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  1. How's everyone doing, I've been M.I.A. for a while (school and stuff)...anyway, here is me as a priest. Total cost of my costume ... $0.99 (for duck tape), everything else is pretty much what I wear every day. Happy Halloween everyone.
  2. hahahah I don't care how close you and your buddy are, that's a difficult one to ask help with. DudeA: "hey man, can you give me a spot?" DudeB: "yeah man, for sure" DudeA: "cool" DudeB: "ahh, dude, why are you giving me this roll of toilet paper" DudeA: "don't ask questions and come with me"
  3. So, I've been training again for about 4 months after not touching a weight for 3 years. I've been working on re-strengthening my joints and stabilization. Soon I'll be able to start going up in weights again. My question is this, is it harder to gain muscle or to loose body fat after you turn 25? The reason I ask is because I was planning to use my current bulk to aid in my strength training and six months from now I would start cutting down the layers of junk food that accumulated through out the last 3 years. But if it turns out that it will become harder to loose weight after 25 then I'll just start loosing weight now and then start bulking up. Anyway, I know many bodybuilders go through cycles but I personally don't think its that healthy to do it that often, so I just want to do it a few more times in my life time, then just keep a healthy balance. If anyone has any suggestions they would be greatly appreciated.
  4. wow, I just heard of this guy, I have seen many disturved people in my line of work so this guy doesn't surprise me that much. My question is...how on earth does he wipe himself?????
  5. for sure dude, I'll still be in school during that month but I'll still be able to chill with you guys. I might even bring a friend that is trying out vegan life style for a month, she said that if I went to church for a month she would go vegan for that month, so it would be a great way to get her to expose her to vegan ways. But yeah man, I'm there for sure. how many have signed up so far?
  6. http://www.webontario.com/fighting/goldberg/bill_goldberg.jpg This is pretty close to what I would hope to look like one day, but slightly bigger arms. NOTE: I don't know much about wreselting, but I did hear that this guy was a vegetarian, does anyone know if thats true?
  7. Happy Birthday Robert!!!!! I too will be turning 26 in a few months.
  8. wow, thats cool Robert. I live in L.A. so I'll chill with you guys for whatever events you will have going.
  9. Really cool, very funny and with a point. I guess they made a second... www.themeatrix2.com
  10. Dude, thats one of my all time favs, I'm reading Giveson's Pattern Recognition right now (kinda) Also reading a book on the Vatican/Freemason connetion, very cool stuff too.
  11. Oh... I hate zombies, I have trained for many years for the coming zombie invasion, I have stashed food, supplies and appropriate zombie killing equipment. The way I see it, interrupting any life cycle is unethical, a zombie is no longer alive, thus I can waste as many as get in my way and still hold to my vegan ways. For more information on Zombies, Zombie killing and any Zombie related material, visit your local occult book store or refer to the fallowing sites. http://www.zombiehunters.org/ http://www.xombified.com/
  12. Thats great, there is nothing like that first term. You get exposed to so many new things. What are you majoring in, if you don't mind me asking.
  13. hahah, that was perhaps one of the most disturving vids I have ever seen. Disturving...but very very funny
  14. Yeah, those guys are freaking amazing, they have a big underground thing going in Europe, mostly russia and france. I love the way the climb, that is as close to batman as anyone can get.
  15. I don't know about his diet, but I'm pretty sure he smoked weed. Would explain a lot. Oohhh, I'm going to hell for for that one
  16. sure, no problem. Just let me know where I go, who to talk to and I'll drive down there after school.
  17. New computer, thats great Robert, as a total computer geek myself I couldn't imagine life without my precious laptop. Have fun with the new pc.
  18. unfortunately, I always get nervous and freak out around girls, then just end up running away, thus making the girlfriend thing a bit difficult. I hope one will be able to catch up
  19. Hey Madcat, I'd be more than happy to pick it up for you. I live in Alhambra but burbank is like 10 minutes away. Let me know if you still need help with that, my email is [email protected].
  20. hahahah...Richard, I'm such a dumass, I stared at your comment for a while before I got it. hahahaha, nice one.
  21. dude, you guys can't tell right now but I'm almost crying from laughing so hard. Its interesting, it doesn't matter how much like sh*t you feel, a good fart joke will always make you feel better. Thanks Richard, I needed that.
  22. Jonathan, I was maxing at 315lb at some point, but I'm a soft marshmallow right now, it will take me a few months to get back to that and the rest of the year to get my 10 reps of 315lb. and yes, I will consider filming it, but as a warning, I bench press buck naked
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