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  1. Depends on an individuals weakpoints though. As some people have a tough time off the floor, tough time at the knees or tough time at the lockout. Since using a conventional stance I seem to have a tough time at the knees but easy time off the floor and at lockout. Did the vehicle have an engine in it? i didn't see the episode, but I would venture to say no.
  2. It's just Photoshop! I agree. It does look photshopped. boliver ...I am kidding! Great pics!
  3. and how wonderful camera tricks are. I have seen females dead lift the end of a car. It really isn't that hard. You just have to be able to dead 400 ish or so. boliver
  4. go to http://www.weightliftingdiscussion.com/routines.html and check out the gaugler routine. It is a great way to increase your bench.
  5. Fox is for the Republicans and CNN and NPR are for the Dems. That is about how it goes. Unfortunately it is getting harder to sift through the crap. boliver
  6. What are kinds of foods that boost recovery times? Are there some supplements that could help speed up recover as well? boliver
  7. My longest session was probably also my most stupid session as well. When I first started lifting I would perform the same exercise for 3-4 hours. I remember doing DB bench presses for 4 hours straight once then went and did inclines for another hour or two. boliver
  8. that is awesome. I figured it wouldn't be hard to beat. My abs were sore from all the sit ups yesterday. I still doubt I could have beaten the ten minute mark. boliver
  9. Here's a challenge for people. lay on the ground lift your legs just two inches off the ground and hold them there for as long as you can. Legs must stay straight. My time=3 min. 4 sec. The bar has been set. boliver
  10. are these parallel bar dips or bench dips? also is it arms to pits or just a ninety degree bend in the elbow? boliver
  11. Boliver Allmon III Male 170 Bench=240 Deadlift=300 I never really tested my squat.
  12. I don't have a chin up bar so I just found a tree limb. first attempt on this actually surprised myself. I thought I would fall after 20 seconds or so but stayed on for 53 seconds. Three minutes is awesome. Maybe a year or more from now and I might approach that mark. Congrats. boliver
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