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  1. Fairly good eating this weekend, not so good last night but today I bounced back. I need to order Clif Builder bars!! I was eating low protein energy bars today. My upper body aches already! I'm becoming stronger little by little though! We climbed some boulders and rock climbed lots this weekend. Did a bit of hiking around but not with a weighted back so it wasn't much of a workout.
  2. Hi I'm your man, I notice you have maca in your smoothie. What do you know about maca? I know it's available in liquid or powder form. I wonder about taking the actual root. A friend of mine in Peru takes it in his smoothie and wants to send some to me. He claims it gives him good energy.
  3. So I won't get to bed early today, too much homework to do. I was hoping to get up early and work out before class, we'll see. Today very good eat day again, rockclimbed a few hours and that's it.
  4. Veggieprincess I leave June 30th back July 4th. A SUPER DAY TODAY!!! Got up early 7:25am. Had some beans and veggies. Went to the gym I hate, it was quiet in the morning which was such a relief, so I'll have NO problems at all going again if it's quiet in the morning. Same workout as last week but upped the weights. Leg Curl 45lbs x 12 x 2, 50lbs x 12 (start at 50lbs next time) Front Raises 12lbs x 12 x 3, 10lb x 6 for left hand to make sure my form is right Walking lunges 15lb each hand 4 laps, 2 laps, 4 laps (a little out of breath) Bent Arm Raises 10lb x 12 x 3 up weights next week Seated Rear Delts 7lb x 12 x 3 up to 8lbs next week Military Presses 10lb x 12 x 3 up to 12lbs next time Crunches, 20, 9, 15, 7, 12, 20 these hurt...I'll try to do three regular sets with higher reps next time Cardio: biked there and back (20min easy) 1.15 hour fast walk with light pack Off to play squash now! Food: was excellent, Lunch at Fresh was brown rice, marinated tofu, chickpea stew, sprouts, other veggies and lots of cilantro. I'm going to go to bed early from now on! It was so nice to wake up before my alarm clock and want to work out!!!
  5. Cardio: walked around town for 2.15 hours with lightly weighted pack 20lbs. Food: was awesome, will write more tomorrow.
  6. Super, this is exactly what I was looking for, I will try each of those out and let you know how it goes! After that I'll have a better idea of what I'd like to try next...perhaps each time getting more adventurous...as for your shoulder, I don't have good advice, but I know taking the injury seriously and resting somewhat is good, I wish I had done that with my knees.
  7. Today I ate well, a couple smoothies, bean, peas and veggies, an energy bar, espresso drink, some nuts too and a mango. I never have coffee and I was wired!!!! So bouncy, I meant to exercise but was busy running around getting car parts for my bro to fix my car. I'm getting excited about getting fit, going on a long walk tomorrow with weighted pack!!!
  8. So I slipped a bit and ate two muffins today (and a donut) but had a great kale cocoa banana strawberry smoothie. Some beans and peas. Early Saturday a good game of squash. I thought about exercising today but took the day off since I feel a bit sore all over from surveying this past weekend, though it wasn't too hardcore I used it as an excuse. I stayed with new friends, they didn't know I was vegan and I suddenly became strange to them, the girl they thought they new was an extremist, they humored me a bit, urgh! My ezcema is NOT due to being a veggie!!!! I gotta find out what food causes it fast! They're more than twice my age, it'll take time but I know they'll get used to it. But i had limited food, breakfast was white bread and jam. Dinner potato and carrot, (I brought my own tofu) dessert two apple pie slices and raspberry sauce. Lots of tea and honey. Got hooked on sugar again...
  9. You're doing so well. How do you manage to focus on all your goals, how much time in your day does it take up, do you have time for your other hobbies?! I feel I need more time in the day so it can revolve around my diet and training. And can you recommend a really healthy juice I can make with a blender that's hard core but not too hard core. Super healthy and yummy?
  10. I can't believe he did that! I would have been so upset. Good for you that you stood up to him. What a cruel cruel thing to do. I don't understand people, I would have had a hard time staying in that car with him.
  11. Anyone have vegan backpacking meal suggestions? Ill search the forum when I have a bit more time. My journal: Wednesday: still have old habits to break. Every Wednesday I get treats (cookies) from some of my students, don't know if I should say anything but I just asked the kids to help me eat them. But school year is ending soon. I ate pretty good today, except for the cookies. Eating more veggies. no exercise, except some biking around town. Thursday: CRAZY DAY! Had a french couchsurfer with me. We toured Toronto by bike for 4 hours (good cardio), then I taught, afterwards we kayaked for 3hours until 12:30 at night, soo beautiful! part of our return was against crazy strong wind (my arms feel stronger though), the city lights are so impressive from the water. Then I took him into the sewers under the city which really worked our hip muscles since we had to walk like penguins to avoid the sludge. Slept for two hours (not good) and started Friday. Friday: ate fairly well, a couple tofu stirfrys, lots of berries, mango avocado salad my friend made. very busy, photocopied maps for map party, then was a sleepy mess at it, no exercise, my arms I thought would hurt more but they don't, I thought I really killed them kayaking. I feel my legs though! especially my hips! Sat: will make a cocoa shake now. I need to start getting fit and healthy for a 5 day 100km backpacking trip in two weeks!!! Make sure you do lots of weighted lunges!!!! Also plan vegan meals!!!!
  12. I love it!! Thanks for all those! Love your new pic. I'll post before pics and in a month another set, hopefully muscles do come back quickly, I miss my quads. Thanks so much L & G!
  13. Hey Marcina, I've just started getting caught up on your logs. Sorry to hear about your job. I agree with hsorlando and beforewisdom and try to find out why (if you think you'd get a fair answer from them). Tell them you want to improve yourself for your next job. It's so messed up, I think the boss must be hiring like-minded people and a good person like you doesn't fit in anymore. A friend of mine brought in flowers to work and was reprimanded for doing something that might make others feel inadequate. And a group home I was involved with slowly evolved from a fantastic supportive place with great pro-active people to mean, nasty, selfish greedy people once the management changed, the boss hired people like him. In anycase I'm rambling on another topic, don't know if this is the case for your work. But there is a job out there who would love you and your personality, one where you'll click with your boss and coworkers. Spend a full day job hunting, try temp agencies perhaps, youll get a job in now time
  14. Thanks Lean and Green, at this stage I need all the cheers I can get to get over the hump. Today was awesome! Finally went to the gym after a too long of a break! Don't want to lose too much more of my gains when I worked out a lot a couple months ago. Seated Leg Curls 40lb x 12, 45lb x 12, 45lb x 12 Walking Lunges 12lbs in each hand, 3 sets of 16 steps (really focused on pulling myself up with the forward leg, could have done more steps) Step Forward Lunges 12lbs each hand, 3 sets times 24 Front Raises 10lbs x 12 x 2, 12lbs x 4, 10lbs x 8 (next time try more 12lbs) Bent Arm Raises DB 10lbs x 12 x 3 (difficult near the end) Seated Rear Delts 5lbs x 12 x 2, 8lbs x 6, 5lbs x 6 (do more 8lbs) Military Presses 10lbs x 12, 8lbs x 12, 10lbs x 12 (start at 10lbs next time) Crunches on ball, not sure if I got my form right, 44, 17, 16 So excited! then 35minutes on elliptical easy. Sipping a huge cocoa strawberry banana smoothie with a protein mix of hemp, soy, rice and pea with almond milk. A nice reward! The secret for me I think is not to let myself sleep in! I get soooo lazy when I sleep in past 10am. From now on bed by midnight and up at 8am. Other goals: Build more hamstrings, and calves cause I have none
  15. Very very inspiring! I'm excited for you and will work towards having that sort of energy! have to look into some of the foods you eat as well, haven't heard of all of them.
  16. I love how you list your goals for the day or week. and then check them off! I might start to do that as well if that's cool. If you ever are in Toronto again let me know and we can workout or cook something. Lean and Green Wow! What does this mean exactly? Or why would this happen? Is it cause you've done so much training that your muscles are used to anything you do to them?
  17. Just saw the video, nice stuff! can we see you dancing? I love dance,but don't know how. I'm a wannabe flamenco dancer.
  18. Threeloaves, that's a good recipe, way way better than mine, I've never added those spices. Made it for dinner. Ate a half cup plus veggies and some toasted whole wheat pita.
  19. THanks John V and Courtney! Today another great eat day. 100% vegan. Had an incredible banana/cocoa smoothie, with frozen strawberries to sweeten. It was sooooo delicious, like a banana sundae. (thanks again johnv)
  20. SUCCESS!! Diet: 100% VEGAN Lots of temptation but resisting was easier today. Yummy spinach onion salad, with lemon and oil. Lentils and veggies with mom's incredible sauce. homemade hummous with veggies and other good stuff. SO that means June 8th 2008 I became vegan again but forever this time cause I'm going to stick with this. (VP I will get into my diet, I just gotta ease into things) Workout: squash, rock climbing getting active again feels good, I think this will get me pumped for weight training soon! Meeting all you other vegans really has made a HUGE difference. Especially with my confidence in telling people about it. It feels right and normal, I don't feel so weird or extreme or strange this time around. Mom is sooo proud of her daughter and prepares vegan feasts when I visit----so AWESOME.
  21. I find this too! But with any intense cardio. I started my day with a game of squash and for the rest of the day resisted the most tempting nonvegan treats with no problem. Good job with your running!!! Pretty soon the 1mile to the track will be your warm up. Years ago I took a running class, learned to run, it's so much fun.
  22. Great idea thank you John V. Will try it tomorrow. Love cocoa! I'll make a cocoa banana smoothie. I make a wicked vegan chocolate cake, the icing is killer, so delish....so I have lots of cocoa. Workout: Ping Pong, biking a bit, some free weights at a friends house Diet: 95% VEGAN!! Still have bad vegetarian habits, and do things automatically like eat all 12 chocolate cookies at my friend's place. But the rest of my day was clean. Tomorrow will be better...
  23. Hi John V! I read your post while sitting at the table eating my broccoli tofu stirfry...I'm SOOOO glad I'm not eating dairy now. That image I will conjure up when those oh so delicious (but pussy bloody)chocolate covered almonds seduce me. I'm out in the wild some! Will they befriend or will they see me as vulnerable prey (cause I can't eat them)? : ) Thanks for your support!!! John V, Pazios and vp!
  24. I'll post pics just for you pazios2002! just body parts though for now.... I have yet to exercise again but because I've been pigging out I feel my skin on my thighs tingling, I swear I can feel myself fattening. Maybe it's the start of stretch marks??...hmm I don't know, not a nice feeling either way. Does this happen to anyone else? In any case that's all the motivation I need to stick to my diet plan. I was 98% vegan yesterday! Made tabbouleh!!! and an incredible guacamole for a going away party we had at the house! Good vegan food makes me totally forget about nonvegan food. My mentality is switching finally and the thought of eggs and dairy grosses me out and disturbs me...(but chocolate covered almonds don't yet...urgh) : (
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