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  1. Bought the veggies, tomorrow I'll buy more protein powder. Did pilates today for the first time. Don't know if I did it right because I don't feel I worked anything. Just ate a humongous bag of chocolate covered almonds. Despite that I'm more motivated than ever to do well here. I love the muscle competitions. I spoke to veggieprincess over the phone about the training and diet plan she made for me. Is it worth posting before pics now? or should I wait til I have cool afters? My stats: Weight today 134lbs, height 5'5 On May 20-08 Upper arms - 11.75" Chest - 35" Abs - 29.5" Hips - 37" Thighs - 23" Calves - 13.75" So I'm starting tomorrow and in a month will post my measurements again!!! I don't have a workout partner anymore, HATE going to the gym alone, so not comfortable there. I really really don't want to go. I think going to the gym will be the hardest thing. I LOVE cardio and can manage my diet ok. It's the weight training, I can't get out of my contract and switch gyms.
  2. Thanks Courtney! Step one was a success! Step two I'll do tomorrow...will be fun. Buying everything that is healthy and vegan and stocking up my empty (very empty) cupboards and fridge. I will not talk myself out of buying veggies (cause I will remember to eat them before they go bad). Making my shopping list now...yeah!
  3. I joined this forum months ago but told myself that I'd start my journal once I'm 100% vegan but that hasn't happened. Hovering around 90% now. From now on though I'll post what I eat cause I'd hate to post "ice cream" or "oh henry bar" here and think I'll make the switch quicker. Step one: clean out my fridge and cupboards TONIGHT, leaving only vegan and healthy foods. Doing it now...
  4. I saw your youtube video. You threw in a ton of kale. I thought great, such an easy way to get greens in me until I tried some. Kale is so bitter! I went ahead anyway and threw one leaf into my smoothie and didn't notice a bitter taste at all. Yesterday I tried 3 leaves and it was still delicious. And tonight I tossed in a quarter of a head of kale it was still awesome! So thanks for the kale idea, i would never have done it on my own.
  5. I love this place so much.... So as I'm preparing to get seriously about building muscle I want to do it right. I've evaluated myself sort of and noticed a few problems. Do you think I should make myself symmetrical first, does this make sense? Should I build that smaller left bicep first, and since I'm quad dependent build glute and hamstrings? Or carry on and do a few extra reps. Also I slouch and have shoulders that roll forward, I don't even know how to fix that. Suggestions? Do I build back muscles to pull shoulders back? Any advice is much appreciated!
  6. Thanks for the welcomes!!! Syrlinus, I live in Little Italy, College/Ossington. How was the ride to Montreal? Was there one long road you took for a majority of it?
  7. Thanks for the welcomes! And DV thanks for your reply. I initially suspected my ezcema was due to a food sensitivity but think perhaps I'm deficient somewhere? maybe?. I like the idea of upping omega 3's and vit C. Need to do more research on the selenium, I suspect I'm ok there since eggs and cottage cheese were in my diet until yesterday. Lean and Green, I had been a vegetarian when my naturopath suggested removing eggs and dairy (and sugar and caffeine), I was so happy with this suggestion. Sorry you had obstacles with your doctor. I have a hard time with people who make fun of other people's lifestyles. As for your friend with ezcema, I'd love to hear about her progress. Raw diet is something new to me, I don't really know what it's about yet but will read up on it here. I'll try anything to clear up my skin. Talk soon!
  8. I just found this site again after having seen it a few years ago. I'm 32 a veggie and just started working out 1.5 months ago. My goal is to build muscle and look like a figure competitor. I found a workout partner whose goal is to compete and we workout three times a week together and I workout once or twice on my own. I had been a vegan for three years in my early 20's, I became a vegan at the suggestion of my naturopath to clear up my eczema. I had tried to become a vegan for animal rights reasons before that but had discipline issues. Working with a naturopath made it easier. The vegan diet worked extremely well for my skin. I thought I was ezcema free for life! While a vegan I had the most positive thoughts too, I felt so happy then (do you all notice that?) But my skin problems (and mood swings) are back with full force so I need to become vegan again but forever. Plus if I'm going to build muscle and get fit, I'd like to do it the healthiest and kindest way. Lying on the couch now I'm extremely motivated but when it comes to actually "doing" I lack the discipline I once had. I'll pour over all the postings and articles to learn more and get inspired, this site is a fabulous resource in both my vegan and bodybuilding goals. And the sense of community here is wonderful. I'm looking forward to meeting you all. My stats FYI Female 5'5 139lbs 21%body fat Andrea
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