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  1. Hi all,

    Hoping for some input. I have been lifting regularly for the past year and am down to pre-pregnancy weight but look a lot more toned. For the last 4 months I have been doing NROLFW which is 3*week, full body program and very limited cardio.

    I am noticing that my upper body looks very toned but my lower body is making my pants tight. Don't get me wrong, my lower body looks way better than it did but it isn't getting smaller in the way I would like. I am not going to be happy to buy pants in a larger size after all the work I have done!

    My diet is sloppy and I need to address that.

    Training wise my instinct is to maintain the muscle gains I have made whilst adding a significant amount of cardio to take off some body fat on my lower half.

    What is the minimum amount of stress a body needs to maintain it's muscle?

    My sister is an olympian who had to drop weight fairly rapidly for Beijing while keeping her muscle and she says to weight train once a week, in the 5-8 rep range and to do cardio in the 120-140 BPM range for at least 40 mins, the longer the better. I can't get anymore info out of her and I know she is repeating what her coaches told her.

    Any thoughts?



  2. Hi,

    I am feeling so burnt out on eating little and often. Can't do it anymore, for a while at least. Does anyone have success eating 3-4 well balanced meals a day? If so do you have to eat less calories/day to compensate for a lower thermogenic effect of food?

    All week I have been eating when I am hungry and stopping when I am full and I eat less calories this way. I was a stuffer before I started eating frequently and often so I feel that I have learned some valuable lessons but wonder if it is better to eat a more natural way for my body/personality.

    Interested to hear your feedback.


  3. It hurts on the outside of the joint, as I'm extending it against resistance. Also, doing close grip lat pulldowns bothered it

    Do you think you can have ligaments and tendons that are weaker than your muscles? It seems like I often get joint pain after lifting heavy, even if my muscle handles the weight fine.

    Thanks for the input.


  4. hi all, hope you're enjoying the sunshine.

    Looking from some input regarding a pain in my elbow joint and how I should care for it. I upped my triceps weights last workout-this is maybe the culprit, I also have twin toddlers so am constantly lifting babies all day long. Was thinking I should do upper body workout but exclude triceps, I did this today but a few of the back exercises aggravated it.

    What to do? It is not a severe pain, not a shooting burning pain. More of an ache in the 8/10 range when I do something to bother it.



  5. Thanks for the support and suggestions. I devoured some of the boca chicken patties and they hit the spot. I think I was feeling deprived because I had been dieting all week and my mind was fixating on meat as the object of my deprivation when really it was calories I was needing. It didn't help that my husband was encouraging me to eat meat and using my cravings to prove that I was a meat eater at heart-nothing like a supportive home environment!

    Thanks again


  6. Hi folks,

    I'm fairly new to this veg adventure, about 3 months in, and I have started obsessing about meat. I feel a little uncomfortable writing this on a vegan forum but I'm wondering if anyone else has worked through this. It is all I can think about for the last 3 days. Intellectually and emotionally, when I think through what that really means I am horrified but the craving still remains. My protein intake is at least 100g/day and I take a multi-vitamin. Is there something that could be missing in my diet to be causing this.

    Shamefully yours,


  7. Three loaves-if all you ate ALL day was a cliff bar then I don't think you ate a huge amount of calories really. One cliff bar is not enough to fuel you and your body/brain is going to react by freaking out and making you eat everything that isn't nailed down. When I go too low in calories or fat then you had better hide your baby 'cos I'm gonna eat it. I go into a feeding frenzy and can't stop until I have gone beyond what probably would have been the actual calories needed.

    What is your daily calorie/fat target?

    I think you can have symptoms of hypoglycemia without being able to obtain a clinical diagnosis. Eating frequently, honoring hunger even if I don't think it is time to be hungry and balancing protein/carbs/fat is what helps me. Also, caffeine f's with blood sugar-avoid/minimize it.

    Good luck


  8. I'm a bit nervous of the dead lift. Seems that my legs can handle a lot more weight than my back.


    What would be a well-rounded low knee stress leg program? I am currently doing a 3 day split. Today I did legs and now the leg extension is giving me pain so I need to learn some new exercises that don't hurt.


    Potter-I'm 5'10" so I don't think spinning is stressing my knees!


    Thanks for your input


  9. Wondering if anyone has any advice on leg exercises that don't stress the knee joint too much.

    I had a cartilage graft into my knee 3 years ago and it has been less painful since I started weight training and spinning but I added walking lunges last week and now it is so painful that it hurts to walk.

    My regular routine is db squats, leg curls, leg extensions with a modified starting angle and single leg presses.

    What do others with knee pain do?

    Do you take any supplements for your condition?



  10. So....family in town and I am struggling.My tiny fridge is full of high fructose crap and the first two meals I made the kids refused to eat so yesterday I made them all a big pot roast and just ate the mashed potatoes which were veggie but not vegan. My husband has resorted to drinking his way through it which is also not very helpful! My niece has discovered my marinated tofu though which is all gone.

    I have learned over the years to control my environment to achieve my goals which I guess has the downside of being hard to maintain when the bubble gets invaded. What do you guys do? I'm feeling resentful and irritable.


  11. Hi folks,

    Glad to have found you. I am not a bodybuilder but I know you guys have written the book on losing fat whilst maintaining muscle mass so I am hoping you can advise me on my journey to a healthy vegan lifestyle.

    I have been weight training for the last 3 months and eating an omni diet to lose my baby weight (55lbs-twins!) using the general principles of BFL and BFFM and have been very impressed with how easy-ish it was. I'm at my pre-pregnancy weight and I would like to lose another 5-10lbs of fat at a slow pace while I transition to a vegan diet.

    It was easy to choose an animal protein, a carb and add a veggie. How do you go about meal planning now that the protein list contains foods that are mostly a mix of protein/carbs/fat? Do you have a different mind set. I don't really want to switch meat for a meat analogue-it would be nice to stick with minimally processed foods.

    Do you need less/more calories on a vegan diet? I am noticing that I am colder and hungrier than before-is this common?

    What are your macro nutrient ratios?

    What are your go-to items that you keep handy in the fridge? How much do you rely on shakes?

    I guess I have a lot of questions! I will stop here for now. If anyone knows of a good veg trainer/nutritionist in portland please pass their name along.



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