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  1. I recently got a crockpot to cook beans in, but eating them after slow cooking has made my gas worse than usual. I found some studies regarding the sodium bicarbonate trick and i was going to post a new thread, but did a search to avoid redundancy. http://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/bsc/jfpp/2009/00000033/00000001/art00006 http://chestofbooks.com/food/science/Experimental-Cookery/Cooking-Of-Dried-Legumes.html http://www.springerlink.com/content/h69154m618312084/ I may just do that though
  2. Yes! thank you DV. I thought it might be something like that, but I can be a bit of a hypochondriac. ...Has your bicep in your profile pic always been so huge, or it it a more recent picture? either way, bad ass!
  3. I recently read this about BCAA source: True Protein's pepto pro thread does any body know what they mean by "reactive and unstable"? Does this mean that BCAA's aren't such a good idea? I posted these questions here also: True Protein's BCAA thread
  4. Maybe i need to read the thread again, but i haven't seen any verifiable evidence that the EFA's in fish are damaged by cooking the fish. Mr. Man, I'd bet the authors cited their sources which were likely studies. Do you by chance still have the books or remember which ones you read? Goddess Gaia, I appreciate your thorough and informative explanation of EFA and their oxidation. It seems that the science would demonstrate they are compromised. But I remember speaking with a vegan nutritionist a few years ago about baking with ground flax and the oxidation of their EFA's. She told me that they aren't damaged when baking because they're somehow protected by the structure of the seed. I duno know though, she could be just theorizing. I wonder if there's a study out there to find regarding the EFA's getting oxidized when cooking fish or flax.
  5. i was wondering what people think about using potato flour from the store, it's the same thing as potato starch. A 28 gram serving has 23 grams of carbs, 2 g fiber, 1 g protein. Would the carbs flow straight to the intestines like they do with WMS? is potato starch even the same long chain carb?
  6. thanks for bringing this up. as i reread my post i realize i should have been more careful with my words. it's not that absolute. i'm no Dr or physio therapist, and i don't know about the machine you're referring to, but it's my experience that when you add load to a spine in flexion it's bad for disks. i realize that twisting isn't exactly loading the spine, but there is potential to compress the disks even more if flexion and twist are combined. i don't think twists should be avoided, i just wanted to stress the importance of form. in fact, i think twists are an important movement for functional fitness, and as you pointed out they can strengthen the obliques and add stability to the spine. i've experienced back issues and had to develop core stability, so that's where i'm coming from. i believe that if the core is up to it, oblique crunches are fine; but for someone with lordosis, strengthing the TA and planks are advised over them.
  7. also, i believe that combining flexion in the spine with rotation and/or compression will really mess a back up. the spine's stability decreases as the amount of lumbar flexion increases, and this taxes the discs.
  8. imho, without good ab tone there wont be much to show off, no matter what a persons diet and cardio is like. i'm sure there is better info out there, but i found these links useful: http://www.ckfa-kungfu.com/training/ckfa_ab_exercises.htm http://www.dragondoor.com/pdf/p12_quickstart.pdf (just improvise something to substitute for the contraption in the article, like a broom stick in a doorway - pull the heels into the broomstick and the floor)
  9. i was just reading DV's blog and i think i'm starting to understand how to split a workout back and shoulder/bicep exercises share some muscles, as do chest and tri. Since so many of the lifts engage the arms, I'm gona try following your lead here, and see how it goes. I also got inspired to throw in a specific tricep exercise: lying tricep extension i also found some weight training workout sheets that will help me get organized. they have an empty vertical column for the muscle groups, and an empty horizontal columns for the days. great for my frankenstein routine http://www.corriehaffly.com/projects/blog/forms/weight-training-worksheet.pdf - 7 horz http://www.corriehaffly.com/projects/blog/forms/weight-training-worksheet-v2.pdf - 5 horz http://corriehaffly.files.wordpress.com/2007/09/weight-training3.jpg
  10. I haven't lifted since '95 when i took weight lifting for gym class in high school, but i've been doing my homework and feel like i am ready to start again. after some online research, i've made up a rough plan that would work legs, shoulders, chest, back, abs, and arms. seems like a no brainer there, but i wanted to create a thorough and efficient system. i'm starting from scratch, and so far it's been a very independent endeavor, but i hope my practice will evolve with more experience and feedback from others. more personal details - in my introduction sources of influence are: VBB blog: Training for muscles - and numerous other threads on this site. http://www.exrx.net/index.html - their exercise and muscle directory stronglifts.com - specifically: "5x5: a simple but effective method to build muscle and loose fat while getting stronger" strenght training FAQ weight ligting FAQ how to build muscle - for #3. and pistol exercise home gym - for the curmudgeon in me home gym at it's simplest - one barbell chin up form - trapezius push up form - scapula/shoulder joint ab form - very important, i've had back issues more ab form - rather than buy their contraption, i got creative and just use my pull up bar (lowered) or the horizontal support attached to the legs of my bench press. more form high intensity training indole-3-carbinol and zinc's relation to testosterone - nothing real respectable here, but it got me started on researching this aspect of nutrition body weight exercise - in support of right now i'm doing all this at home since it's cheaper than a gym; i'm working with: pull up bar - http://www.doorgym.net/ bench press with barbell and plates stability ball i'd like to hit each group i've identified twice a week - three sets, 8-12 reps: legs: dead lift - http://stronglifts.com/how-to-deadlift-with-proper-technique/ - low back, glutes, hams, hip extensors front squat - http://stronglifts.com/7-benefits-of-the-front-squat/ - quads (don't have a rack) pistols - http://stronglifts.com/how-to-master-the-one-leg-squat-using-box-pistols/ lunges - http://stronglifts.com/dumbbell-lunges-technique/ calf raises - eccentric on stairs. i was thinking i could alternate the routine when doing legs: dead lifts, pistols, and calves one day; then front squat, lunges, and calves the next. shoulders: overhead press - http://stronglifts.com/how-to-overhead-press-with-correct-technique/ prone reverse fly - transverse abduction for lateral and posterior deltoid posterior delt row - http://stronglifts.com/how-to-perform-the-barbell-row-with-proper-technique/ lateral delt row - http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/DeltoidLateral/BBUprightRow.html supine posterior row - http://stronglifts.com/how-to-do-inverted-rows/ i would only do one set for posterior and one set for lateral on a given day. chest: incline press - for upper chest flat bench press - http://stronglifts.com/how-to-bench-press-with-proper-technique-avoid-shoulder-injuries/ close grip push ups - feet elevated on stability ball, with one leg off option i thought i would alternate between incline and flat on these days back: chin up - palms out leading to wide grip eventually supine row - http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/BackGeneral/WTSupineRow.html some shoulder and leg exercises should also target the back arms: lying tricep extension - http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/Triceps/BBLyingTriExt.html bench dips - http://www.exrx.net/WeightExercises/Triceps/WtBenchDip.html form pull ups and chin ups - http://stronglifts.com/how-to-do-pull-ups-and-chin-ups-with-proper-technique/ push ups - weighted and various positions abs: reverse crunch - http://stronglifts.com/the-reverse-crunch-get-your-six-pack-abs/ leg lifts - http://www.ckfa-kungfu.com/training/ckfa_ab_exercises.htm#llraise pelvic thrust - http://www.ckfa-kungfu.com/training/ckfa_ab_exercises.htm#vlthrust i was also taught by a guy trained in Active Isolated Stretching: the Mattes Method to do crunches with my heels together, feet pushing into the ground, and pulling towards my glutes. this eliminates the psoas and engages the abdominals; see "more ab form" in my influences above... questions: i've read that 8-12 reps is good, but whats the difference between that and the 5 reps recommended in the 5x5 method? what about doing drop sets of progressively more weight and less reps to failure, or progressive loading? 8-12, 5x5, reps to failure, progressive loading... whats the difference, they're all pretty intense? is it just that mixing up those different approaches would help get me over a plateau, or do they each have a specific function? is there a difference between romanian dead lift and regular dead lift? would i be better off doing lunges with dead lifts? i was thinking maybe legs/back one day, chest/shoulders/arms another, and abs on either one or both depending on how i feel. or maybe legs/shoulders, chest/back/arms with abs blended in both? maybe bicep/calf/shoulder/tricep, back/chest/ham/quad? i would like to set up a split routine, but i'm unsure what would be the most effective approach and i really need some suggestions? any other feedback is greatly appreciated. i hope this doesn't seem too contrived, i just want to be sure i'm doing it right. thank you all.
  11. i got this weird idea.. a while back i was geeking out on krishna core (basically krishna influenced hymns in english with hardcore music style)- anyway, i found a website where someone had set up a profile and uploaded tons of krishna core albums to their page (http://krishnacore.multiply.com/). They wanted to share the dharma and all someone had to do is set up a profile on the site, email them through the site, and then they'd give out their password to the account so the uploaded albums could be accessed. as i was reading through this thread wanting some new music to rock, i got to thinking we could start a vegan body building page that would allow us share our favorite music with each other... truth be told, i mostly want to tap into xdarthveganx's collection (we met in june, i was hanging at the count's place for a week...) but i'm open. if there's interest i'll start it up...
  12. geode

    Eugene, Or

    hi, i've been geeking out on the health and nutrition section a lot, and figured i'd open up a bit. i grew up over weight, my parental unit's idea of a meal was a 99 cent whopper from the burger king drive through. to her credit though, she can make a mean enchilada and was busy getting herself through school... i eventually got involved with taekwondo, and pop warner football. with a couple of years of this i totally changed my body. when i started playing football in high school i was pretty surprised with myself; i played the line, but could sometimes beat the backs and receivers in sprints. then i got expelled for possession of some pot. since then, my activity level has fluctuated and so had my weight (155-190). I'm 5'10" and lately, i've been floating around 172-177. in '98, i had a bad mountain biking crash, fractured lumbar vertebrae (3), but made a full recovery. then in '03, it caught up with me. after a rollercoaster with doctors and medications, and phases of debilitation; i've managed to rehab myself with exercise instead of surgery. in an effort to maintain the integrity of my back, i strive to maintain optimal health - body, mind, and spirit. i still watch a few too many movies during the break between terms, and i need to get my sugar cravings in check, but i am drug free and pursuing a formal education in health/fitness/wellness. I first went vegan around '99, when i found a why vegan phamplet in the local library. then i joined the military. i lasted a while in boot camp, but between the gas and low energy levels i went back to omni. then around '02 i went veg after looking at the chicken meat on my kitchen counter. it wasn't long till i bought soy milk and went vegan again. i then got connected to a community of animal rights activists and endured the rest of my enlistment (long story). once discharged, i spent some time with hobos and became an "opportunivore". today though, i'm vegan because of the health, environmental, and ethical aspects. i'm an avid cyclist. last winter, i started with an old schwinn frame someone gave me and built a fixie that i absolutely love i do some sprints here and there (great running trails in eugene), a little yoga, some body weight exercises, and i recently started taking kung fu. Maybe by being more personable, my communication on the board will seem more clear? this is where i call home:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Willamette_Valley this is a pretty cool band http://www.myspace.com/whopnercounty
  13. After very active days i get sore and stiff. i'm not sure if its build up of lactic acid or what. Just yesterday i bought some homeopathic arnica tabs; They were were tiny sugar balls that dissolve in the mouth. Almost immediately the soreness i had felt all over my body diminish. maybe it's placebo; but this got me thinking about regular use of an antiinflammatory, and i wanted to see what people have to say about supplements for this. tumeric: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/12676044 tumeric anti-inflammatory & antioxidant: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/18324353 ginger: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/16117603 ginger may cause gas (i already got enough problems with that): http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/11710709 bromelain and other natural inflimmation/pain remedies: http://curezone.com/blogs/fm.asp?i=1114293
  14. i looked for an already existing thread about gemma using the search function, but didn't find one - odd cause i swear there was one. anyway, i just wanted to get some feedback on this thread i found in true protein's forum: http://serv01.siteground174.com/~trueprot/showthread.php?t=2245
  15. Thank you everyone for making this forum so great. I joined recently, and feel like i stumbled upon a real gem. ... about distilled water. I've spent a bit of time this weekend looking into the matter. I wanted to find the cleanest/most healthful purifying technique at low cost, and without hauling a giant jug to and from the grocery store. I've settled on this little number here: http://www.webeatprices.com/product_info.php?cPath=1&products_id=1&osCsid=1741c0fc5fcf7a7754b7c349ec9292a4 I had read that distilled is more pure than both reverse osmosis and deionized, but that there is concern over the lack of minerals. This concern seems to be somewhat substantiated by this report from the World Health Organization (a fun read for science geeks):http://www.who.int/water_sanitation_health/dwq/nutdemineralized.pdf I also found a few interesting discussions, http://www.finishing.com/110/17.shtml, and articles online written by doctors (Dr. Mercola)who are strongly opposed to distilled water. In one article, http://www.mercola.com/article/water/distilled_water_2.htm, the work of Dr. Gabriel Cousens is referenced: "Dr. Gabriel Cousens, a living foods advocate who writes on page 509 of his book "Conscious Eating," "distilled water is dead, unstructured water so foreign to the body that one actually gets a temporary high white blood cell count in response to drinking it." However, the article fails to mention that Cousens actually RECOMENDS distilled water over all others, as long as it is, as Zack pointed out, "matured, restructured, and remineralized." In Cousens' book, Spiritual Nutrition, a whole chapter, pages 475-497, is dedicated to perfect water. I'll try to summarize twenty pages in a few paragraphs... Cousens writes that water is meant to hydrate by "bringing active natural hydrogen into the cell." Other functions of water are to "eliminate toxins out of the body and out of the cell," and to "act as a harmonic communicator through it's structure, so that the cells can communicate between each other and intracellularly, through patterned frequencies that the water is able to transmit." Hydration is based on the flow of hydrogen, and therefore electrons, and these electrons energize every cell - "water in this context is the universal antioxidant." Distilling frees up the hydrogen in water. Electrolytes, minerals, herbicides, pesticides, toxic metals, ect. comprise The Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) in water. "Those TDS interact and trap the electrons so they cannot be used by our cells. At a TDS of 200ppm or above, we would have only a minimal bio-availability of free hydrogen and electrons." Cousens claims water with a TDS of 50ppm or less (and pH of 7.2 or less) is the most hydrogen donating water. While herbal teas and juices are delicious and nutritious, they are not as hydrating cause of their raised TDS. I remember reading somewhere that someone tested a batch of distilled water and it measured 0 TDS; this is what Cousens refers to as immature distilled water. "Distilled water that is not mature is aggressive water. It is the most powerful solvent on the planet. It will pull out toxins and heavy metals, but it may also leach much-needed minerals from the body. it does not have the potency, life energy, or safety of mature water." Cousens also explains that while distilled water is acidic, alkaline water has hydroxyls - electron defecient hydrogen - which causes the molecules to act as free radicals which oxidizes the system, contributing to aging and degeneration. "Naturally purified, acid water is our friend, and it creates an alkaline extracellular fluid and an acid intracellular fluid (ideal human homeostasis). As the hydrogen moves intracellularly, it brings oxygen with it and therefore increases the respiration inside the cell and also within the mitochondria." Sort of like the alkalizing effect of lemon and apple cider vinegar - hydrogen, or pH, goes up inside cells, and down in extracellular fluid.... why soda (very acidic) doesn't do this i don't understand . this is getting too long.. Basically Cousens recommends distilled cause it not only removes impurities, but it removes the harmful "toxic patterns in water" - vibrational residue of the impurities. He also states that while we should be getting minerals from food, "Minerals (in water) at 50 TDS maximize electron donation to the body." To re-mineralize, simply add a pinch of unrefined salt (Himalayan, Krystal, or Celtic sea salt)
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