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  1. We had the same pricing scheme at the gym I used to run. Must be a Scottish thing. Lefty socialists at work most likely.
  2. Looks like we're going to be based in Santa Monica. There's a couple of Real Food Daily outlets in Santa Monica so looks like they might be an option.
  3. Thanks vegimator, that quarrygirl blog is fantastic. Shame we can't sort the venues based on location, but it would be churlish to complain about having so many vegan options in a city that you need to do a little research. Madeline Bistro looks great, would be nice to stick it on the company expense account. I've got a feeling my workmates are going to be more after a quick visit to some dodgy steakhouse then an evening of drinking though
  4. Alright Folks I'm going to be in LA on business next month, based at the LACC (not sure where I'll be staying yet). There's quite a bit of LA vegan information out there, but without some knowledge of the city it's hard to judge what I'll be able to get to. Anybody got any thoughts on where is good to eat near there? Or just some reliable links. Cheers
  5. Doctors reading blood work and deciding you can't eat pinto beans? Sounds really dodgy to me. I'd be tempted to ignore it.
  6. I think that answers your question. I don't see complexes are replacing the powerlifting in your weekly routine, they're just a (decent) form of conditioning. In that particular complex most people will be so limited by the overhead press that they wont get much out of the squats.
  7. I take it this thread is fairly representative of the quality across this forum? If so, yes, you need better moderation. It isn't a question of rights. The banjos are still free to post their nonsense online. The community has the right not to give them a platform. The problems are compounded if the banjo is unable to determine the significance of their opinion. Rather than putting it out there once for discussion they decide it merits debate on every thread. If someone is unable to play nice with the other children maybe they need some time on the naughty step to think about what they've done. Maybe a banning order doesn't have to be permanent. I seem to remember veganpotter was banned not for an outrageous offence but for the overall health of the community. From the outside it seems in worse shape now than then, but maybe I'm wrong there.
  8. For the "God Delusion" to be influential to someone I'd argue that it must have changed the path of their life. If you don't believe in religion and have never felt any kind of religious calling, what influence does reading it have? Surely it's just a warm feeling of confirmation, nothing more. I read "Walden" shortly after I got my first proper job and had money to spend. It knocked me sideways into ascetism.
  9. I'm not interested in b12 in the slightest, but: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eratosthenes
  10. I thought the point in deadlift slippers was that the rules state you have to be wearing shoes, so competitive powerlifters go with the thinnest shoes possible. I don't think there's any advantage or any particular suitability to them outside of fulfilling the rules. Buying a pair to train in seems like a waste of money to me. Like sosso says, just take your regular shoes off.
  11. I think you are right with this. You need to pull your shoulders down, not back. You could do this before you even start to bend the arms, it's kind of like shrugging in reverse.
  12. That is first response that actually makes sense on a spiritual level Seems a bit perverse to me. If a bodybuilder is what you are why can't it be admitted? It's not like it's any kind of boast. Apply it to any other pastime and it sounds ridiculous. "I don't go around telling people I'm a chess player. Others do it for me" "Just tell people you push little carved wooden figurines around a chequered board".
  13. I completely disagree with this. While it's true that you wouldn't call someone a marathoner unless they run marathons, the person who runs for fun and exercise is still a "runner". You wouldn't take that away from them because they don't compete. To me, the term "bodybuilder" is the generic term, and one who competes is a "competitive bodybuilder". Without this distinction you lose the most obvious term for someone who trains with weights to build their body. That's too useful a term to throw away just to pander to the egos of guys who enjoy standing on stage wearing a thong and a few gallons of mahogany paint. The "recreational bodybuilder" may also have a far more impressive physique than the "competitive bodybuilder" *. Why not honour their work? Worth noting that I detest competitive bodybuild though, maybe that colours my view. Strange choice if you aren't snatching and clean and jerking * - actually there are recreational swimmers who have more impressive physiques than some competitive bodybuilders
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