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  1. I like your current avatar, and I like http://imageshack.us cause they have an option to resize the image
  2. Yeah, that's what I thought, although they may not be doing much to promote muscle gain.
  3. Well, Robert, you have succeeded in building the nicest forum I've been to. What do people usually PM you about?
  4. Of course they had to comment that "they couldn't do that."
  5. What about Hack Squats? http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/Quadriceps/BBHackSquat.html
  6. http://www.organiclifestylemagazine.com/organiclifestylemagazine/200805/?pg=19 try this link
  7. http://www.bodybuilding.com/fun/wiggy1.htm If you take a look at virtually any activity in which increased strength would be beneficial, you'll notice that for that increased strength to be beneficial, you'd have to be able to take advantage of that strength over an extended period of time... So How DO We Increase Strength-Endurance? To increase strength-endurance, you need a program that accomplishes three things: uses heavy (near limit) weight, requires shortening rest periods, and utilizes volume. Heavy Weight This is pretty much a "no brainer." If you want to get strong, you're going to have to lift heavy. Cycling is good, and will be needed for proper muscular recovery, but you have to get to the point that you're lifting as heavy as possible. Shortened Rest Periods The idea behind training to increase strength-endurance is that you want your body to be able to exert maximum strength when not fully recovered aerobically. You also want to train your body to recover faster. Or, in other words, when you are under maximum strain, you want to recover quicker from that strain. Also, you want to either sustain said strain longer or sustain it multiple times in quick succession. Volume If you're not doing a fair amount of reps overall, you won't be increase any kind of endurance - strength or otherwise. It is doing a large volume of work (coupled with shortened rest periods) that will give you endurance. When that is coupled with heavy weights, then you have strength-endurance. Think of it like an equation: Strength-Endurance = Heavy Weights + Short Rest + Volume
  8. But see, it depends on the gym. Overall, Planet Fitness got a pretty bad rating here http://www0.epinions.com/Planet_Fitness Check this one review with a totally opposite experience to yours That is just ridiculous.
  9. Heh, this is pretty funny. But you can't really complain if you join it, cause it's not for bodybuilders and power lifters obviously Planet Fitness gyms offer a wide variety of cardiovascular machines and selectorized equipment (with weight stacks). The franchise is geared towards attracting the average person wanting to get in better shape, general fitness and not towards body-builders or power lifters.
  10. Not Logged In You have to login on this site to access the issues of the magazine.
  11. Do these guys use steroids?
  12. I don't see a problem with the main point of the video. The main point is that we are omnivores, and that is true.
  13. Fruits most certainly can build muscle; just take a look at this fruitarian www.myspace.com/veganlifeandfitness He used to post on this board as bigbwii. Plus, he's mostly into bodyweight exercises!
  14. Yeah, I haven't thought about that. Could very well happen.
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