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  1. You are still overweight, just not fat. The BMI is still useful, say for assessing risk of disease. I don't know whether your chances of certain types of disease change depending on your body composition. Is a 260lb bodybuilder at a lower risk of heart disease than a 260lb fat man who is into jogging?
  2. Neither are dangerous. In fact I think heavy use of machines would carry a greater long-term risk due to being forced into artificial movement patterns.
  3. The obsession with ripped abs in boxing and mma is quite sad. I think people are still coming to terms with the mistakes made in the 80s when bodybuilding training methods were applied to all sports. The boxers looked great, but gassed early. Fighters today train smarter, they may look less ripped but they are fitter and better athletes. I disagree with most of this too, especially saying the eastern Europeans are poor. There have always been shifts in the boxing demographic. Jewish fighters were dominant in the early 20th century, by the second half of the century they were virtually non-existant. American heavyweights are more rare now, but other countries are producing better guys to take up the slack. Styles make fights. There is little point in saying Valuev is poor as he lost to Chageav who struggled with Ruiz. Pick any champion in boxing history and you'll find they are just a fighter or two away from mediocrity. Ali lost to Norton who was KO'd in one by Cooney and so on. Ruiz is a very talented spoiler, the recent incarnation would have posed many problems for any heavyweight. For James Toney read Archie Moore, who as a tubby 40 something became a top heavyweight contender in the 50s. Throughout every era heavyweights have managed to hang about and cause problems. I think the current crop of eastern europeans would have fared very well against the Foreman and Holmes of the 90s. Which fights are you considering standout for Holmes in the 90s? The Bowe who got battered twice by the Eastern European Golota might disagree with you too. Bowe was fresh off stopping Holyfield in those days. The main shift in heavyweight boxing is that sports science and training methods have evolved (away from bodybuilding methods) which means that the super-heavyweight guys can last 12 rounds. In the past a 6'7 270 pounder would have been gassed midway through the fight, before being eaten up by a more dynamic, lighter heavyweight. Now they can fight effectively for 12 rounds and have very decent skills. It's not always fun to watch, but it's tough to beat.
  4. Property is cheaper in the North BECAUSE it is nearer Scotland ????!!!?!?!?!?!?!! WTF!!??!
  5. I agree - the trouble isn't political discussion. It's that one of the main protagonists isn't interested in debate, just in belittling people who disagree with him (or in fact anyone who participates). Offtopic for a moment: HCPinGviini - did I meet you at VFW earlier this year? I saw you in a couple of the pics but not sure I remember, perhaps you left after the weekend? I didn't arrive until the Sunday night.
  6. Hey man You train very differently to how I would when bulking up - such high volume. Have you considered bringing the number of sets down a bit and having a few that you really focus on and try to get stronger on? For me the quickest way to get bigger is straight progressive overload. When doing 20+ set of pressing, plus flyes, crossovers and dips, the focus is too diluted. I'm not against high volume in general, but if this is a "bulking up" program I think there are other more productive workouts available to you.
  7. I've tried to rig up a reverse hyper setup a few times with little success. I've heard of people using the preacher bench Squatting heavy on Sunday?
  8. Probably more than that who split time between here and VF Never been to Plymouth, what's it like down there?
  9. Solid improvement Couture - you'll nail that 315x10 soon. Good luck with the squatting. Ryan - I reckon Joni will put a brave face on things, talk about "good to see vegans getting stronger" and so on My squat is well behind the deadlift, but on the up. Squatting 200kg recently, hopefully can add another 5 or 10kg to that in the near future. Your squat is not in danger, still a long, long way to go (Joni's is safe for now too). I did overtake you on bench recently, but your overhead strength is well ahead of mine. Swings and roundabouts (I do have half an eye on your total though, maybe for early next year...)
  10. I gave up on this episode. I have zero interest in guys like Junie, why waste my time watching them get exposure? I'm finished with TUF.
  11. What's the largest VBB shirt worn by a vegan though? I'm guessing VE must be in there with a shout...
  12. Maybe we could have a bodybuilding competition based on the shape everyone will be in next year. I think it would be a tough contest.
  13. Any progress with the deadlifting Couture? I missed an attempt with 606lbs yesterday Got it to the knees but it stalled and died. Back to the drawing board I suppose, hopefully nail it within the next month or so.
  14. Not quite. Chagaev and Povetkin are two leading Eastern Europeans and they are both under 6'2.
  15. I'm not sure I'd vote him as winner, but I'm really impressed with veganmomma's physique. I find myself looking at those pictures a lot, for inspiration.
  16. Have you tried the rowing machine? It does work the leg muscles so your knee can get stronger, but it doesn't involve supporting your bodyweight. I row for a club and I don't see many injuries, even amongst the very senior members.
  17. This is probably the most important point for me - if you want to avoid soreness while still training hard I think you have to stay regular in both frequency of gym visits and in the form of the workout. I can train hard and heavy (for me) without soreness if I stick to the same basic exercises, low to medium reps (I'd hazard a guess that you go quite high volume on your chest workout) and look to make small increments in weight lifted each session. Soreness is no barometer of performance, if it gets in the way of your other activities you have to train smart to avoid it.
  18. I'm 6ft, 210lbs or so. The strongmen tend to do short-range deadlifts with lots of weight, so grip will be stressed. Plus if you know a deadlift is not going to go you tend to let it go, meaning it can look like the grip has failed. You don't want to be fighting a deadlift as it's going down, no points for that. I think the vast majority of people will be able to handle more with mixed grip than they can deadlift from the floor, unless they don't know how to grip the bar. PS Going from 5 to 10 reps is a significant increase in strength - 1RM calculators give about 60lbs increase in max when going from 315x5 to 315x10. Mid October is only a couple of deadlift sessions away...
  19. I've done 550lbs for 6 reps, alternating mixed grip. Getting back up towards that now, did 540lbs for 3 two days ago but used straps for reps 2 and 3. I'm a sweep rower which puts slightly uneven load on the back - if I'm feeling any back soreness (usually down one side) before deadlifting I use straps to keep me aligned straight. Actually gripping the bar isn't too hard, I've used farmers walk handles with over 300lbs per hand without grip trouble.
  20. Why not? Stick them up on Iron Scene if you prefer
  21. Good article from Rippetoe: http://www.crossfit.com/journal/library/51-2006_AnalysisofDeadlift.pdf One cue that helps for me is to drive the knees forward before starting the lift. It brings the hips a bit lower and closer to the bar I think. It contradicts some other advice that I've read, but when thinking about having my shoulders behind the bar and weight on the heels and so on I found my pop off the floor was poor.
  22. Agreed. Infact I'd say they're often in opposition, especially when it comes to competitive bodybuilding. I think the ketogenic diets have become popular because the elite bodybuilders are almost forced into them. They have to put on so much mass in the off season to keep up with the standards before hitting their cutting phase. A combination of having little time to cut, a huge bodyweight and no aerobic capacity means that this extreme diet has become the only option. Sadly what the guys in the muscle comics do, the rest of us soon follow. Whereas really for the rest of us there's nothing wrong with eating healthy, running a small calorie deficit, exercising and feeling good.
  23. I think you need to try to sort out your diet if possible, that will really be affecting your motivation. After that I'd try to get into the gym regularly, but don't bust a gut when you're there. Take your time, talk to people, make some friends, use the facilities. Make being there a pleasure, remove any downside (feeling sore & tired being one downside). If your gym isn't a fun place to be then find a new gym. For me the major upside of going to my gym is seeing my friends there. Having a laugh. Once the gym going becomes a habit you can start to push it.
  24. There's a coaching video from Dan John kicking about on the web about this, have a search for it. He teaches it by having his student stand with a wall very close behind them. They then move their ass to touch the wall while pointing the chin at the opposite wall. Then they shuffle forward an inch and repeat. Forget about your knees or where the bar is, get the ass moving backwards and it'll all follow For most people the Romanian deadlift will be a fairly short range of motion. Don't worry about it, if you're feeling the stretch through your hamstrings you're probably doing it right.
  25. You could always try Zercher lifts. You can safely go heavy with them. Here's a vid:
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