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  1. It sucks - total " bullshit" ...the fur coat was not necessary!
  2. thanks! I used leo.org to translate it from german...
  3. Check it out, kind of funny... "my favourite body part - the ass!" lol http://media.putfile.com/Arnold-in-Rio
  4. hmmm, alright - maybe I see it from this perspective...
  5. The problem is that I get muscles - for example I get these skin cracks at my biceps or the back but not like some pregnant woman at the belly or something... hmmm, I really want to grow so that is my problem - I want to become as big as it gets but I really don't know if i can achieve this if I get ugly skin cracks. I wondered if bodybuilders like Arnold Schwarzengger had these kind of problems and if you look closely at his arms and shoulders you can see some huge skin cracks - dunno, maybe it's alright and nobody will notice...
  6. Hi there, I was wondering if anyone of you is totally drugfree? I don't like the taste of cigarettes nor the taste of beer and other liquor...so it's no problem for me. I know that straight edge is more but that's just a beginning...
  7. kind of You are big enough - my girlfriend is a new fan! eat less? No way! I love food....but do you think 25 reps are alright or more?
  8. Hi there, last year I made a flash animation titled "Planet of Covance" : www.planet-of-covance.com Maybe you want to take a look. The main reason I post this thread is that Covance is trying to expand to Arizona and want to build a new lab Please sign the petition: http://savechandler.org/takeaction.htm#1
  9. check it out - kind of scary isn't it? conspiracy.... http://daemlich.net/10516
  10. I really try to do that but when I enter the gym I get kind of bored if I think about doing my leg workout so I always do breast and biceps - single edge I know but I love it!
  11. Hi, I do have a problem with skin cracks! If I do too much weight my skin cracks so I lowered the weights and increased the repetitions to 25! What do you think of that? It's kind of funny: If I train too hard with too much weight I explode like Hulk...strange thing...
  12. That's so true! I wouldn't reply to such an accusation. I mean, come on, why should we cheat about it? If he doesn't believe what he has seen or what you show him if you'll train your body in the future he is just dumb... Veganism is the healthiest diet - why shouldn't anyone change if it's good for his own health?
  13. Great! The second point was a very good one. I would have forgotten that...
  14. If you want to have those smileys, I can give them to you in a zip-file!
  15. Thanks!!!!! That out of the mouth of the bodybuilder I admire most (except Arnold ) You got me! Yes, Kung Fu is really great: I was a student at the german shaolin temple: www.sltd.de here in Berlin! Real monks, good training! Now I am concentrating on BB too because I had a knee injury
  16. Great to hear that! Is she doing fine? Well at the end we are both lucky guys!
  17. Berlin is very good! We do have several falafel takeaways and some vegetarian restaurants. One of my favourites is www.yellow-sunshine.de They are a little expensive but the burgers rock! So delicious! I am getting hungry now...
  18. Lucky you! Well, you are the one that has a girlfriend that bakes the best wholemeal-cake for you, right? I watched the video...
  19. If you think so! http://img157.imageshack.us/img157/3623/92668491l5qf.gif
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