bodybuilding forum to provide the kick in the ass I needed to get back into the gym. I haven't set a new goal yet cause I don't really know what I want this time around, so I guess Ill set this as a first goal. Get back to an intake of 2500 cal a day. and get into the gym for resistance training 3 days a week, 2 days of cardio. I guess that is as good a goal as any when I don't really know what I want to try to accomplish yet. I think I would like to try to bulk up a bit but I am a bit nervous about taking in too many cal and having a return of the dreaded muffin top! Any way Ill see if I can get a 5 of 7 plan going consistently for September then Ill decide what my next goal is.
  11. I am going to give it a try, if only for the reason that i can't even remotely see how a potato smoothie could be good. But hey Ill giv'er a go. I don't know what Gemma powder is either, can it be left out, or you think there is a swap?
  12. Well I am in the 12th week of the "program" I set out on way back when. I finish out this week and check my progress against my before pics and maybe post them if they look ok. Here's my stats to date. Started out wearing a 36 waist pants, I think my actual waist measurement was like 35 or so. I weighed in at 205 lbs. I just had to go out and buy some shorts cause even with my belt they were beginning to look real silly. Waist 31! Weight 176! I have to say I am pretty happy. Can't believe I was worried, I feel great. I need to start thinking about my next goal. I would like to build up my chest a bit I think, got to figure out how to do that and still have a well rounded program.
  13. I have lost weight and leaned out. I can tell cause I look in the mirror and can see it. I like what I see, I think its almost where I want to be before I really try to put on some mass and some shape. I was 205 when I started and I am 176 now. I have been off track over the past few weeks lost some motivation to push past the busy stuff that happens in life. I was feeling real good though, knowing now that I can probably get to a "look" I might like. Then tonight a good friend I haven't seen for a while told me I am looking sick. I sit here a bit paranoid that I might not be looking as good as I thought. I know 31 pounds is a decent amount to loose but I am eating, I am assuming about 2300 cal to 3000 cal a day. Lots of veggies, more nuts and seeds, blah blah blah. In the past before stuff like that didn't bother me, I feel weird cause to be honest, its really riding me.
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