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  1. I don't watch any TV at all. The only 2 shows I watch are available online.
  2. Ah being positive... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0iGb0kQlOw
  3. A banana. I've also done warm soymilk.
  4. Zack you're a one-upper But dude kicks ass
  5. There used to be a veg restaurant downtown. I don't really know the name but it's right across from the Amadeo Roldan Theatre. That's on the corner of Calzada (7th) and C Street, Vedado. It wasn't that bad from what I remember but I haven't been there in a while. Lentejas and black beans are the best! Let me know if you find the place!
  6. Wow check this out! Welcome Inmostlight! Like Johan said, I'm from Cuba but live in Canada. Where in Cuba are you right now? Any questions you have with being vegan there just let me know, I still go to Cuba regularly. Only you...
  7. An online translator tells me you just called Robert a turtle-dove. In which case: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9JhuOicPFZY The other translator... I'll let johan talk about it Rob, looking great!
  8. Since johan created this thread to check chicks out I'm uploading 2 pics. I've been dancing in the city where I live and these are from a recent show we did. I made the dress myself http://i806.photobucket.com/albums/yy342/LaBigotuda/Varios/IMG_1179.jpg http://i806.photobucket.com/albums/yy342/LaBigotuda/Varios/IMG_1174.jpg
  9. I definitely have a bit of a Spanish accent and it IS sexy. Ask Zack.
  10. The university gym I used to work out at wasn't so much like that. Sometimes I'd be the only girl in the whole place. I also used to work out in a different floor where the weights were and not upstairs with the cardio ppl. I don't know how is it anymore, I go to GoodLife now.
  11. I still don't understand the whole accent deal. Guys here also say it's hot. And most foreigners work really hard to get rid of it... I doesn't make sense to me.
  12. Haha I'm in that age range... But one would really think that they'd use it well if they get it for free. THEY would think "Hey, sweaty-guys-watching for free! Yay!"
  13. I go to the gym to show off my hard work. Then people can see how hot, uninterested and focused I am. It's just a different type of show off But there are girls that pay the membership just to wear tight clothing around juicers full of testosterone. Eww.
  14. Hey! I live here now and he happens to be Canadian. In my books it's called first mover advantage. I'm sure there are lots of Swedish girls that have the hots for you... Though they sure aren't me.
  15. I would if I didn't have the hots for a Canadian...
  16. Yeah but they all have Johan Fever. No woman can be cured of that. Johan Fever I'll bet they do.
  17. Tihi, thanks dude. I'm still jealous of your strenght. So romantic you two... But it's true, you have got some good looks there johan
  18. Nothing to add that hasn't been said. Lush and Kiss my face are definitely awesome. I believe that Yves Rocher is vegan as well? I don't have any of their stuff but from what I've heard it might be. For exfoliants, face masks and bath bombs I make my own
  19. My chest from 2 days ago, my shoulders from yesterday and hopefully my triceps and back tomorrow.
  20. Adductors, left triceps and all of the mucles on the left side of my back. I'm trying to turn myself into an alien... Not really, I spent all day yesterday curling and it hurts today, but we kicked ass.
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