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  1. I am planning on swimming three days a week, maybe half hour to one. It's more fun than lifting. Since swimming works all muscles in your body, will it build muscle and help one lose fat? Instead of doing boring cardio and wt, one might as well enjoy swimming and accomplish both fat loss and muscle gain. Is it a good idea? If someone has tried and succeeded, mind sharing it with me?
  2. Everthing, vitamins, protein, carbs and so on. Especially bananas and apples.
  3. Thanks for all your replies. I see I must add fruits, or my diet wouldn't be complete. But considering my circumstances, financial and otherwise, I figured I could just focus on two fruits-apples and bananas. I prefer them small, so how many apples and bananas per day would be adequate? Apple, I can normally only eat one, but bananas are not a problem. Is eating one before workout and one after correct? Also, during non-workout days, when is the right time to eat these fruits?
  4. What sort of fruits are good, and why? Are there any specific reasons? Is thre also a list where I can find out how much each fruit contains? I somehow need more detailed info. on fruits, because I've ignored them. Except for apples and bananas, I don't know what else is good.
  5. I eat veggies, but I don't really like fruits. What sort of fruits would you recommend? Are they really good for bulking? I am 5'10", 170lbs. I wanna put on muscle, not lose weight or even fat at this stage. I just want to increase size.
  6. I'd appreciate if someone can take a look at this, and tell me if it's good for bulking. This is because I am quite new to veganism, and I am still confused as to what to eat and what to avoid. Also, I am poor and it doesn't make my job any easy. Meal1: 2 slices bread, 1 tablespoon peanut butter, protein shake Meal2: 2 plates rice with beans, veggies like spinach, glass of soy milk Meal3 (pre-workout): carb drink, 2 biscuits Meal4 (post-workout): protein shake, grams, 2 slices bread with peanut butter, carb drink Meal5: 1 plate rice with green veggies, glass of soy milk, 20 peanuts Meal6: 20 peanuts, grapes, carb drink I know I am drinking too much carb drink, but I am more a drinker than an eater. I am a poor eater, so I figured I might as well drink a lot to avoid starvation. Thing is, I don't want to eat oats and can't afford almonds and the rest, but I do eat a lot of rice and green veggies. I am hoping that will do. I'd like someone to comment on this, since it's very hard to prepare a good veggie diet, not only because I am a new convert, but also I have my financial limitations.
  7. As I was frustrated with my bulking results, the thought of 'reverting' to meat crossed my mind. But one of the threads on strict vegan diets dissuaded me. But I'd like some information on these three items. According to my calculations, 1 slice of white bread=100cals, 10 peanuts=50cals, 1 glass of milk/1/4 liter=50cals. Are these correct? I need to know so I can plan my diet accordingly. All the information I find are too general, nothing specific. I hope someone can give accurate info.
  8. Sorry if people are upset, I was just trying to understand because I am new to this ism. I am not a troll. I am a serious vegan bodybuilder. As far as proof that vegans find it hard to put on muscle, you only need to look around. Are there vegetarian Schwarzenegers? Slys? Van Dammes? The list goes on. Not implying that there are no vegan bbs but it's that much more difficult. Out of curiosity, are vegans permitted to drink milk? if not, why not? Again, I am only trying to learn, so please don't sling accusations.
  9. I'll respond to the specifics later on, but for now, suffice it to say some people just can't add muscle without meat. It's certainly true, and please don't ask for references. Experience is the best teacher. Some people have bodies which are so extremely soft and fragile it's impossible to build strong, hard muscles without some meat. It's my personal experience. After giving up meat, I am finding it hard to bulk. Also, you must eat a LOT if you're veggie because of the small quantity of proteins, carbs, fibers in veggie items. These are the obvious disadvantages. Out of curiosity, why are you guys vegans? Is it from a health perspective, or on account of ethical considerations, like you dont wanna hurt animals? For me, it's the latter. The bible and other holy books, however, clearly encourage meat-eating, so it wouldn't be spiritually wrong, I suppose.
  10. It's true that Vegans are more prone to strokes and heart attacks, though. Also, diabetics need meat, there is no way around it. Instead of attacking this guy, let's just say there are some people who cannot do without meat. it's a fact. And the food is delicious. I only recently converted to veganism, and of all people, I know how hard it is. So people, let's be more gentle. It's alright to eat meat once in a while, even for a vegan.
  11. My glucose drink label: 360kcal per 100g. What's that mean? How much cals do I get for, say one tablespoon? Is it alright to take these drinks, in case one's trying to bulk, especially pre and post workout?
  12. And how much is that for a guy who weighs 70kg? 150g protein?
  13. Soy milk is out of question. I am too poor for that. But I do take peanut butter and supplements, and I'll certainly add oatmeal to this. In the carb shake I am trying, the label says net weight: 500g, per 100g 360KCAL. Does that mean even 10g contains 360calories? THat's not bad, I suppose. And how many tablespoons would account for 10grams? Because this could be useful as a pre-workout diet as well, much better to drink than eat for energy.
  14. Thanks for all your replies. Is it alright to mix glucose with water, and drink it, so we'll get more calories? Because even 3 spoons of glucose contain around 200-300cals, if I am not mistaken. THat's a great deal of calories, in my view, so for a guy who's pressed for time, will that be a good option to get more calories?
  15. Some people say one hand must be supinated and the other pronated while holding the lifting the barbell, while others say both of them should be supinated. Which is true? And also, is there some video which clearly teaches how to do deadlifts, bench press, military press etc.?
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