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    Hi there, I am just about to translate one of my recipes: I don't know the word for "Linsen" and I don't think it is "lenses", or is it? Help me pls... Greetings Attila
  2. Hehe, yes that's a funny one. Greetz Mupheus
  3. I am glad you like it! If you find any spelling mistakes you are welcome to report them to me By the way: Is there a large vegan community in canada? The land of sealslaughter Greetings Attila
  4. Exactly. That's the point! Normal people have to take vitamin supplements too. They often get less vitamins than vegans already eat with their food.
  5. I'd be interested in that matter too. I don't take vitamin supplements but in some soymilk one can find b12.
  6. Hi CollegeB, great to meet you! Try the Gnocchi, they taste great!!! Besides that stay tuned for the next recipes I am going to translate for you all. Foretaste?? Falafel, Kebab, Shish Kebab, selfmade Ravioli, lots of drinks and other stuff. Greetings Attila
  7. Hi Jonathan, wow that's really cool to hear. I've never been in Osnabruck though but I'd like to. Did you grow up in Germany? I guess so. Greetings Attila
  8. Hi felix, thank you very much for your compliments. The site disappeared maybe one year ago because I had to make a complete redesign - now everything is back online Of course you can link my website - I'd really appreciate it! I do the whole design on my page on my own. I love to learn new programs. Currently I am trying to get deeper in 3d-Animations with Maya. Greetings go out from Berlin to Austria Attila
  9. Thx! If you don't "need" it maybe you just wanna try something if you want to: I'd really appreciate it. Yes indeed, many meat-eaters like it here in Germany: Actually they do not believe that some of these recipes are completely vegan because they look so normal.
  10. Hey Daywalker, if it's your back on your avatar I congratulate you. Awesome!
  11. HI Jonathan, wow, you learned german? It's a very difficult language. Have you ever been here? Greetings Attila
  12. Thx for your compliment!!! Sure we can meet in Berlin. Here are many so called "Reformhaus"-markets and Organicfoodshops we could explore together. My apartment is a little to small for three people (my girlfriend included) but I am sure we can find something for you if you have not anything planed yet Normally I swim everyday in the morning at 6 am 2000 metres. Afterwards I do weight training. I've done Triathlon for 5 years so swimming isn't really the problem. I usually do my training only in the morning. I stand up 5 am and at 9 am I am back home and enjoy my breakfast what consists mostly out of fruits. Then I spent time learning new things and designing my webpage. Greetings Attila
  13. Do you mind if i correct your ENGLISH spelling? Actually you are welcome to correct mine as well - on my page and here!
  14. Hi, my name is Attila and I am a vegan since three years and, well, I am still alive I am a very sportive person: I swim, do some training with weights and like to bike. My goal is to be huge someday to show people that vegans can look even better than "normal" people! I enjoy cooking and I really enjoy running my website and share recipes with people like you. There is so much vegan food out there and I love to explore it. If you ask me what I believe the future will be: I believe it's vegan. Meat is oldfashioned and milk is too. Leather is dead long time and let's not talk about fur... That's it for my introduction so far... Greetings Attila [/url]
  15. That's cool. I do live in a very vegan-friendlich environment one could say. There are many chinese food shops here and I always buy my tofu, seitan and other cool products there - and they are a lot cheaper than in normal supermarkets. We do have many falafel-restaurants around and I really like it. People know about veganism and Animal Rights but, well, it could be better but it's alrighty Greetings Attila
  16. Hi there, I just want to promote my site a little bit. I am cooking vegan and this is my website: www.attilahildmann.com I am just about to translate all my other recipes you can find in german www.attilahildmann.com/rezepte.html into english. I am a bodybuilder too but I also like Triathlon and other sports. Have a nice day Attila
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