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  1. Happy Veg Day!!!!!! I don't remember the day I became a vegetarian or a vegan. hmmm...should have written that down. LOL Enjoy your special day!!!!!
  2. I became a vegetarian for health reasons then became vegan for ethical reasons.
  3. Welcome to the group. We are all happy you are here.
  4. Welcome! I am happy you are here.
  5. Please tell me that's her tongue sticking out. She looks so confused and adorable. Yes, she normally doesn't stick her tongue out unless she wants to look cute and innocent. She knows that she gets babied more with it out. If she thinks she might be in trouble, out goes the tongue. LOL She knows how to play me. LOL
  6. Your cats are ADORABLE!!!!!!!!
  7. My boy Strider at 3 months old. I love this pic!!! I could post away but I'll leave it at 4 pics. LOL The pic below is him this year at the vet. He is much better now.
  8. Both of my babies together. Tiffany is the fawn color Chihahua and Strider is the tan and black.
  9. THIS IS HOW WE DO IT I'll never cut back on an old skool track Now that i'm on the WC, this song sounds even better =) Even though I suspect you may have not been referring to it Richard. Morning hair/I hope Dani doesn't get pissed if I eat all the Raw Food Ice cream I just made last night. So.. goood........ http://i142.photobucket.com/albums/r97/jackbklyn01/PB300183.jpg I am not sure if I am digging the hair or not. LOL You couldn't have at least put some hair product in before you took the picture? At least ask Dani to braid it for you. Ok, all kidding aside.....what is in your freezer? (besides the ice cream you are eating)
  10. Thanks for sharing. I am so hungry now.
  11. I have not tried to blend whole apples yet in the Vita-Mix however I have grapes, oranges (I did peel the orange), avacado (without the pit of course), strawberries, bananas, etc. I also considered getting a juicer before I bought my Vita-mix however I didn't want to deal with excess pulp. I figured I would get more use out of the fruit by blending everything (including seeds) rather than having to disgard the pulp or making something else with the pulp. I love my Vita-mix blender. I use it daily. I don't know how hard it is to clean a juicer. The Vita-mix is by far the easiest blender I have ever cleaned! I am lazy when it comes to cleaning dishes. LOL It takes less than a minute to clean the Vita-mix. I know the Vita-mix is more expensive than the juicer. I bought mine on a 3 payment plan and had a code for free shipping. If you do decide (or anyone else) to purchase a Vita-mix, let me know and I will send you the code for free shipping. You can go to www.youtube.com and do a search for Vita-mix and watch videos of people using their blender.
  12. Thank you for finding the post! I loved all of the birthday wishes I was showered with. I think the Happy Birthday song on my cell phone was the best!!!!! You Rock! I have tried so many different versions of the chocolate. I can't get it quite right. I would love to have a recipe from anyone. Maybe I should start a raw chocolate thread. Or maybe there is one? Are you sure the microwave isn't a good idea? roflmao
  13. Thank you everyone! I feel loved.
  14. I am a Christian and I do not try to impose my beliefs on others. The majority of Christians do not. If someone asks me about my Christian views, then I will share how I feel about Christianity. I do believe in women's reproductive rights, I am not against gay marriages, I would love for a child to have an option to pray in public schools, art is art and shouldn't be censored (unless of course it physically hurts someone), etc. There are some Christians who protest, change laws, etc. These Christians are fighting for what they believe in. Some people praise them for their actions to stand up for what they believe in and others are hurt or angered by their beliefs. The same could be said of Vegans or anyone else with strong beliefs. There are so many people in this world with many different religious and cultural beliefs. These are things they have been taught. I believe that as a Christian, I should do my best to love everyone and understand that I can not change people. Not all Christians are mean-spirited. Most really do want the best for everyone. I used to be a person who lived in the "bible belt" and rolled her eyes at "Christians". My father was raised Methodist. My mother was raised Baptist. I went to a Nazarene church when I was in grade school and Junior High. It wasn't until 2 1/2 years ago did I truly understand for myself what it meant to be a Christian. I am a much better person today because of the changes I have made in my life. I definitely don't feel that I am perfect. I am a "work in progress".
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