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  1. NEW: SBGi Submission Underground - Superior BJJ with Eric Hemphill Eric Hemphill started boxing as a child, and has been training in BJJ for the last 14 years. As one of Oregon's first BJJ black belts Eric has a reputation for solid fundamentals as well as very quick and sneaky submissions. Eric's game is highly unique! As an SBGi BJJ black belt his basics are all sound, but in addition to that Eric is known for having an extremely unique style. We guarantee that no matter how many SBGi products (or other companies DVD sets) you currently have, the material on this DVD set will be brand new. This set will bring a whole new approach, and a whole new set of attacks to your groundgame! Each DVD flows into the next, offering you a complete look at Eric's creative and effective BJJ style, from passing, to control, to finish, it's all there. DVD 1: BJJ: Passing the Guard Explosively. Eric Hemphill, SBGi Coach and BJJ black belt shows you how to immediately up your guard passing game. Eric shares critical details that will allow you to survive and pass anyone's guard and dominate! Passing guard fundamentals, posture and pressures, opening the closed guard, The sneaky S Pass, The double underhook pass (this is one of Eric's specialties and you will find a ton of detail here), the in and out pass, stepping away and stepping in passes, standing passes, Plus lots more! Run Time = APPROX 60 min DVD 2: Side saddle versus turtle & the attacking top game: fundamentals of the posture & controlling 1/4 top, chokes, leg traps versus near arm, turning it to cross sides, cross sides attack progressions including taking mount, lapel chokes, shoulder locks, armbars, and triangles, taking the back from cross ides. Run Time APPROX 60 min DVD 3: Deadly Back Attacks: Learn how to manage and control the back using Eric's own unique methods. Material includes Eric's version of harness, grip and pressures, rear lapel chokes multiple sneaky chokes, plus an entire section on drilling and teaching, including footage of Eric working with BJJ students of various levels from white to purple belts. Run time APPROX 55 min
  2. NEW: SBGi Spring Camp 07 In March 2007 the top SBGi coaches gathered in CA to train, and share the cutting edge material that they were working on. This DVD set was the result. This set was shot in documentary fashion, with the intention of giving you the feel of actually being there on the mat. If you have ever wondered what SBGi is all about, this set is for you! All of the material covered is unique, and has never been shown before in any other SBGi sets. All of the DVDs feature detailed menus for easy navigation. The entire set is over well over 5 hours long. See the top SBGi coaches, caught live in their natural environment! Matt Thornton, Luis Guiterrez, Karl Tanswell, John Kavanagh, Steve Whittier, Travis Davison, + More! Disc 1: 70 minutes BJJ warm ups clinch with cloth (grip surfing) BJJ Q & A with SBGi coaches rolling footage Disc 2: 60 minutes butterfly guard attacks BJJ Q & A with Matt Disc 3: 50+ minutes BJJ warm ups MMA clinch off the cage or wall submissions for no gi, or MMA Disc 4: 75 minutes Muay Thai for MMA Disc 5: 67+ minutes the low X guard passing the upright butterfly guard BJJ Q & A with Matt These can be obtained here: http://www.straightblastgym.com/store.htm
  3. Thanks for the compliments on my site. The logo is my own design and you are absolutely right it does look like the sicilian crest you posted. What is St. Louis like? It's really ok - unless you have visited anywhere else. It's kind of dirty, and the people are fairly divided by race and class. They don't respect trees and cut them down like crazy. The people are conservative and frightened and full of a million inner boundaries and double binds. Vegetarian dining is somewhat limited but getting much better - especially with the influx of immigrants lately. We have some of the best indian comfort food real close to me and I am craving it just thinking about it. But mostly, St. Louis is dirty, frightened, humid, backwards, conservative and angry. However, there has also been a massive influx of bike trails over the past decade or so - and that is always a great sign. Whats holding me back from being vegan? The same old dumb reasons. i won't bore you with them. Bribe me? Buy us a large training space and some new mats, and consider me bribed for life. I love the scooter hill sprints too, Mike! You should really give them a try!!! You'll get to that funny place where your nose is tingling and you can't feel your feet anymore in no time! It's truly awesome!
  4. Hey everyone. I have an MMA Training Club in St. Louis MO. I've been almost entirely vegetarian for about 4 years, but not entirely. I am now considering going vegan. I think this website is awesome. Hello!
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