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  1. yeah, you'll definitely find lots of support here.. welcome!
  2. erinn


    totally excited to meet people who put an equal emphasis on inner and outer beauty in the world, no less my neighborhood, woohoo.. ! lovely meeting you topher. nice abs, doll. hehe..
  3. erinn


    "Welcome to the board Erinn. Your profile says your 24 and already an entrepreneur? That sounds like there is a story in there somewhere. What's it like to be rich and famous?" Rich and famous, hmm.. not quite yet.. still enjoying my anonymity, but you can ask me again in a couple of years, hehe. <3 .. and wow, the "best experience of my life" eh? that's pretty ambitious for a board, ha. Thanks for the warm welcome you guys!
  4. erinn


    ahh.. ! lacuna coil is ridiculous, good stuff. one of my top twenty favorite bands, nice. many of my friends in high school were goth. they thought it was pretty funny walking around with my cheerleading ass. of course out of season, my cheerleading friends thought it was funny to walk around with my hippie looking ass.. ha. guess I tend to relate to people on completely intangible levels, so it was never that strange to me. anyway, I would say welcome, but since I'm only like a day old here, that probably wouldn't mean much. either way, lovely to meet you. much love, erinn elizabeth
  5. erinn


    thank you.. *mwa*
  6. There is even an extreme end of the spectrum where you will find the idea of the Breatharians, who live off air and sunlight. Though they say the world is not currently in the pristine state required for humans to survive without eating. It's more about spirituality than having a healthy diet, but extremely interesting nonetheless.
  7. this may not be your case, but it's important to distinguish whether you're body is actually hungry, or you are simply feeling an appetite. the difference being that you're either following inner signals with hunger, or triggered to eat by boredom or other misguided emotions. often times feelings are numbed by the rush from food, and your body craves that sense of relief. if that's the case, and you still can't relieve the boredom -- seltzer, water, or a small snack chewed slowly, like raw vegetables, etc. is a great alternative until you understand what's triggering you and feel through it. the heavy evening appetite's not uncommon since the day is often filled with activity and the night's more calm. there isn't as much going on to distract you from bored, tired, anxious, etc. feelings. much love, erinn
  8. so you're a fit vegan rocker? .:faints:. erinn is in love, haha.. <3 *mwa*
  9. woooooh! I love skinnydipping, haha.. sorry for the randomness, I get overly excited quite easily. anyway, I'm new here. just wanted to say hello, so hello! <3
  10. erinn


    twenty-four year old vegan from jersey. love music, art, spirituality, fashion, philosophy, etc. can't wait to talk to others with similiar interests. lovely to meet you. *mwa* much love, erinn
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