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  1. The need to combine rice and beans in one meal, or other foods, has been proven false. If you eat a variety of foods, it's not really a concern. Of course. They don't have to be mixed, but there are certain ways to help digestion, like eating fruits(fast digesting) before other foods(slower digesting). I think you're overly concerned. It doesn't have to be complicated at all.
  2. I know they can get denser, but what about thicker?
  3. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/3145223.stm They gave an amount of creatine that's in 5 pounds of meat, so it's not necessarily in vegetarians, but interesting...
  4. I guess not many people have done that. Seems doable, just search Google http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=low+carb+vegan If it's a good idea, I don't know. What are you trying to accomplish?
  5. Hey, DarkFlames. Obviously you're gonna get criticism on a vegan board, but you're definitely welcome here. What are your reasons for being vegetarian? If it's either health or ethics, eggs and milk usually do not go with that, unless you are in control with how they are raised. There have been studies by Harvard that show milk as actually increasing osteoporosis. I would rate eggs better than milk, but I doubt you really need them. Again, be it ethical or health, I certainly hope you're at least getting your milk and eggs from healthy and well treated animals. The mainstream stuff is just bad. Many people here have had great results, so why not give it a good try at reducing them? It's not like you can't go back! Regular bodybuilding forums are the last place a vegetarian or vegan should go. They much more harshly attack vegans than the inverse here.
  6. Indonesia, awesome! Welcome!
  7. Word. It's the guys you're referring to who have no credibility. They say veganism or vegan athletes or bodybuilders are impossible. People laugh and not stick around? We probably don't need these closed-minded people then. I joined this forum because of the nice people that do stick around. This thread should be locked and just be done with it.
  8. Seems right to me. Junk food and lack of exercise are the problem, not "low metabolism"! The thing is, it doesn't matter!!! You've got what you've got, so either eat less or eat more to gain the result you seek
  9. Well I guess they're correct that there is not much research comparing vegan and SAD diet. But considering what the "regular" diet is, of processed foods, dairy, fried factory farmed eggs and meats of very unhealthy and badly treated animals, a non-junk vegan diet certainly will be healthier. Yeah, the loss of calcium is obviously pro-dairy anti-vegan thing. All the research I've seen shows dairy is counterproductive to the goals of most Americans, which is preventing bone loss and getting less calories.
  10. Well, nothing to see here, move along. As noted, this sure isn't unusual. Now what really pisses me off is how people make a BIG deal out of this, and yet turn around and go buy steak or chicken or whatever else. Someone made a comment on that site: "This bastard had a chance to save a life, and failed. I only hope that he will be held accountable by a higher authority than a fat police chief." And there is a good chance that the poster of that comment eats animal products. Hypocrites Same thing with the Animal Police shows on TV. They go rescue one animal and go pay to get another killed.
  11. Well, not that much, but thanks Also cheers to Richard for being patient with some of the crap, and to SyrLinus for helping with a problem.
  12. Nice to meet you. You are right that this is for "anyone interested in veganism and general fitness."
  13. Nice video and quality! I noticed the video on the front page of the site starts transferring data without even clicking play. Just pointing that out because it will use up your bandwidth unnecessarily
  14. I don't agree with this because BMI is based on sedentary people, and she built some muscle to replace fat
  15. I agree. It's a crazy good way to weed out the real jerks
  16. Considering you don't live in a tropical country, I think this is totally reasonable.
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