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  1. Thanks for letting us know how you feel You are right, of course - You're doing things in your own time and in your own way - and its great to hear your husband is so supportive. I know you did not ask for any "personal training" here, so I wont offer any more of that. However, as a blogger, surely you must expect us to respond to what you're presenting, in our own ways. As for EFT, the issues you are working through are complex. They require a sustained, specific EFT approach to be effective. I can offer some suggestions from my experience if you are interested. peace, Jade
  2. Hey Marcina, I second that - it's healthy to express all those feelings! I would add that, in my experience, feelings will find a way to be expressed, even if we sweep them under the carpet - through poor health, diet, relationships etc.. Better to talk about what's really going on then get the focus on where you want to be... As I mentioned before, EFT is a self-help technique and it's free. I use it for all kinds of these issues. It's great for removing barriers to exercise, eating right. It can really help you get 'unstuck', so that you can develop better habits and move forward. peace, Jade
  3. TigreBella, I'm not a nutritionist or a doctor, but I am a vegan who has had his own challenges with food, depression and chronic low self-esteem over the years. My heart goes out to you, and I encourage all the changes you're attempting to make. However, in my experience, you must get at what's driving the depression, the feeling of 'alone-ness' you are carrying - so that any changes you want to make will come more easily... I don't think its simply the food we're talking about here. It seems that there are some serious, unaddressed emotional issues at play. I highly recommend working with someone, a therapist or an EFT Practitioner (check out http://www.emofree.com) to get to the heart of whats driving the bad diet, lack of exercise - all the feelings you're carrying around. To my ears, it seems like EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) would really help you - as it has helped - and continues to help me through my life challenges. From my perspective - and please take this as it is meant - you can't simply eat pasta and sauce (or much the same meal all day, everyday). The body appreciates variety: vegetables, leafy greens, whole, sprouted grains, different kinds of beans. I've read your posts and I find your diet alarming in this lack of variety / greens and over-reliance on sugars. There's also something about the repetition - the same meals all the time, that seems to be a red flag for something. So that you stick with whatever changes you're attempting to make, you must address the feelings of being deprived, desperate, alone and all the rest. At least find a way to express these feelings fully, so that you're not expressing them through your diet, your relationships, financially, etc. If you need any tips on where to start, I'm happy to help, but I suggest reading/ learning a self-help skill like EFT, since it sounds like your challenges are emotional in nature. peace, Jade
  4. Hey Phil, My heart goes out to you re: all that internalized pressure / personal history / self-care challenges. In my line of work (as a Personal Trainer of sorts) I hear these kinds of concerns a lot. Believe it or not, I have some strategies for you to try if you're game. You can check the website below my signature for more info... I bet what I teach (EFT - Emotional Freedom Techniques) could really help with those troubling emotional issues that seem to "drive" some of the not-so-good habits and feelings... anyhow - just thought I'd throw that out there! Here's to going easy on yourself and not taking it all so seriously. I've been going to realjock.com to get their free workouts, then going to the gym and doing what I want, what feels right. my pic makes me look bigger than I am, btw.. hehe.. but I too am working on my alignment and just going with the flow - and trying to stay out of all the self-judgment stuff - easier said than done! Something I do that has done wonders for me physically is visualization. It's pure quantum physics (plus, it feels really good) to imagine yourself toned, feeling great, feeling connected, really inhabiting your body, giving yourself good nutrition, not needing much sugar... feeling sexy, whatever is on your personal 'goal' list. Being able to fully inhabit the feeling of what you desire for yourself is Step 1. The rest is just taking inspired action... anyhow, I'll get off my soap box - been thinking about hanging out a shingle for fitness/performance stuff more - so just trying it out! be well, Jade
  5. Hey Phil, Great to read your training journal - both as a gay vegan and someone who just recently started lifting (6 months now, 2-3 times a week)- a lot of your story rings familiar to me, especially some of the early body image stuff. Looking forward to reading more and sharing more of my journey as well peace, Jade
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