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  1. wow, you are HUGE man. what's your lifting routine look like?
  2. many people argue that your goal in lifting to bring each muscle to the point where it cannot lift anymore, which breaks down the largest about of muscle fibers. one way to do this is to start at a light weight with 12 reps, use the same weight for 10 reps, up the weight for 8 reps, and max out the weight for 6 reps and then go back to a lighter weight for 12 final reps to cap off the muscle. i think this will solve your problem.
  3. whenever i'm on the treadmill at the gym and the biggest loser comes on i can't help but watch it. something about the show makes me run that much harder... and have you guys seen the one with the rapper who wears the big clock on a chain round his neck? his name is slipping my mind, but that show it absolutely ridiculous.
  4. this happened to me in my school's dining hall: they usually offer 4 soups a day, and one of them is always labeled "vegetarian." i've been eating the vegetarian soup for a couple of years with no problems. one day i got the "vegetarian chili" (first time i had the chili) and i was impressed that the school had gone so far as to get fake meat crumbles to put in the soup. for a second i thought it was real, but i've been here for a while now and there's never been a mistake... a couple days later when they had the vegetarian chili again, i got it again and it was completely different--this time obviously vegetarian. i think somebody made a careless mistake the first time around and put the "vegetarian chili" sign on the regular chili. it sucked, but now i'm just more careful... i try not to raise a big deal about stuff like that just because many people are turned off by vegans as it is, and i don't want to give them any real reason to be. i'll always bring it to someones attention, but i'll do it as politely as possible...
  5. while many people have been supportive, i definitely found this to be the case. e.g., when i quit smoking (at this point, many years ago) one of my best friends at the time basically stopped talking to me. it was as if he took it as a personal insult... i think lots of people who deep down know that they behave incorrectly seek affirmation for their bad actions by surrounding themselves by others who behave the same way. thus the reason that certain people become offended when those around them change their bad behavior... on the bright side, the corollary to this it that when you make positive improvements to your health you begin to attract others who make similar choices. pretty soon you find yourself surrounded by supportive people (like the ones here!) who reaffirm your positive behaviors. and that's really good!
  6. Somebody started a post like this in a different forum and I thought it was a pretty cool topic to bring here. What do you wish you had known or done differently when you first started the fitness lifestyle? Here's my list: 1. Counting calories forces me to be honest with myself about what I eat and, combined with eating 6-7 small meals a day, it is the only way that I can make significant progress in losing fat and gaining muscle (also, websites like www.fitday.com make counting calories, protein and carbs very easy). 2. Nutrition is the most important aspect of getting into shape: Overeating and undereating lead to horrible results. 3. Never take being in shape for granted: Once you have achieved your fitness goals do not revert back to old habits. It is exceedingly easy to "get used" to being in shape, forget how bad you felt when you were out of shape, and reverse all the hardwork. Get in shape, and stay in shape. 4. One of the only times that I am truly happy and content is when I am physically fit. Physical fitness impacts ever aspect of your life. Physical fitness is mental fitness. 5. When I am running hard and I can barely breath, I always remind myself that if I can do this--if I can conquer this run--I can do anything. How can classes or work pose any kind of challenge for me compared to this? When a high intensity interval gets really hard, I run to the cadence of "I run for those who can't." And when I really think about how lucky I am to be able to struggle with a hard run, I run even harder. a. There is nothing that will burn as many calories, is as rewarding, or as challenging, as a hard run. 6. The stresses of life fade into the background when you are focused on physical fitness and the gym. This goes back to the idea that physical fitness equals mental fitness. 7. Make time. 8. When you are working hard to get fit and stay fit you become a positive influence on all those around you. Your hard work inspires others to better themselves. Pretty soon you have friends and relatives asking you how you do it and what they can do to change. This helps offset all the times that you have been a negative influence on others (e.g. I often wonder how many people starting smoking because they observed me when I was a stupid college student? I know of at least two. How many people drank more heavily at some party because I was pushing my friends to take shots with me? The list goes on and on... I would rather consider how many people have changed for the better because of my example. I now strive to be a positive force in the lives of others and bring positive energy to those I come into contact with). 9. It's totally possible to do it vegan!
  7. it's in serious need of a tuneup after this winter. aside from that, it will need a new chain and a new rear cassette, also new tires, new handlebar tape, new brake pads, and whatever else they tell me when they look at it. basically it's a whole bunch of small stuff that tends to add up... i'm kind of ready for a new bike anyway (this one is over two years old and has a ton of miles on it), but i may wait until september to replace it so that i have a road bike all summer.
  8. i would definitely be better off touring with a real touring bike, but i want one bike that does it all. and knobby tires aren't for the rain-- they're for boston winters (it gets BAD here ). as for the fenders: there are "fenders" (like the race blade half fenders i currently use) and FENDERS like the ones that i want to be using but won't fit my bike because there's not enough clearance... with the boston winter nastiness--slush, mud, etc--i want knobby tires with seriously hardcore, full coverage fenders... in the end i think a cross bike would just allow me to do much more with one bike than any other alternative.
  9. This guy is really impressive... Some more about him from http://www.ffcash.net/about.htm "Nick Stern was born in Melrose Park, Illinois in 1952. His life has been quite colorful and includes a variety of different personal accomplishments. Some of them include playing semi pro baseball in his late teens and early twenties. He then proceeded to become a member of the Screen Actor’s Guild. For most of his life, he has shared a unique and passionate commitment to health, nutrition and fitness. His current workouts still consist of a demanding five day a week schedule. One of his most memorable and commendable accomplishments was competing professionally in the sport of bodybuilding in the late 70’s and early 80’s acquiring the title of Mr. Goldcoast and taking second place in the Mr. Florida competition. Nick’s financial and business accomplishments have been equally praiseworthy. He is an accomplished real estate broker for the past fifteen years. To completely master the art of real estate, he became a licensed mortgage broker in 1995. In 2001 he developed “Show & Sell Realty, Inc.,â€
  10. Thanks for the welcome! As far as workouts, I am following BFL almost exactly, except that my HIIT runs are about twice as long as BFL recommends (as a result I limit lower body lifting to one day a week, just before my day off, so that I am not too sore for the runs... they get HARD). As for the diet aspect: I'm just eating 6-7 meals a day, each one contains a carb and protein (e.g. a banana and a protein shake two hours after breakfast). I keep calorie intake under 2,200 calories/day and I try to get around 180 grams of protein. The biggest thing I've gotten from BFL diet-wise is the 6-7 meals a day idea. That's made a huge difference...
  11. i definitely would, but i suspect my current bike will need a little work. if it's not too expensive i may just fix the current one, ride it out through the summer and then get a cross bike around sept. it all depends on the cost... if it reaches upwards of $200 then i'm going to trade it in and get something new. if i can keep it below $200 then i'll probably keep the lemond for the summer.
  12. I'm currently riding a Lemond Etape that I bought a couple years ago before a week-long tour through Maine. It's a great bike, but definitely not something I would tour on again. For the Pan Mass Challenge I'm thinking of buying a Poprad (I may look at some other cross bikes too). Have you heard of the PMC? It's 196 miles in two days during the first weekend in August. Every rider has to raise around $4000, which all goes to the Jimmy Fund. Really a great cause if you're interested in a cool ride. My team is Slowpoke Rodriquez and we're always looking for additional riders. Since I only have one bike at a time (aside from the fixed gear which sleeps at my parent's house), and I use it to do just about everything: commute all winter, grocery shop, fully loaded touring, long rides with friends, and everything in between, I think a cross bike would be the best choice. I've been happy with the Etape, but it has limited utility. I want a bike with more "personalities:" I want to be able to put on knobby tires and fenders for the winter, thick slicks and racks for touring and then be able to take it all off and throw on some really thin tires for the occasional century. I think the right cross bike could be the ideal for me, and I like Lemonds, so that's where the Poprad idea comes from. Part of me wants to get a Long Haul Trucker, but that thing is a beast... Great for touring, but less great for everything else.
  13. Can I get in on this!? I'm going to have a 10 day old bike by then (replacing my Lemond this summer (probably with another Lemond) for the Pan Mass Challenge). I'll be very excited to put some more miles on it! -Isaac
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