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  1. Congratulations, your progress is so awesome! Robert posted a facebook link to your progress photos. I suddenly feel like I can tackle the last 10 pounds which shouldn't take more than a couple months but seems overwhelming. Anyway I have to tell you, since you want ghetto-booty, that when I was training earlier this year I developed the most amazing butt. I had been doing walking lunges around a track with 40lbs in a backpack. You don't need to carry that much weight, I worked up to a heavy weight over a few weeks, the results probably will be the same with less weight and proper form. If you try this go easy and light to protect your knees at first. I walked around the track twice, pulling up with my forward leg and not pushing off with my back leg. 30 minutes total twice a week. I wasn't looking for a ghetto-booty AT ALL but it was a super nice side effect.
  2. love the youtube idea, count me as entered!
  3. it's awesome! thanks! today same distance but my first climb was awesome 25minutes and change. I used a lot of energy and my second time slowed to 31:15min. Next week I'll do three rounds for a total of 1950'. Washington DC this weekend!
  4. I'll be meeting up with veganmomma in a couple hours, I'm in Philly now, going to a veg restaurant. Trying to decide if I should nap now or not, got here 2:15am and chatted with the cousin I'm visiting til 4am or so. I'll update my journal while I decide. Eating too much cake but I did have a spinach banana smoothie and had yummy sushi in the market here. Thursday night cardio: started my SRT training, climbed 1350' (675' x 2) in 34:43/31:15minutes. About four years ago I timed myself on a 400' drop and did it in 28 minutes, so I'm definitely in better shape. It can only get better and I'm looking forward to the day it doesn't suck so much. My goal: 1) two practices a week. 2) 2700' with 40lb pack in under 2hours by February.
  5. My workout from last Friday. Again I didn't bring my workout plan with me so I made it up. Walking Lunges 18 steps with 15lbs in each hand X 3 V Squat 90lbs X 10 X 2 70lbs X 10 X 1 going a bit lower Squats 30lbs x 12 X 4 Deadlifts 20lbs each hand X 15 X 3 Standing Calves 50lbs X 12 X 3 Abs 40 crunches, abs were too tired to do more or i was too lazy to push myself, i don't know i can't tell I'm still sore! I wonder what did me in. Eating has been ok. This week I'll try to plan my day in advance and prepare all foods ahead of time and bring it along with me. This weekend I might meet veganmomma in Philly!
  6. YES! L.A. sounds awesome, I'll already be in Texas for a few weeks next summer, as long as the dates work I can join you guys.
  7. Eating has been good last couple days, lots of veggies. Today fries and a pop. but the rest was ok. HOWEVER, I don't know how I let this happen, I thought i did what was a LIGHT legs workout on friday, but I must have become extremely unfit cause I was and still am in HUGE pain, my calves, hams, glutes, I could cry, everytime I move after sitting for a few minutes kills...I limp and hobble around, and I had no time to rest, it was a survey day Saturday and Sunday I had to lead an outdoors trip for my club, SOO PAINFUL, after you move a bit the pain lessens but gosh, I thought I was being wimpy during the workout. Plus the same day I rockclimbed a couple hours and had some soreness in my upper body but not nearly as bad. I don't think I will recover for a few more days yet. As for food I made a delicious kale/chickpea curry, blending onions and frying them in a bit of oil til brownish makes them sweet and yummy. And yesterday had my yummy black bean burrito with avocado and salsa and lots of veggies.
  8. Yes today I ate well. Bought some more protein powder, this time hemp. Plus Udo's oil with DHA/EPA.
  9. So today I didn't follow my diet but I didn't go crazy on the junk...that's kind of acceptable. Actually I did go overboard on the carbs I noticed now that I'm writing it out. Morning: Rice/Millet cereal with Ginger Zing granola, Grape nuts, bits of pear and craisins thrown in, in no sugar Almond Milk Snack: did I have one? don't remember I had a camomile tea Lunch: Burritos; black beans, salsa, corn, cucumber, red pepper, avocado, cumin, in a whole wheat wrap. Snack: Whole wheat wrap and peanut butter and jelly Dinner: Protein bar and a few nuts Snack: apple and whole wheat wrap and peanut butter and jelly Tomorrow I'll stick to my diet plan better.
  10. Congratulations on your ultramarathon results! Your run was incredible. I can't imagine how much pain or discomfort you have to endure. How did you get into ultramarathons? How did you discover you could run for so long?
  11. I workout in the living room of my apartment which only fits ONE person So since I would make two people I guess we're just meeting?
  12. This is great! When you have the exact date and time please post it so I can work my schedule around attending it! Thanks! Hi Ron, I just checked out your workouts, they're sort of extremely hardcore, I'd love to workout with you (or just be in the same gym while you workout ) As the date approaches I'll get a better feel for how my weekend will play out. When do you usually work out?
  13. I would like to meet some of the fabulous people here and am wondering if anyone is available to meet or workout in Washington DC (October 4-5) or Philadelphia (September 27-28). I don't know yet how busy I'll be but I definitely should squeeze in a workout and would love to workout with someone from the forum. I'll be driving down from Toronto both those weekends.
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