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  1. Just to offer an alternative - I would say I only get sore when I change program or do something a bit different. During a phase where I'm doing the same exercises and upping the weights I rarely get sore. As long as I'm getting stronger I don't think it matters. I don't rate soreness as a barometer of progress.
  2. Good luck with the rehab man. I first came to deadlift after spraining my lower back in high school. I built it up slowly until it was one of my strongest exercises. I really believe it's helped prevent my back being injury prone. Stick with it
  3. Not a bad idea at all, but it probably depends on where your weakness is when deadlifting. If you are slow off the floor these might be worth a go. Can also stand on a platform or take a wider (snatch) grip. If coming off the floor isn't the weakness I don't think there's anything wrong with making the deadlift harder by just adding more weight Here's a vid of a couple of Scottish guys doing deadlits with smaller plates: Cheers man, checked out the pics & vids in your sig, awesome progress you've been making too
  4. What did you do to your lower back? T-bar rows will require a lot of lower back strength, if those feel ok maybe your back is better than you think?
  5. "Personal Best", the most weight you've lifted on an exercise. I'm a bit surprised you guys don't keep a PB table, we have one over at VF. Squat, Bench and Deadlift, although there are some tables for other lifts. Check it out: http://www.veganfitness.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=12941
  6. I don't know if this habit has made it over to the UK, I've never seen anyone start a regular deadlift with the bar on the rack. Off the floor everytime for me - I don't think my grip would survive the journey from the rack As for belts, I'm undecided. If you're going to compete with a belt might be worth training with one. I think heavy usage can lead to weak abs more than a weak lower back though.
  7. I'm hovering around 540lbs at the moment, hopefully stick a bit more on that now that I'm not doing as much running. Have done 550lbs for 6 in the past.
  8. It didn't suck Carmageddon was a great game though, well due an update if you ask me. I worked with the developers a few years ago, they were a good group of guys. The company I worked for took them over then took them under
  9. I don't really concern myself with getting bigger, for me it's about getting better (faster, stronger, longer). My focus shifts depending on upcoming events, sometimes resulting in a weight gain or a weight loss. Some sports I do it's an advantage to be bigger, some being lighter is better. I just try to find a balance.
  10. Maybe it's time I admit I only joined up because of all the threads about porn. Figured there were some pretty open-minded vegans on this board
  11. I enjoyed "Brawn" by Stuart McRobert. I think his style was very beneficial to me when I was younger. Certainly made a change from the other stuff you read in Flex (which was where I first read articles from him). I don't read many weight training books or magazines these days, prefer the interaction and exchange of ideas you get online (plus it's free ). Muscle Media 2000 had quite an impact on me I suppose, anyone remember that magazine?
  12. I'd be tempted to pick up a set of wrist weights and use them to smooth the jump. You can also get magnetic weights (or just magnets - maybe from old speakers) to give you more options. Another option would be to do a barbell variation for a few weeks.
  13. Hey man Used to follow your log on VF, was wondering how you were getting on. Good to see training is progressing, squat looking especially solid. I'm going to try those behind the neck jerks tonight myself. All the best with the health issues, hope Wednesday goes well.
  14. Cheers again folks That's a cool hoodie Jessifly - did you get that printed up yourself or is it "official mechandise"?
  15. Zack? Seems I'm going to have to work harder on disguise next time I infiltrate a different vegan forum
  16. Cool pics Marcina I used to frequent the local metal/punk scene when I was back home in Scotland, I'll look up some of the bands you're hanging out with there and have a listen. Gotta love rock chicks
  17. Tough night's work for Sylvia you'd think, altho Fedor hasn't exactly been active recently. Coming from a boxing background Sylvia's striking looks quite dodgy sometimes (especially the uppercut) but he does throw that straight right really well. As effective as anyone I've seen in mma, throws it with real bad intentions too. Fedor is a pretty crude striker but also really commits which makes him dangerous. I'd like to see them stand up for a while, could be interesting. More interesting than when it goes to the ground anyway.
  18. You know we've started getting fat and throwing the shot over there, your name popped up when I was searching about Might be a while before I hit the 60 ft mark *nods* Cheers man More to do with my leet photography skills than anything I've done in the gym. Well I say photography skills - the flash on my camera is broken but it doesn't realise that, meaning pics come out like that
  19. I'm in Liverpool. I did mean soccer, and as this is a US based website I'll defer to the terminology I have actually played both soccer and football, but I couldn't fit the football in last season. Still playing a bit of soccer but I've started rowing for a club here and the timings often clash, meaning I get there late and have to start from the bench Favourite soccer team is Raith Rovers (based in Scotland - hey we won the league cup in 1994 you know, beating Celtic....). I get to see Liverpool and Manchester United occasionally but I don't support either (just get free tickets). Thanks for the welcome guys
  20. Hi there Been having a little browse about here during a slow day at work. Thought it would be polite to introduce myself. I'm from the UK, into weight training but follow most sports really. Maybe boxing and football are my main interests. Fairly active on veganfitness and I recognise some names on here from there. I was told this site was about "more than just getting fat and lifting stones" so I'm looking forward to having a good rummage about Take it easy
  21. I thought the first episode was a positive start. There were way too many poor fighters in the previous couple of TUFs, having an early cull has to be a good idea. I could see Forrest & Rampage having a big fall out - they're both pretty funny guys and would be up for causing a bit of drama. Fight Night was good too - happy to see Karo get stopped
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