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  1. My goal is bodybuilding, to increase weight/size. Robert, I think you and your site inspired me to do so.
  2. Nice thread. The Battle of the Bulge! Looking great.
  3. I noticed the forum says "Powered by phpBB © 2001, 2002 phpBB Group." 2002? That's pretty old. Maybe the forum needs an update. That would probably help against spam bots.
  4. Yeah, we should set up some kind of chat. I'm all for an IRC based chat. It would be nice to have an IRC channel integrated into the site. Something simple like this http://cgiirc.org/ It would also be even cooler if everyone was logged into the chat automatically when they go to the site. I'll be willing to help if the admin needs it
  5. I have been vegan a few years and trying to get in better shape. This site is great; I've been here many times. I'm in Buford. Anybody else near?
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