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  1. Yes, definately add some veggies, preferably kale, brocoli, spinach, bok choi (they own at phytochemicals). They are usually cheap. Some fruit now and then .. Veganmaster, I closely folow your blog (commented it earlier) and it sounds almost too god to be true, I want to try it. It also sounds like a fairly cheap diet
  2. "My main concern is that of pushups - my elbows and wrists complain when I try them, perhaps I'm doing them incorrectly?" Try diffrent stances - first off, if you don´t have pushup stands (I don´t have any myself), make sure you do them on your fists (on a carpet or blanket) - much better for the wrist. Then, try to find the stance that suits you. I have found for myself that a shoulder wide stance, maybe a tad more, with my fists at 45° degrees (like so / \ ) put the least strain on my elbows and wrists. It might be diffrent for everyone, and as far as I heard, it doesn´t matter much at first, as long as it´s comfortable. There are a lot of ways to make bwe´s harder, so there is a lot of headroom. I started my pushups on my knees (on a pillow for comfort) and after just 7 month of excersise, I recently started doing them on a chair If your joints hurt, try to find an easier way to do the excersise, and give them time to adapt. Btw, your rock sounds kinda cool I started with 2-litre plastic bottles filled with water and sand (ca 5-6 lbs) About strenght/muscle growth: If you are just beginning, I´d say, don´t worry about that. I don´t either. My strengh grows gradually as do my muscles - and if you want to grow muscle you will need a good amount of strenght anyways to begin with, otherwise you can´t lift hard That book looks like a good thing to start.
  3. Hi tumbleweed, welcome to the wonderful world of eating plants only I agree with all you say 100% - for me it was also Dr.Campbell who convinced and reassured me the most of being vegan. "With apologies to the animal rights people, my personal decision to go Vegan had nothing to do with saving animals" Same here - I was primilarily looking for health. I think, if vegans (some of them, not all) weren´t so uptight about animal rights in the first place and would stress health benefits more, they could convince more people. It was after I went on a plant based diet that I could break my old meat-eating thinking patterns, not before! Check out this footage, you will also see that Dr.Campbell isn´t just a great scientist, but also a very simple, honest guy... and that´s what I really like about him, he hasn´t got a big agenda or products to sell, he´s just in it for the truth...
  4. Today, I hit 10 reps for the first time Considering that I started in january with 1 and maybe a half ... I am really happy with my progress. My problem is though, that the following sets are so much getting harder .. today I did 10 , 8 , 6 I wanna do 10 10 10 !! How can I build more general stamina? I did try to do 5x5 to build stamina, but is that the right way to do it?
  5. How long did you try beans, legumes and tofu? When I changed my diet from western to vegan, I got very bloated at first too, and I farted excessively ... but after some weeks my body got used to them.
  6. Good luck on convincing him, Offense. Has anyone mentioned www.atkinsexposed.org yet?
  7. Oo I have never seen soybeans in that form.. all I know is sprouts... intresting, I don´t think I can get them anywhere around here...
  8. Sounds cool, I´ll try it - though I don´t get soy yogurt here, I´ll just try it with soy milk.
  9. Here´s 2 very simple salads I want to share - I found them by experimentation, in my course of becoming a planteater. They are very fast to make - 5 minutes or so... Green Bean salad: A few (100g or so) green beans 1-2 tomatoes, sliced some cucumber dices 1/2 onion Some pine kernels for those good fats... Dressing: 1 part Oil (olive, flax, whatever you got) 1 part Balsamico Some soy sauce Salt, Pepper If you want, sweeten a tad.. Let it sit for a bit if you have the time ... Hot Kidney Bean Salad: Kidney beans Some corn Cucumber dices Some pine kernels for those good fats... Extra nice with fiely chopped jalapenos. Dressing: Same as above, but add some hot stuff (tabasco, chilli paste, more pepper, whatever you have)..
  10. Elephants eat about 200kg of plant material in a day. Roughly 250 000 calories. They spend 17 hours a day eating
  11. Hello, everyone! I´m worrying a bit about my nutrition. You might have seen my post in the introductions thread.. here´s the situation: I have started training and going on a vegan diet in January. Mostly to lose those 15kg of fat, but also to build up a muscular physique. (not becomming really big, more an athletic look is my goal) So far, all seems to work out well, first results in muscle growth show, and my fat gets less. At first I lost ca 8 kg pretty fast, but that stopped - I think atm I have an equal muscle growth/fat loss situation. I still wonder if I get enough protein and carbs, but I am also afraid of gaining fat again... So here´s what I eat on an average day: Breakfast: 100g of good cereal(muesli) (oat flakes, nuts, raisins, some other dry fruit) with soymilk. Lunch: Ca 75g of Noodles or rice with lots of veggies, often with ca 60g of Tofu. Often with a small salad with red or green beans. I try to use only a bit of oil. Evening: Either like lunch (if I got leftovers) or just a huge bowl of salad.. on workout days I have 125g of tofu on whole wheat bread+as much salad as I want. I don´t count calories, but I guess I eat a bit below my needs. Inbetween I snack fruit and vegetables also nuts and seeds, drink a lot of water. I try to never hunger, while not overeating. My workout: Atm I do a full body workout every 2nd day. Mainly pushups, pullups, crunches, squats. Also some bench presses, biceps curls, and the like with weights ( 2-5kg depending on the excercise, I try to be careful in the beginning). I also do therapeutical excersises for my back, every 3 days. Sometimes I pause for 2 days alltogether if I feel I should. As said, it all seems to work out quite good for now, I just wonder how I can make sure I don´t eat too little at all, or too few proteins, I try to feel what my body wants and needs, but maybe there are things that are harder to spot. Concerning protein, I am somewhat sceptical about shakes at this point, because I´d like to see my fat gone before that..
  12. This is great news, Joe! I have to agree, the medical aspects of nutrition are still in their infancy in the west, sadly. Most western doctors still only learn the "diagnose problem, prescribe pill" routine. Two big problems are the pharma industry and also the the food industry : both would suffer severe losses if people ate more healthy.
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    Heh quick reply Is it common that food allergies just vanish like this? I am really almost shocked by this at the moment. I stop eating animal stuff and BAM - I can eat everything again. I am curious if there are others out here with similar experiences in this field.
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    Wow, you are being flooded by porn bots Anyhow, I just got into the world of sports (apart from skateboarding), namely lifting a bit of weghts, doing some bme´s. Long story cut short: Supid me thought it was awesome pushing a longboard up a hill after 5 years of sitting on my ass, drinking and getting fat on crap food = got me archilles tendonitis, still at curing it today Anyhow this all got me thinking, and got me to cut out animal protein from my diet (coz its bad for chronic inflammations).. And it feels awesome My tendons are feeling better already! I used to be allergic to apples, pears, whatever fruits that had lots of acid - really irritated my mouth, even lead to swollen throat - gone, completely gone since I don't eat meat.. also the common cross alergie against nuts has completely vanished.. I never tought I could enyoy all fruits like I can now. And this site also keeps me convinced that I can even battle my fat and gain some muscle on a plant-based diet (on the contrairy what some other folks told me about "if you wanna gain muscle you need meat") Just letting you know
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