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  1. I had the same experience with squatting heavy 3 times a week. It lessened as I got stronger and never became a problem. Stretch more and get stronger. take a day or two off if it gets really bad. But as long as it's soreness and not acute pain you should be find. Honestly I had a very small amount of acute pain in the hip flexor during the hardest part of the squat at times, but I just ignored it and was fine. not sure if that is good advice or not, but it never felt like the pain in the hip flexor was a risk or injury to me. My philosophy is if it hurts or is uncomfortable that's ok, but if you feel like there is a risk or harming yourself then back off. being uncomfortable is a normal and healthy part of life, injuries are not.
  2. 2 liters of juice sounds like a lot, but it's only half a cup every waking hour, which is pretty much unnoticable when spaced out that way. anyways good luck.
  3. Sorry to have sounded like an asshole, but with 8 meals I'd assume the portions would be pretty small. Are you measuring what you eat and actually figuring out the calories. I know I used to very much overestimate how much I ate, until I really looked at it. With a bad ankle I don't really know how to help with leg workouts, which are a key driver of weight gain. I guess just keep everything as heavy as you can manage. Other advice is get the easy calories where and when you can. I may get flak for this, but don't worry about health after a point. When I last had a successful bulk(15 pounds in 3 months) I made sure I had a normal amount of healthy food(like 2000 calories), but after that it was whatever. A 270 gram bag of chips(9 oz) and a container of store bought hummus is 1800 calories about, and can be easily finished off watching Colbert before bed. Don't drink water, drink juice it still hydrates you(albeit slightly less) but 2 liters of apple juice, for example, is almost 1000 calories. add lots of oil to what you cook, it makes food more palatable, in general, and can add lots of calories(1 tablespoon is 120 calories). Add oil to shakes. Add peanut butter to shakes. etc. Even just an extra tablespoon of oil at each meal, and juice over water, would mean an increase of almost 2000 calories a day.
  4. Dude, you are eating what seems like a small amount. Increase the amount of food and the calorie density of what you consume. xjohanx has given lots of great tips. also like Adena said lift heavier weights on deadlifts and squats. honestly 100 pound deadlift isn't going to do much for any but the very beginner. I'm sure you can do far more. One last thing, that worker really well for me, was to keep track of calories. in is a lot of work which can be a major downside, but if you have the engery it's a surefire way to control your weight.
  5. The back is looking a bit thicker there. The deadlifts are working!
  6. Good work setting a PR. Don't be surprised if it keeps shooting up. Back when I was doing a strong lifts style program I added 70kg to my deadlift in just under a year. Keep up the good work.
  7. Also a video taken form the side would help us tell if there were any form issues to sort out.
  8. Better then sex... But to answer your question for real. It sounds like things are fine. The lower back is worked by the deadlift as well as the hamstrings and glutes. As long as you aren't feeling it only in your lower back, and your form is good, there should be nothing to worry about. Your going to feel things most in the weakest muscle. Given your history as a marathoner it's no surprise your glutes and hamstrings are quite strong compared to your lower back.
  9. Over 7 years now as a vegan. Was never a vegetarian before.
  10. haha. I love the anti-hipster stuff. where's that coming from? I thought we were talking about smoking...
  11. Wow... using the force and violence of the state to stop the smoking of a plant. that's not a little much I value freedom above health. I mean what good is being healthy if you can't choose your own life?
  12. Wait, how does smoking(or other drug use) in your home or outside harm others? No one else has to inhale or ingest your drugs if you are respectful about use. And how would you make it "no longer an option" without "dire consequences"? Hell their are already potentially dire consequences for using most drugs(like jail), why not add another drug....
  13. Nobody is saying smoking is good. We are saying freedom of choice is better then being a purist control freak. Some people enjoy smoking despite it's possible health consequences. Nobody can make the choice of weather that is worthwhile except the person doing it. Many of the sports here may be bad for long term health, and many people die doing sports. Rarely but regularly. All choices have risks and rewards, it's up to each of us to balance that for our selves. It's not up to Ryofire.
  14. I'm sorry but I got to disagree with you on this chewybars. Deadlifts are a great leg exercise, hitting the glutes and hamstrings harder then squatting would, while squatting is more quad dominant. I'd suggest doing them on different days for best effect, but you can do them during the same work out and still get great results. Lunges also focus more on the hamstring then a squat does, I believe, so deadlifts should be a good replacement. I'd say deadlifts are even better overall. Good Luck!
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