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  1. I'm fine, thanks Rich. Very busy to make a nice home out of my old ruin here I could easily join one of those home-make-over shows and I would probably win. This is my way of working out at the moment. Still one or two months to go I guess. How are you? Still busy at the shelter and obviously still working out very well? Very nice trapezius. Do you follow any specific back routine?
  2. I remember an older shot with quit big 'tits'. You have an awesome chest now Rich! Inspires me te work out again. Very well done.
  3. ???????????? Have you worked out that hard? You look great!
  4. IF sounds very interesting to me so, I am reading a lot about it. Not sure if I can do it - or if I want to do it, because I just like food and love to eat BUT 30th september - 03rd december = 2,8 kg fat free mass??? What does that mean? Pure muscle mass? I always thought that with (natural) training you cannot gain more than approx. 5kg a year. I mean, I don't doubt that this is what your scale tells you, but can this be true?
  5. Xjohanx, obviously IF works well for you and I don't want to start a discussion about what is the "best" or "healthiest" diet, but I am just wondering... if IF has so many benefits, what is the need of EAA's, creatine, coffee and diet coke? Again, just wondering.
  6. 200 grams olives, 1 or two raw onions (or baked if you prefer), 1 avocado, 1 food processor or a simple mixer... mix it... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  7. Got mine today, too. I also laughed about the kitten note. A busy Robert Cheeke, sending packages in a hurry and sending greetings on a kitten note http://www.massagenijkerk.nl/Prive/Kitten.JPG Thanks a lot Robert!
  8. I do! That's an usefull answer. Thanks dude. So did I. Close grip pull-ups seem to be the best biceps work out.
  9. I am confused about barbell bent over rows. What is the correct position, because I find two versions in different books and on the internet. Bent over 45 or 90 degrees?
  10. Tofu is terrible and gives me bad farts. On the other hand I have no single fart problems with soy powder. I use soy protein (brand Lucovitaal) from the Dutch company PK Benelux Import BV http://www.pk-benelux.nl/consumerEN/files_merken/functional.htm
  11. Ok, not much muscles yet and still too fat, but I am only working out for 3 weeks and I hope that this time I can keep the discipline to work out as much as I can. Anyway, I could improve chest and triceps a little bit already.
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