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  1. Thanks guys! I really appreciate your comments ! @Rob: I am glad I could be of any help back then!
  2. Great Speech Rob! And I mean great! Inspirational, funny and interesting!
  3. Hi guys, I hope you are all doing well, lifting hard and eating good stuff. Hopefully you'll enjoy my latest video: Cheers Attila
  4. Thanks Ruz, I really appreciate your comment! I'll be uploading videos soon and my cookbook will hit the shelves soon
  5. great pics, Robert! I like it that everybody is Numero Uno
  6. Thanks for joining! You've made gerat progress over the time. It's really great to be able to see it! You'll definately achieve your next goal I am sure of that!
  7. Hi tuc, thanks so much for your warm welcome! You look healthy too if it's you on the avatar - great body man! Thanks for checking out my show! Take care Attila
  8. yes, Richard, you are absolutely right! I am just puzzled that you don't have as much subscribers as I expected.
  9. Not really. But I talked to a distributor and he guaranteed it to me. Until now I thougt that this is the whole point of producing soy isolates.
  10. It might seem odd but I like it actually! It's so funny that you are animating every bit of spoken word.
  11. I laughed my ass off. Seriously it's dead funny and I love the animated text!
  12. Hi guys, since I have been so long absence and a lot of things happened here in the meantime I wanna introduce myself again. My name is Attila and I am a vegan since about 2002. I've became vegetarian after graduating from school after a friend told be about all the horrible things meat consumption causes - factory farming, climate change, civilization diseases you name it! So I switched from one day to the other and became a vegetarian. It was really hard in the beginning but I finally managed it. After a couple of months I looked veganism up on the internet and I also watched videos online about veganism like "meet your meat" and this movie about cow's milk from PeTA. I thought about it for a couple of days and finally became vegan. I created my own recipe site afterwards because I always liked to eat hearty and enjoyed food a lot: http://www.attilahildmann.com A couple of years later I uploaded my very first cooking video on youtube. I am giving cooking courses and I created a new show called TheFreshVegan: http://www.youtube.com/TheFreshVegan You can check it out if you like. I try to upload new videos every week so there's a lot going on. My cookbook is in production right now. You can buy it in 4 weeks on amazon.de. Unfortunately it'll be in german but I'll translate it into english ASAP Enough said about me for now. If you have any questions just let me know. I really enjoy posting here again and when time allows it I'll drop by and leave some posts. I think Robert and all the others are doing a really good job in promoting veganism. The new website looks very neat! Take care Attila
  13. Soy Protein isolate is rich in Genistein, which is where the phytoestrogen comes from. Thanks for telling me! So does this mean that actual traces of phytoestrogen are contained in soy isolate because I didn't think so until now. It's even advertised being pure protein without any phytoestrogen. @beans: Yes, 30 grams seems to be much. What do you think about peanut butter? I guess nuts and seeds are too much fat. I've also heard about organic rice protein/hemp protein. Maybe this is an alternative - but it can't replace a real meal that's for sure so there must be something different.
  14. You could also try soy isolate protein. It contains no phyto oestrogens just the pure protein. You won't have any of the stated side effects then.
  15. I don't spend more money on food then before becoming vegan. Maybe it's because I eat a lot of whole foods and unprocessed stuff. Organic is always a little more expensive but organic meat and fish is veeeeeery expensive.
  16. Yeah, I've had these too. I am kind of suspicious when it comes to non organic fakemeat so I don't eat them anymore.
  17. Maybe you could write them to find out what's going on. I'd be glad if you could share the answer you'll get.
  18. Indeed! It's great that Portman is promoting veganism.
  19. This video is awesome. Though I already knew it I've watched it again. It gives me a feeling of being connected with the whole world - great work!
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