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  1. Can someone please post a list of all of the white liberals that Colin Powell has endorsed over the years?
  2. thanks for the warm welcome. This has to be the most positive forum I have ever seen. DV: the Boise Co-Op is very handy. I was shopping there once and they were giving out free samples of raw vegan crackers and dips. What a nice change from the little sausages on a toothpick that you typically walk past at the grocery store. They will have some competition soon - Boise is getting a Whole Foods market soon - and it will be convenient for me - DIRECTLY ACROSS THE STREET FROM MY OFFICE!
  3. I bought a pair of Specializaed non-leather mtb shoes years ago and they have served me very well - including 3 24-hour relay races. I hope they are still making the quality shoes they used to. If the pair I have ever finally wears out I will buy some new ones. I have always bought cheap pedals - Performance and Nashbar brand mtb pedals. I have been happy with them but I am not very picky about how easy it is to click in and out. The Performance brand pedals on my main bike took some getting used to, but now clicking in and out is second nature. I am happy as long as they are inexpensive and they don't break.
  4. I am doing almost 2x per exercise per week right now. After warming up I do 5 real sets, between 5 and 7 reps per set. This is more volume than I used to do and I am finding out that volume works for me. I add one rep per exercise per workout, and once I reach 5 sets of 7 reps I increase the weight and drop back to 5 sets of 5 reps. day 1: dumbell chest press --> behind neck barbell press day 2: squats day 3: lat pull-down --> deadlift day 4: rest
  5. Hi Sari - I posted a comment on your blog a few weeks ago. I just joined this forum too. It is nice to see a familiar name.
  6. Hi everyone! I have read the discussions here some in the past and decided that it is time to register. I have been vegan for about 8 years and have done some weight lifting/bodybuilding and mountain biking. I completed body-for-life once when I was a vegetarian and twice as a vegan. Like a lot of people my week off at the end of each 12 week program turned into 6 months or more off. But I have been lifting consistently for a few months now and intend to stick with it. I need to be a good example to the kids.
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