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  1. HaHa. That's funny. Long time no see everyone.
  2. No, Meg. I'm not at OSU. But I'm thinking of going there. I'm at LBCC. I'm majoring in Art... Probably. But I've really gotten into Belly Dancing and I may do that too. I'm gonna start taking lessons as soon as I can.
  3. Woo hoo. First term in college. I like seeing people I haven't seen in a while and meeting new people. I'm not too stressed with it. I'm only stressing with Drivers Ed. But I'm taking Math, Writing, Realistic drawing, watercolor, and my favorite, Belly Dancing. Hopefuly I can keep up, and I'll see how my first term goes.
  4. Aww. Cute. We have a lambing farm close by. They're so adorable.
  5. Sounds like a good book! Deffinetly something I'd want to check out.
  6. The only drugs I take are prozac. My happy pills. If I didn't take them I'd be a real b*tch. But, no, I don't do and drugs, especially illegal.
  7. Robert, yo ushould apply for a special Ed. ass. in Albany. They're hireing. You'd get to work with kids one-on-one and get to know them. I have an interview at South Albany High school for a special ed ass job. You would be great at it.
  8. Oh for cry eye! I just don't like that breed of dog. Not the dogs themselves... Well, some. I love the Shih Tzu she ows. He's so sweet and funny.
  9. Ha! You're not the only one under 20. I'm 18. My b-day is April 21.
  10. Hahaha. I have to tell that to a couple of my friends. They have shitzu's. I hate those dogs.
  11. lol. yeah, they're cool. I like em, I just don't remember what their songs are.
  12. Robert, has anyone told you you're a dork? But, yeah, it is a cute pic.
  13. CG's right. He does. I came on here a meat eater and now I'm... not. lol. Welcome to the board
  14. All of those things is why I won't eat eggs. But it can be hard to avoid them. and that's one of the questions I was asking. How do you avoid them? And I don't mean just not crack them open on a frying pan and eat them. I know how to avoid that.
  15. I know it's the chickins menstral waste. part of the reason I don't eat them. That and they taste gross.
  16. 1) Donno anout that one. 2) If you see someone on the forum you want to check out then click on their name. It'll take you to their profile.
  17. Little kid from Meet the Fockers... "Ass hole". That's so mean. I can't believe they're doing that... Actually I kind of can. It's New Orleans.
  18. ...ok, but what about jokes...? lol
  19. OMG!!! That enfuriates me so much for personal reasons! If you don't agree with something don't do it or get involved, but don't inerfere with others. Besides our population would be much higher if we didn't have the pills.
  20. "Yeah" is in place of "alright" or "ok" for the Brits (who are also very cool).
  21. lol. Ok, Canadians say "eh" instead of "huh" or "what". "Eh" is in the place of every "A" in Canada because "eh" sounds close to"a".
  22. Ok, maybe I did mean vegitarian. Sorry. (Kourtney is what we call special.) I was at a friends house a while ago for her b-day and her dad had made dinner and had seperated the chicken from the rice dish for me, but he had put eggs in with the rice. My friend told me it had eggs in it right before we were about to eat and said "it's ok, it's not meat." I was like um, yes it is. Or at least close enough to it that I want to avoid it.
  23. ...If it's a coat and it goes to your waist, yeah. A coat that goes up to your waist isnt called a "waistcoat" in North America, is it??? That would be the first I have ever heard of that. Kourt, i think your just messin' with Tarz's head. Hehehe. I am messing with his head, and it is called a jacket. I was being a smart a$$. (Censored for Robert.)
  24. Oh ok. Guess I didn't read it thoroughly enough. But something is better than nothing!
  25. Happy B-day Nobbi. How young are you? lol (don't have to tell)
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