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  1. Hey Rob, Yea, Erik got into FAME a couple years ago and won a pro card with them for natural bodybuilding. He competed at their world championships and didn't place all too well, and came back a bit discouraged because he believes that many of the top "drug-free" guys weren't drug free at all. I think that was one of the things that made him look at some of their fitness and other figure competitions they host. If nothing else, he said there are a lot of beautiful people to meet and that people were quite friendly and it was fun to associate with a large group of people with a similar interest in physique based fitness. Regards, Sensless
  2. Thanks man! I realize he has very little chance of winning but it sure would be nice if he could. At the very least if he has a respectable showing I think it could make him feel pretty good about the hard work he has put into his physique the past decade or so.
  3. My (ex) bro-in-law has entered some sort of swim suit competition. He's not vegan, he is drug free. Go here and vote for him: http://www.wnso.com/contest/vote.asp?userID=8895&contestID=3 Thanks! Sensless
  4. I've heard that it can be due to weakness in supporting muscles of a movement as well as some of the other points. It isn't something to worry about and it doesn't mean you should stop lifting, though it may clue you in to a certain weakness you may want to work on. For example, if I squat down to a quarter squat position (like I'm standing on skis going down a mountain) my legs will shake furiously. Yet if I don't pause at this point and just do a full squat I have no problems. This is caused by a muscular imbalance with my hamstrings and quads, along with specific weakness in the muscles around my knees. I was able to improve this by using some isolation movements to give the weak areas extra work (the purpose of isolation movements!) and bring my legs back in balance. Of course I haven't lifted in two months so now my legs shake again going down stairs or standing in a quarter squat position. Oh how quickly my quads atrophy! Regards, Sensless
  5. A nice way to stretch those muscles is to sit on a hip sled with a medium weight and perform calf raises with a long pause between the reps when your toes are being pushed up. Make sure to relax as much as possible so the foot/toes can really get pushed. It hurts during the stretch (as VeganEssentials can attest to) but when you get up from it everything from your lower back on down feels much better. Regards, Sensless
  6. You could probably leave out the BB Curls if you are doing that underhand BB Row and you make yourself clean and press the log each time, as those will pound the biceps as well. Regards, Sensless
  7. I wasn't thinking about the fact you are maxing out the following day., I guess I was more just talking about a style to train to get used to heavy weights again. Why not just rest for the day? I haven't been able to work out because I got married (missed one week for this) then went on a honeymoon (missed another week for this) and when I came back to work I was swamped because I had gotten a promotion my last day in the office before getting married so I've been trying to make up for the lost time and do my previous job responsibilities on top of the new job responsibilities. It is brutal, but this weekend I should be able to start training again. I think I may still have an outside shot at 600 by years end on the DL. We shall see though. Good luck on the max attempts! What are you going to try for? Regards, Sensless
  8. I find that working heavy triples helps singles quite a bit without total burnout of the body. The other thing that VE and I have done that has helped is pick a heavy weight we can do for about 3 consecutive reps and declare we have to do 10 or 15 reps with it, regardless of how many sets it takes. Just another option to toss at you. The predetermined number of reps method is quite entertaining and brutal as the first two sets are usually grand in then it is a real grind to do the other 8 or 9 singles to get through 'em all. Regards, Sensless
  9. As far as exercise and sleep you can look at results to determine if you are getting enough. If you are recovering quickly from your workouts and continue to have enough energy for them then you are likely getting enough calories and enough sleep. If your energy for workouts is lacking look at adding more calories and/or more sleep, if your soreness recovery time is slow look at adding more calories/more sleep and consider doing some active recovery exercise. I made my best gains when I was working part time or unemployed and could get as much sleep as I needed. Once working settled back in it was difficult to get all the sleep I needed and my recovery rates dropped considerably and therefore the gains came slower. Regards, Sensless
  10. Congrats on the success! I look forward to seeing how your max's have progressed. Especially since I have been training vicariously for the last month through other people's training logs (haven't touched a weight since the first week of October, ugh.). Regards, Sensless
  11. The Zy-El mod was created by some guy that has too much time on his hands and was obviously a huge fan of the game. It expands the game considerably and makes it truly addictive. Level max is increased to 10000, skills are increased, item creation becomes unlimited, thousands of new unique and other items are added and same with the monsters. He even developed/altered some of the maps to make them more challenging and interesting. It is really quite ridiculous but much better than the standard version or the LOD expansion. As you may have guessed, I spend some time playing the terrible video games. There isn't anything else to do during the long winters in Wisconsin (read: excuse)! Have you been gaining any weight on the program you are doing? Regards, Sensless
  12. You are a Diablo 2 nerd? I spent a couple years on that game. Do you play the Zy-El mod or just the standard version? If you do enjoy that fine game and haven't tried the Zy-El mod I would strongly recommend you put that to use, as it makes the game 100X better than the standard version. Your training and life in general could suffer from the lack of sleep though. Regards, Sensless
  13. Or maybe your thighs have just gotten too damned huge for a bike! That's the excuse I've been using! Seriously though, after riding about 2 or 3 miles on a bike my upper legs seem to swell up quite a bit and just rub horribly on the seat. I've tried wearing the spandex (after destroying a number of pairs of boxers and boxer briefs) but it didn't seem to matter. Perhaps I'll have to look into the pad and cream stuff next year so I can finally dust off my bike and ride it around again. I haven't ridden in two years now because of this.
  14. Don't your legs get all chaffed from riding so much? My legs would rub together so badly on a bike I just gave up on riding, but perhaps I was just on the wrong type of seat or sitting wrong. -Sensless
  15. Nice work Big. I managed a free standing hand stand push up 2 weeks ago. There was a lot of falling over before and after I got it. The push up part is so easy, but the balance of the handstand is tough! Sensless
  16. Carrying my giant head around seems to have helped with my trap development more than legs. har!
  17. It seems wierd to me that you can do lunges with weight but can not do squats. Maybe it is the crazy lightweights that is the difference, but that is a tough break that you can't do them! Keep up the bulking! I've been bulking as well and I am up around 220 now, I've got to stay ahead of you! How frequently do you train legs? I see the log posts it once in awhile, but you have also mentioned you don't get every workout posted in here. It looks like once every 10 days or so, but I don't have my glasses on and the dates get difficult to read. Regards, Sensless
  18. I thought people only grew weed in their basement? Ha! Just kidding. The house is gorgeous, I'm quite jealous of the kitchen it is lovely. A fine job of decorating it appears. Is interior decorating a hobby of yours? You should have seen my old apartment, talk about plain white and spartan! Regards, Senlsess
  19. Chin-ups, deadlifts, pull-ups, powercleans, squatting. Odd object lifting and carrying also works well. These have improved my back thickness more than ever before. Regards, Sensless
  20. Most people that use the smith machine for squatting seem to end up hurting their backs. It forces/allows a movement pattern that isn't necessarily natural and also people tend to lean against the bar to deload the back, causing muscular imbalance - frequently the source of the eventual injury. Regards, Sensless
  21. Since you bench at the end of the workout "week" it could be your body is just craving a bit more food or rest. That would be the a possible starting point. Squatting and deadlifting the day before is likely to take a lot of a body. Regards, Sensless
  22. Depends on an individuals weakpoints though. As some people have a tough time off the floor, tough time at the knees or tough time at the lockout. Since using a conventional stance I seem to have a tough time at the knees but easy time off the floor and at lockout. Did the vehicle have an engine in it?
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