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  1. Mountain biking is a great work out and helps with your coordination, because if you don't pay attention to the trails you could end up regretting it. It also helps your arms and shoulders, just look at the difference in body types between a roadie and a mountain biker. Another great work out is helping maintain the trails you ride and getting involved with the local mountain bike cooalition.
  2. This isn't exactly a question about body building, but I ate it at a trail tonight smashing my knee on my pedal cause a quarter inch deep gash in my knee. I was wondering if anyone had any info on stuff i should east more or less of to help it heal quicker. Everything is fine with it medically, I just want to get on my bike again. Any ifo would help, thanks.
  3. We're are an advocate for alternative transportation( ie. buses walking and biking). We provide bikes and bicycle maintanence to anyone who comes in. We are an entirely volunteer organization. We also run Park Tool classes and Road one classes for people who want to learn to fix their bikes and use them as a primary form of transportation. www.car-free.org that tells more
  4. Hi everyone! My name is Andrew I'm from Bethlehem PA. I'm 18 years old and have been veg for a year and 8 months and vegan for a month. I found this site awhile ago and have been combing through it for tips on stuff. I finally decided to join the forum. I have yet to start lifting, I've been trying to get my upper body into shape with push ups and sit ups everyday. As of right now I am 5 foot 7 inches and 147 pounds. I dropped 20 after I went vegetarian. I still have fat deposit on my stomach and chest, basically man boobs to be frank. I was hoping that this forum could help me even more then the site has already. My legs are fine seeing that I ride everyday to and from work and wherever I want to go after that. Since I've told so much already I'll share my goals too. I want to top out at 175, although I wouldn't mind looking like rob in his non competion diet photo when he was close to 200. Either way I want to get bigger, so any help would be great. Sorry that was such a long winded introduction, but I love to talk.
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